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Joni Harms lyrics
Genre: Country
Are We There Yet? (0000) 01. Friends [add]
02. Stan and Bert [add]
03. Why [add]
04. Ol' Red [add]
05. Tie My Shoe [add]
06. Music in the Barn [add]
07. Old Midnight [add]
08. Are We There Yet [add]
09. Germs [add]
10. Talk Things Over With the Lord [add]
11. Olivia's Lullabye [add]

Christmas in the Country (0000) 01. Going Home [add]
02. White Whiskers [add]
03. The Little Gray Donkey [add]
04. I'll Be Wearing Your Ring [add]
05. Christmas in the Country [add]
06. King of Kings [add]
07. Cowboy Christmas [add]
08. The Gift [add]
09. You Can Have a Merry Christmas [add]
10. Remember What It's All About [add]

I Want to Sing for You (0000) 01. I Want to Sing for You [add]
02. Gotta Make a New Start [add]
03. My Daddy's Arms [add]
04. This Is the Day [add]
05. Choose Your Love [add]
06. Come Spend the Rest of Your Life with Me [add]
07. It's Been Years [add]
08. Mr. Right [add]
09. Memories of You [add]
10. Remember What It's All About [add]

Thoughts of You (0000) 01. Comin' Home [add]
02. That's Why He Sent Me You [add]
03. No More Like You [add]
04. Thoughts of You [add]
05. You're My Blanket [add]
06. Rocky Top [add]
07. Spring Will Come Again [add]
08. You [add]
09. You've Stole My Heart Away [add]
10. Coat of Many Colors [add]
11. I Love 'Em All [add]
12. Let's Sail Away [add]

Whatever It Takes (0000) 01. All in the Jeans [add]
02. Love's Gonna Tell on You [add]
03. To Believe in Love [add]
04. Stayin' Power [add]
05. Music to My Ears [add]
06. Love Is Spoken Here [add]
07. No More Tears [add]
08. The Gate Is Open [add]
09. Whatever It Takes [add]
10. Two Faces in a Texas Moon [add]

Hometown Girl (1990) 01. Tear It Up [add]
02. If You Were Me [add]
03. You Don't Need to Knock [add]
04. What Kind of Line Does a Woman Use [add]
05. I Used to Be You [add]
06. Only Thing Bluer Than His Eyes [add]
07. You're the Heart of It All [add]
08. I Need a Wife [add]
09. There's No Heart So Strong [add]
10. Hometown Girl [add]

Cowgirl Dreams (1998) 01. Belle Starr [add]
02. Two-Steppin' Texas Blue [add]
03. When I Get over You [add]
04. Old-Fashioned Girl [add]
05. Blue Montana Moon [add]
06. Swing [add]
07. That's the Way I Feel About You [add]
08. A Woman Knows [add]
09. Catalog Dreams [add]
10. Long Hard Ride [add]

After All (2001) 01. I've Got a Weakness for Cowboys [add]
02. He's More Than Your Eyes Can See [add]
03. Every Cowgirl's Dream [add]
04. After All [add]
05. Keep on Dreamin' [add]
06. West Texas Waltz [add]
07. Ay Yi Yi Yi [add]
08. Millie [add]
09. A Cowboy Wedding [add]
10. It'll Happen When It's Time [add]
11. Cowboy Coffee [add]
12. Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Clothes [add]
13. I Want to Sing for You [add]

Let's Put the Western Back in the Country (2004) 01. Let's Put the Western Back in the Country [add]
02. I've Got a Feelin' for You [add]
03. Murphy's Law [add]
04. Coyote Caf? [add]
05. A Little Bit of Love [add]
06. Cowboy Up lyrics
07. Louisiana Hot Sauce [add]
08. Love Never Hurt Nobody [add]
09. Oregon Trail [add]
10. The Wind [add]
11. Shape of My Heart [add]
12. We Work It Out [add]
13. I Still Do [add]

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