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IIIrd Tyme Out lyrics
Genre: Country
3rd Tyme Out (1991) 01. Moundsville Pen [add]
02. Love Gone Cold [add]
03. Miles of Texas [add]
04. When He Reached Down His Hand for Me [add]
05. Phone Call Away [add]
06. Woman Dressed in Scarlet [add]
07. When My Time Comes to Go [add]
08. Thanks a Lot [add]
09. Blue Ridge Mountain Girl [add]
10. Seperating Hearts [add]
11. Candle in the Wind [add]
12. Erase the Miles [add]

Puttin' New Roots Down (1992) 01. I'm Leaving Detroit [add]
02. You Win Again [add]
03. Lower on the Hog [add]
04. Crazy Arms [add]
05. Good Woman Blues [add]
06. When I Cross Over Jordan [add]
07. Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On [add]
08. Gordon McGregor [instrumental] [add]
09. Your Love for Me [add]
10. Puttin' New Roots Down [add]
11. No End to Heaven [add]
12. Evening Sun Yodel [Blue Yodel No. 3] [add]

Grandpa's Mandolin (1994) 01. I've Waited as Long as I Can [add]
02. Count Every Tear Drop I Cry [add]
03. Heaven Seemed So Near [add]
04. Walkin', Runnin', Flyin' [add]
05. My Heart Can't Stop Loving You [add]
06. Steel Guitar Rag [add]
07. Dixie Train [add]
08. I Cant' Stay Here Anymore [add]
09. Someday You'll Call My Name [add]
10. Little Black Train [add]
11. Silence and Pain [add]
12. Grandpa's Mandolin [add]

Letter to Home (1995) 01. Can't Say Goodbye [add]
02. Letter to Home [add]
03. Broken Hearted Lover [add]
04. New Faces in the Field [add]
05. Raining in L.A. [add]
06. Only You (And You Alone) [add]
07. My Little Home in Tennessee [add]
08. Cabin Creek Stone Mill Dam [add]
09. Tobacco Jack [add]
10. Troubled Mind [add]
11. Daydreams [add]
12. You're Gonna Be Sorry You Let Me Down [add]

Living on the Other Side (1996) 01. He'll Take You In [add]
02. I Want to Stroll over Heaven [add]
03. I'm Working on the Road to Gloryland [add]
04. Everybody's Gonna Have a Wonderful Time up There [add]
05. Giving My Soul Back to Him [add]
06. Across the Miles [add]
07. When We're Living on the Other Side [add]
08. Eternity Has Begun [add]
09. Feed Me Jesus [add]
10. I Feel Closer to Heaven [add]
11. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]
12. Heading for That City [add]

Live at the MAC (1998) 01. Introduction [add]
02. White House Blues [add]
03. Blue Moon of Kentucky [add]
04. Little Rabbit [add]
05. What Was I Supposed to Do? [add]
06. He Said If I Be Lifted Up [add]
07. It's a Lonesome Road [add]
08. Till the End [add]
09. Someone Took My Place With You [add]
10. Lord Protect My Soul [add]
11. I Ain't Broke (But I'm Badly Bent) [add]
12. Erase the Miles [add]
13. Till the End of the World Rolls Around [add]
14. Tennessee Waltz [add]
15. I'm Better off Without You [add]

John & Mary (1999) 01. John and Mary [add]
02. Rose of My Heart [add]
03. Lovin' You, Goin' Blind [add]
04. Cold Summer Day in Georgia [add]
05. Milk Cow Blues [add]
06. Snow Angel [add]
07. Blue Ridge Mountain Memories [add]
08. I Pray My Way Out of Trouble [add]
09. Out of Sight, Out of Mind [add]
10. Another Evening Alone [add]
11. Just Call on Him [add]
12. Coal Mine Blues [add]
13. Bobby and Millie [add]
14. On The Lonely Side of Town [add]

Back To The MAC [live] (2001) 01. Come Back to Me in My Dreams [add]
02. Medals for Mothers [add]
03. "Good to Be Back at the Mac..." [add]
04. When My Time Comes to Go [add]
05. "Back Home We Have a Little Music Barn..." [add]
06. Drifting to Far from the Shore [add]
07. "Y'all Wanna Hear a Little Fiddle Playing?" [add]
08. Lost John [add]
09. Please Search Your Heart [add]
10. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke [add]
11. The Old, Old House [add]
12. "One of the Greatest Mandolin Players in the Whole World Right Here..." [add]
13. East Tennessee Blues [add]
14. You Can Take Your Nine Puund Hammer [add]
15. "I'll Introduce You to the Guitar Player Right Now..." [add]
16. A Little Unfair [add]
17. I Hung My Head and Cried [add]
18. I'll Stay Around [add]
19. Why Did You Wonder? [add]

Singing on Streets of Gold (2002) 01. My Lord's Gonna Be There [add]
02. Can You Imagine [add]
03. We'll Soon Be Done With Trouble and Trials [add]
04. It's Not What You Know (It's Who You Know) [add]
05. The Dream [add]
06. Light at the River [add]
07. A Song and a Prayer lyrics
08. How Great Thou Art [add]
09. Just Over the Tide [add]
10. Where No One Stands Alone [add]
11. Rocked on the Deep [add]
12. I Can Hear Them Singing Over There [add]

Erase the Miles (2004) 01. Moundsville Pen [add]
02. Count Every Tear Drop I Cry [add]
03. Erase the Miles [add]
04. Little Black Train [add]
05. Grandpa's Mandolin [add]
06. No End to Heaven [add]
07. I've Waited as Long as I Can [add]
08. Woman Dressed in Scarlet [add]
09. Your Love for Me [add]
10. When He Reached Down His Hand for Me [add]
11. Dixie Train [add]
12. When I Cross Over Jordan [add]
13. Thanks a Lot [add]

The Best Durn Ride (2004) 01. What True Love Is (You and I) [add]
02. The Best Durn Ride [add]
03. Blue Grass Special [add]
04. Sarasee lyrics
05. I Won't Be Around [add]
06. Rest My Weary Feet [add]
07. Your Love Is Like a Rose [add]
08. I Will See You on the Other Side of Jordan [add]
09. Tennessee Thunder [add]
10. A Pretty Wreath for Mother's Grave [add]
11. You Took My Sunshine [add]
12. Wade in the Water [add]

Round III at the Mac (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Think of What You've Done [add]
03. Swinging a Nine Pound Hammer [add]
04. Feed Me Jesus [add]
05. Crucial County Breakdown [add]
06. Daydreams [add]
07. They Called It a Church [add]
08. The Dream [add]
09. Travelin' This Lonesome Road [add]
10. Shortnin' Bread/Fire on the Mountain [add]
11. Little White Church [add]
12. Bobby & Mille [add]
13. Pages of the Past lyrics
14. God Bless America [add]
15. The Moonshiner [add]
16. John Henry [add]
17. John & Mary [add]

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