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Jamie Anderson lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Closer to Home (1989) 01. Closer to Home [add]
02. Dark Chocolate [add]
03. But for the Song [add]
04. Nothing [add]
05. Desert Home [add]
06. Save Me All Your Sundays [add]
07. Wedding Song [add]
08. Sidewalks [add]
09. As This Night [add]
10. Straight Girl Blues [add]

Center of Balance (1992) 01. I'm Sorry [add]
02. When a Friend Is Near [add]
03. I Don't Know About the Night [add]
04. Bad Idea [add]
05. No Closet [add]
06. All of Me [add]
07. Loretta and Bernadine [add]
08. This Kind of Love [add]
09. Looks Can Kill [add]
10. Borders [add]

Bad Hair Day (1994) 01. Love Song [add]
02. Wedding Song [add]
03. Bad Hair Day [add]
04. All Of Me [add]
05. I'm Sorry [add]
06. Wynona, Why Not? [add]
07. Sweet Maiden [add]
08. Nothing [add]
09. Bad Idea [add]
10. Straight Girl Blues [add]

Never Assume (1997) 01. Never Assume [add]
02. One Out of Three [add]
03. When They Know Who We Are [add]
04. Sound of a Train [add]
05. Tell [add]
06. Home Is Where the Dark Is [add]
07. When Cats Take over the World [add]
08. No Damn Factory [add]
09. Harvest [add]
10. Midnight Alice [add]
11. Menstrual Tango [add]

Drive All Night (1999) 01. Drive All Night [add]
02. Feel [add]
03. Mama Come Quick [add]
04. With My Smile [add]
05. So Much Pleasure [add]
06. Just Another Day [add]
07. Roses [add]
08. Great Ride [add]
09. Pictures for Mama [add]
10. Dark Chocolate [add]
11. I Wanna Be a Straight Guy [add]

Listen (2002) 01. (I Wanna) Drive [add]
02. Maybe You Miss Me [add]
03. Listen [add]
04. Much Better View of the Moon [add]
05. Potato Chips [add]
06. Forever Family [add]
07. Fourteen [add]
08. A Family of Friends [add]
09. I Miss the Dog [add]
10. A Love This True [add]
11. Her Problem Now [add]
12. Invitation [add]
13. Three Bridges [add]

A Promise of Light (2005) 01. Faith [add]
02. A Little Chocolate [add]
03. Sister [add]
04. Hurricane [add]
05. Beautiful [add]
06. Grace [add]
07. Your Mama Scares Me [add]
08. Ann Lee [add]
09. Polly Vaughn [add]
10. Emily [add]
11. Your Night Just Got More Interesting [add]
12. Gone [add]
13. Felon [add]

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