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Eddy Grant lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Message Man (1977) 01. Curfew [add]
02. It's Our Time [add]
03. Cockney Black [add]
04. Jamaican Child [add]
05. Get Down Soweto [add]
06. Hello Africa [add]
07. Race Hate [add]
08. Neighbour Neighbour [add]

Walking on Sunshine (1979) 01. Walking on Sunshine [add]
02. Living on the Front Line [add]
03. Frontline Symphony [add]
04. My Love, My Love [add]
05. Just Imagine I'm Loving You [add]
06. Dancing in Guyana [add]
07. Say I Love You [add]
08. We Are [add]

Love in Exile (1980) 01. My Turn to Love You [add]
02. Feel the Rhythm of You and I [add]
03. Use It or Lose It [add]
04. Nobody's Got Time [add]
05. Preachin' Genocide [add]
06. Exiled from the Love I Know [add]
07. Everybody Dance [add]

Can't Get Enough (1981) 01. Do You Feel My Love lyrics
02. Time to Let Go [add]
03. That Is Why I Love to Truck [add]
04. Can't Get Enough of You [add]
05. Give Yourself to Me [add]
06. I Love You, Yes I Love You [add]
07. Kill 'Em With Kindness [add]
08. California Style [add]

Live at Notting Hill (1981) 01. Say I Love You [add]
02. Jamaican Child [add]
03. Neighbour Neighbour [add]
04. Cockney Black [add]
05. Curfew [add]
06. My Turn to Love You [add]
07. Hello Africa [Rap] [add]
08. Hello Africa [add]
09. Walking on Sunshine [add]
10. Living on the Front Line [add]

Killer on the Rampage (1982) 01. Electric Avenue lyrics
02. I Don't Wanna Dance lyrics
03. It's All In You [add]
04. War Party lyrics
05. Funky Rock 'N' Roll [add]
06. Too Young To Fall [add]
07. Latin Love Affair [add]
08. Another Revolutionary [add]
09. Drop Baby Drop [add]
10. Killer on the Rampage [add]

Born Tuff (1984) 01. Dance Party [add]
02. Next Time Around [add]
03. Come Along to My Place [add]
04. Melody of the Night [add]
05. Born Tuff [add]
06. Blood Money [add]
07. Village Life [add]
08. Funny Little Groove [add]
09. In L.A. [add]
10. She's Standing at the Corner [add]

Going for Broke (1984) 01. Romancing the Stone [add]
02. Boys in the Street lyrics
03. Come on Let Me Love You [add]
04. Till I Can't Take Love No More lyrics
05. Political Bassa [add]
06. Telepathy [add]
07. Only Heaven Knows [add]
08. Ire Harry [add]
09. Rock You Good [add]
10. Blue Wave [add]

Barefoot Soldier (1990) 01. Gimme Hope Jo'anna [add]
02. Restless World [add]
03. Barefoot Soldier [add]
04. Welcome to La Tigre [add]
05. We Got to Work It Out [add]
06. The Youth Tom Tom [add]
07. You Just Found My Weakness [add]
08. Talk About Love [add]
09. Eulogy for a Living Man [add]
10. I'm Not Alone Tonight [add]
11. Wildcat [add]
12. Sweet on the Road [add]

Paintings of the Soul (1992) 01. Paco and Ramone [add]
02. Nkrumah [add]
03. Welcome to la Tigre [add]
04. Kidada [add]
05. The Youth Tom Tom [add]
06. You Just Found My Weakness [add]
07. Leadbelly [add]
08. Eulogy for a Living Man [add]
09. I Walk Alone Tonight [add]
10. Barefoot Soldier [add]
11. Through the Night [add]
12. Talk About Love [add]

Soca Baptism (1993) 01. Ra-Ti-Ray [add]
02. Georgetown Girl [add]
03. Umbayao [add]
04. Soca Baptist [add]
05. Sugar Bum Bum [add]
06. Tobago Girl [add]
07. Gisela from Panama [add]
08. Miss Tourist [add]
09. Ugly Woman [add]
10. Ten to One Is Murder [add]
11. Jam Dem [add]
12. Don't Bother Me [add]
13. Get up and Dance [add]
14. Bahia Girl [add]
15. Good Citizen [add]

I Don't Wanna Dance (1997) 01. Gimme Hope Jo'anna [add]
02. Do You Feel My Love lyrics
03. Can't Get Enough of You [add]
04. I Don't Wanna Dance lyrics
05. Electric Avenue lyrics
06. War Party lyrics
07. Till I Can't Take Love No More lyrics
08. Romancing the Stone [add]
09. Baby Come Back [add]
10. Restless World [add]
11. I Love You, Yes I Love You [add]
12. Frontline Symphony [add]
13. Living on the Front Line [add]
14. Say I Love You [add]

Hearts & Diamonds (2001) 01. Ten Out of Ten [add]
02. Lover to Lover [add]
03. How Come I'm the Last to Know [add]
04. Don't Back Down [add]
05. Sitting in the Darkness [add]
06. I'm Innocent [add]
07. Hearts and Diamonds [add]
08. Belgrade [add]
09. East Dry River [add]
10. Queen of My Heart and Soul [add]
11. East Dry River [Ska] [add]

Reparation (2006) 01. Concern Number One [add]
02. Everything Irie [add]
03. Everybody Rappin' [add]
04. (Gotta Be) Positive [add]
05. The Struggle [add]
06. Reparation [add]
07. Ringbang Man [add]
08. Tit for Tat [add]
09. Long Night [add]
10. Going Back Deh [add]
11. Love Weself [add]
12. Free My Soul [add]
13. Jesus Got a Face [add]

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