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Brian Henke lyrics
Genre: Folk
Many Waters (1997) 01. The Source/Mountain Stream [add]
02. Waterfalls [add]
03. Lake [add]
04. Fog over Moonville [add]
05. Great Lake Suite [add]
06. Lilly Pond [add]
07. White Water Waltz [add]
08. A Swim in Raccoon Creek [add]
09. Salt Lake [add]
10. Streams [add]
11. Mississippi [add]
12. Morning Dew [add]
13. Butterfly on the Bayou [add]
14. Rivers [add]
15. Where the Sea Meets the Stars [add]

Love Song for Terra (1999) 01. Sunset Canyon [add]
02. Up in the Hills [add]
03. Medicine Man [add]
04. Anasazi: The Ancient Ones [add]
05. Journey to Shambhala [add]
06. Green Leaves Blue Sky [add]
07. Symphony of the Trees [add]
08. Common Ground [add]
09. Standing in a Field of Flowers [add]
10. Medicine Wheel [add]
11. Green Leaves Blue Eyes [add]

Force of Nature (2001) 01. Force of Nature [add]
02. Conkles Hollow [add]
03. After the Rain [add]
04. Waterfalls [add]
05. Home Is a Garden [add]
06. Last Train to Moonville [add]
07. A Walk in the Wood [add]
08. Big Sur [add]
09. Sister Moon [add]
10. Ruins of Tulum [add]
11. The Air Between [add]
12. The Joy of Being [add]

Live at Cuyahoga Community College (2004) 01. Great Lake Suite [add]
02. Sunrise Over America [add]
03. Waterfalls [add]
04. Green Leaves Blue Sky [add]
05. A Walk in the Wood [add]
06. The Joy of Being [add]
07. Salt Lake [add]
08. Journey to Shambhala [add]
09. Up in the Hills [add]
10. The End of the Storm [add]

The Nature of Light (2005) 01. Light of Dreams-Part 1 (Dreaming with Eyes Wide Open) [add]
02. The Color of the Wind [add]
03. Sunrise Over America [add]
04. Dance of the Sunbeams [add]
05. Sunbreeze [add]
06. Light of a Smile [add]
07. Light of Dreams-Part 2 (Dreams of the Heart) [add]
08. Red [add]
09. Orange [add]
10. Yellow [add]
11. Green [add]
12. Blue [add]
13. Purple [add]
14. White [add]
15. Lightof Dreams- Part 3 (Dreaming in the Clouds) [add]
16. Through Your Eyes [add]
17. Light at the Endof the Storm [add]
18. Sunset in Your Eyes [add]
19. Firefly [add]
20. In the Shadow of the Stars [add]
21. Lightof Dreams- Part 4 (Remembering Tommorrows Dreams) [add]

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