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Vikram Seth lyrics
Genre: Jazz
A Suitable Boy (2003) 01. A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth [add]
02. I Blame Myself to Some Extent [add]
03. Dr Kapoor, You Are Relatively New to... [add]
04. How Much You Want for This Book? [add]
05. I'll Take It? [add]
06. No Talking Please. Silence [add]
07. Hello. Just a Little Bit of Pink Paper [add]
08. Oh, Look at the Eyes She's Making At [add]
09. Second Row, Fourth From [add]
10. How Did You Come? [add]
11. What's Wrong, Lata? [add]
12. I Thought You'd Never Come [add]
13. Now Now, Not Now, Dagh [add]
14. It's Wonderful to See the River Surrounded by Mist [add]
15. Oh, My Daughter! My Daughter! [add]
16. How Unimaginable It Is [add]
17. Savita Savita.... [add]
18. Dearest Savita and Pran [add]
19. Where Are You Going, Lata? [add]
20. What's Going On? [add]
21. Where Is He Now? [add]
22. Cigar, Basil? Thank You [add]
23. Bentsen Pryce [add]
24. I've Had No News from Savita [add]
25. Where Have You Been? [add]
26. No, Billy, Stay Where You Are [add]
27. It's Me, Kabir [add]
28. Well, Ma, Here I Am [add]
29. Whats the Matter? [add]
30. Hello. Hello. Is Meenaskhi [add]
31. You See, My Usual Doctor [add]
32. Would You Like to Stop at College Street? [add]
33. Ma? What Are You Doing..... [add]
34. And This One Is Of [add]
35. I'm So Sorry, Ma [add]
36. Mr Pran, Your Feet Are Cold [add]
37. There Was Some Trouble [add]
38. Lata! Lata! Are You Alright? [add]
39. How's Kalpana? [add]
40. This Is the Tannery [add]
41. Oh, You Cannot Come In [add]
42. Shall I Put on the Gramophone [add]
43. Ah, Lata, Lata, Lata, Lata [add]
44. You Don't Mind My Confiding [add]
45. Dear Lata, I Hope That You [add]
46. No, My Daughter Is Not Going to Act in Any Play [add]
47. Ah, Alright. Now, Let's Make a [add]
48. Hello. Pran Kapoor. Do You Have.... [add]
49. Think Nice Thoughts [add]
50. Ah, Ah, Pay Attention Please [add]

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