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Genre: Rap
Short Notice (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Raise It Up [add]
03. Ni**az Don't Know [add]
04. Raleigh [add]
05. Thinkin' 'Bout U [add]
06. The Little Things You Do [add]
07. Hutt (Prelude) [add]
08. Hutt [add]
09. Ease My Pain (Skit) [add]
10. Ease My Pain [add]
11. Make It Hot [add]
12. Ohh Ahh [add]
13. Eye for an Eye [add]
14. Cop Dat [add]
15. Positive [add]
16. Raise It Up [Clean Version] [add]
17. Outro [add]
18. Where My Greeks At? [*] [add]

Cyberballin', Pt. 1 (2003) 01. Intro [add]
02. My Time to Shine [add]
03. That So True [add]
04. Cyberballin [add]
05. Waiting in Line [add]
06. Tear It Up [add]
07. The Toast [add]
08. Don't Front [add]
09. To the Next Song [add]
10. The Hiest [add]
11. Fast Life Fast Cash [add]
12. Get It Done [add]
13. We Run the Globe [add]
14. Haters [add]
15. If Niggas Didnt Hate [add]
16. Hitem Hard Hetem Low [add]
17. Nine Years [add]
18. Unappreciative [add]
19. Time to Come Up [add]
20. All I Wonna Do [add]

The Talented Mr. Lindsey (2003) 01. And Now Our Feature Presentation... [add]
02. Inspirations (Feat. BJC) [add]
03. So Ridiculous (Feat. Silas) [add]
04. Still Got It ('lude) [add]
05. Rokenrol (Feat. Eklypz) [add]
06. Ax E'rybody (Ax Anybody Pt III) [add]
07. The Talented Ill 69 Breakdown [add]
08. H.A.R.D. (Feat. Ronnie Briggs) [add]
09. The Word for the Day (Feat. Aqword) [add]
10. One Eye Open (Feat. Mentally Unrested) [add]
11. The Talented Mr. Lindsey [add]
12. Prime Speaks...Well, Sings [add]
13. Hustler's Prayer (Feat. Ill Son 3) [add]
14. What'cha Gonna Do? (Feat. Rob Jackson) [add]
15. Tomorrow Neva Dies (Feat Rob Jackson and 275) [add]

Get It or Dont Have It (2005) 01. Get It or Dont Have It/Intro [add]
02. Game Aint the Same Feat Gusto [add]
03. Scream & Shout Feat Marc Sorko Ram/Pozition/Michelob [add]
04. Lets Do It Feat Pozition/Crystial [add]
05. Playas Ballas Feat Medina/Michelob [add]
06. Pimp Pillz Feat Spice 1 [add]
07. Bossamatic Feat Rappin 4 Tay/Michelob [add]
08. Tell It All Skit Feat Tezzy [add]
09. Real Talk Feat Pozition [add]
10. Record Hate Feat Pozition/Michelob [add]
11. Get Down Feat Kenya Nelson/Pozition [add]
12. Ride Wit Us Feat Smitty/Pozition [add]
13. Footballin Feat Pozition [add]
14. Dangerous Feat Lowlifes/Inoone/Michelob [add]
15. Frontline Feat Debbie Dee [add]
16. Everytown Feat Quaron Da Don/Michelob [add]
17. Cali Girls Feat Jewell & King Lou [add]
18. Ride or Die Feat Rass Kass/40 Glock/Michelob [add]

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