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Al Campbell lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Natty Too Tall (1994) 01. Forward Natty [add]
02. It's for You and Yours [add]
03. Bring Back the Love [add]
04. Cool off the Love [add]
05. Run, Run Come [add]
06. National Front [add]
07. Really Gonna Rock You [add]
08. Money Love [add]
09. Politician [add]
10. Hard Time [add]
11. Fence Too Tall [add]
12. Spread Your Love Around [add]
13. Everyman Has a Right [add]
14. Easy Rocker [add]
15. Na Leave Jamaica [add]
16. Take It Easy [add]
17. Crazy, Crazy Nigger [add]
18. She Like It Like That [add]
19. Get Physical [New Wave] [add]
20. I Cry [add]

Rasta Time (1995) 01. Rasta Time [add]
02. Can't Get No Peace [add]
03. Free Man [add]
04. Ain't That Loving You [add]
05. You Must Get a Beating [add]
06. No More Running [add]
07. Hit Me With Music [add]
08. I Can't Hide [add]
09. Tribal War [add]
10. When the Grass Is Green [add]
11. Feeling of Love [add]
12. It's True [add]
13. If You Don't Love Jah [add]
14. Soul Sister [add]

Revival Selection (1998) 01. Mr Music Man [add]
02. I Will Follow You [add]
03. Dub Version [add]
04. Perhaps [add]
05. You're Mine [add]
06. Dub Version [add]
07. I Want You Around [add]
08. I'll Never Let You Down [add]
09. Have a Little Love [add]
10. You Really Got Soul [add]
11. No Children No Cry [add]
12. Words of Wisdom [add]
13. Give the People What They Want [add]
14. Mr Conman [add]
15. Can't Hide [add]
16. Freedom St [add]
17. Spring Is Around [add]
18. Rainy Days [add]

Deeper Roots (2001) 01. Message in a Bottle [add]
02. Praise Jah [add]
03. Sound Killer [add]
04. Babylon Freeze [add]
05. Zion Is Calling [add]
06. Ello Him [add]
07. That's the Way Love Goes [add]
08. United [add]
09. Who Tell dem Fe Call Me [add]
10. Boom Shot [add]
11. Babylon Yard [add]
12. African Story [add]
13. Jah Ites Gold and Green [add]

Always in My Heart (2001) 01. Try Jah Love [add]
02. Officially [add]
03. I Wanna Be There [add]
04. Brotherman [add]
05. No Jestering [add]
06. Love [add]
07. Always in My Heart [add]
08. Live Up [add]
09. Could You [add]
10. No More Running [add]
11. Oh Jah [add]
12. Think Twice [add]

Sings Tribute to Clement Coxsone Dodd (2004) 01. Rain from the Sky [add]
02. Give It Back [add]
03. Beware [add]
04. Time to Pray [add]
05. Run Run [add]
06. I Was Born a Freeman [add]
07. Freedom, Justice & Equality [add]
08. She's Gone [add]
09. Two Shadows [add]
10. Take a Ride [add]
11. Sho Be Do Be [add]
12. I've Got to Go Back Home [add]
13. Dancing Mood [add]
14. Tell You Good Bye [add]
15. Wiser Than Solomon [add]
16. Why Birds Follow Spring [add]

24-7 (2006) 01. Set Them Free [add]
02. Black Board Jungle [add]
03. Pass the Chalice [add]
04. My Woman's Love [add]
05. A Mother's Love [add]
06. I Must Be Dreaming [add]
07. Give Me Your Loving [add]
08. My God Is Real [add]
09. The Cleaner [add]
10. 24/7 [add]
11. Holligans [add]
12. Gunshot a Lick [add]
13. Pressure and Slide [add]
14. A Little Love [add]
15. Bridge Over Troubled Water [add]
16. Go with the Flow [add]

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