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Proton lyrics
Genre: Rock
Accelerator (2000) 01. Entered Apprentice [add]
02. Fellowcraft [add]
03. Master Mason [add]
04. Secret Master [add]
05. Perfect Master [add]
06. Confidential or Intimate Secretary [add]
07. Provost & Judge [add]
08. Intendant of the Building [add]
09. Elu or Master Elect of the Nine [add]
10. Elu or Master of the Fifteen [add]
11. Elu of the Twelve or Sublime Master Elected [add]
12. Grand Master Architect [add]
13. Royal Arch of Solomon or Master of the Ninth Arch [add]
14. Signet Perfect Elu or Grand Elect Mason [add]
15. Knight of the East or Sword [add]
16. Prince of Jerusalem [add]
17. Knight of the East & West [add]
18. Knight of the Rose Croix [add]
19. Grand Pontiff [add]
20. Grand Master of the Symbolic Lodge or Master Ad Vitam [add]
21. Noachite or Prussian Knight [add]
22. Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus [add]
23. Chief of the Tabernacle [add]
24. Prince of the Tabernacle [add]
25. Knight of the Brazen Serpent [add]
26. Prince of Mercy or Scottish Trinitarian [add]
27. Knight Commander of the Temple [add]
28. Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept [add]
29. Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew [add]
30. Knight Kadosh [add]
31. Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander [add]
32. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret [add]
33. Sovereign Grand Inspector General Active [add]

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