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Sanchez lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Number One (1989) 01. Place Mash Up [add]
02. Come to Rule [add]
03. Behind the Wall [add]
04. Baby Can I Hold You [add]
05. Here I Am lyrics
06. Can't Hold on to It [add]
07. I'm Waiting [add]
08. Mexican Divorce [add]
09. Praise Jah [add]
10. Praise Jah Dub [*] [add]
11. Can I Hold You Dub [*/dub] [add]
12. Mash Up Dub [*/dub] [add]
13. Ruling Dub [*/dub] [add]
14. Wall of Dub [*] [add]

I Can't Wait (1991) 01. I Can't Wait [add]
02. Pretty Looks [add]
03. Don't Say It's Over [add]
04. Give It a Chance [add]
05. Rough Neck Sound [add]
06. Give in to the Feeling [add]
07. Won't Last a Day [add]
08. Who Cares [add]
09. Ask Her [add]
10. The True Believer [add]

In Fine Style (1991) 01. Amazing Grace lyrics
02. It's Not Unusual! [add]
03. Rain from the Sky [add]
04. Just When I Need You Most [add]
05. Some Guys Got All the Luck [add]
06. Don't Be Cruel [add]
07. Hurt [add]
08. Paper Roses [add]
09. Over You [add]
10. Over You [add]

Bring Back the Love (1992) 01. Bring Back to Love [add]
02. Any Day Now [add]
03. Where Did I Go Wrong [add]
04. True, True [add]
05. If You Only Knew [add]
06. Impossible [add]
07. Trust Me Too Much [add]
08. Wildflower [add]
09. Strange [add]
10. Good to Be There [add]
11. Bring Back the Love [Soul Mix] [add]
12. If You Only Knew [Hip Hop Mix] [add]

One for Me (1992) 01. You're Gonna Loose [add]
02. The One for Me [add]
03. Killing Me Softly [add]
04. Day and Night [add]
05. Still in Love [add]
06. Baby I Need You [add]
07. Joanna [add]
08. Seems So Real [add]
09. Something Something [add]
10. My Sound [add]

Number One Dub (1993) 01. Come to Rule Dub [add]
02. Sorry Dub [add]
03. Place Mashup Dub [add]
04. Here I Am Dub [add]
05. Screaming Dub [add]
06. Can't Hold Onto It Dub [add]
07. Mexican Divorce Dub [add]
08. I'm Waiting Dub [add]
09. Praise Jah Dub [add]

Sanchez Meets Coco Tea (1993) 01. Lost in Sonia [add]
02. Always on My Mind [add]
03. I'm Coming Home [add]
04. Sweet Sensation [add]
05. I've Got to Love You [add]
06. You're Gonna Lose [add]
07. Pose Up [add]
08. Baby, I Want You [add]
09. My Girl [add]
10. I Wanna [add]
11. Bust Outta Hell [add]
12. Medley [add]
13. One Woman Show [add]
14. Joanna [add]
15. Rikers Island [add]
16. Something Something [add]

Tell It Like It Is (1993) 01. Love Is a Funny Feeling [add]
02. Tell It Like It Is [add]
03. Promise [add]
04. Fall in Love [add]
05. Closer Than Just Friends [add]
06. Now That You Are Here [add]
07. Rosemarie [add]
08. If You Knew [add]
09. (They Long to Be) Close to You [add]
10. I Can See the Light [add]
11. Boom Boom Bye Bye [add]
12. Bun Bun Bun [add]
13. Indefinite Loneliness [*] [add]
14. Rise to Meet Jah [*] [add]

Can We Talk (1994) 01. Can We Talk? [add]
02. Searching [add]
03. Take Your Time [add]
04. Brown Eye Girl [add]
05. Here I Am lyrics
06. In the Rain [add]
07. Are You Still in Love with Me [add]
08. One of the Poorest People [add]
09. Love Me Forever [add]
10. I Want Her [add]
11. Only Take a While [add]
12. I Can't Stay Mad at You [add]

Sanchez, Vol. 1 (1994) 01. Yesterday Once More [add]
02. Soon as I Get Home [add]
03. Cherish [add]
04. Tears [add]
05. Baby It's Time [add]
06. Love Is the Power [add]
07. Sanchez Medley [add]
08. Sunshine [add]
09. He Can Be Found lyrics
10. The Tide Is High [add]

Sanchez, Vol. 2 (1994) 01. No Turning Back [add]
02. In the Rain [add]
03. That Girl [add]
04. That Sound [add]
05. One in a Million [add]
06. Past [add]
07. Won't Last a Day [add]
08. Salvation Medley [add]
09. Time Has Come [add]
10. When You Love [add]
11. Brown Eyes [add]

Missing You (1994) 01. Another Sad Love Song [add]
02. Tell You How I Feel [add]
03. Unchained [add]
04. Missing You [add]
05. My Sweet Baby [add]
06. Where Ever I Lay My Hat [add]
07. Get Ready [add]
08. Can't Get Use to You [add]
09. Funny Forgotten Feeling [add]
10. Don't Worry lyrics

Here I Am (1995) 01. End of the Road [add]
02. Paper Roses [add]
03. Tell Him I'm Not Home [add]
04. Here I Am lyrics
05. Honorable [add]
06. Love Songs [add]
07. Feeling Lonely [add]
08. Hush [add]
09. Hey Jude [add]
10. Around the Corner [add]

Praise Him (1995) 01. Never Dis the Man [add]
02. Can't Remember the Last Time [add]
03. Forever [add]
04. Thinking About You [add]
05. Sweet Love & Devotion [add]
06. Never Keeping Secrets [add]
07. I'll Give Anything [add]
08. Praise Him lyrics
09. Rub You Down [add]
10. Kiss Me Honey [add]
11. Bumptious Girl [add]

Brown Eye Girl (1996) 01. Can We Talk? [add]
02. Searching [add]
03. Take Your Time [add]
04. Brown Eye Girl [add]
05. Here I Am lyrics
06. In the Rain [add]
07. Still in Love With Me [add]
08. One of the Poorest People [add]
09. Love Me Forever [add]
10. I Want Her [add]
11. Only Take a While [add]
12. Can't Stay Mad at You [add]

Perilous Time (1999) 01. Black Princess [add]
02. Never Understand It [add]
03. I (Who Have Nothing) [add]
04. Perilous Time [add]
05. Babylon Wall [add]
06. Picture on the Wall [add]
07. I'm Doing Just Fine [add]
08. For You lyrics
09. Sip My Chalice [add]
10. All My Life [add]
11. How Can I Love Someone [add]
12. Never Ending World [add]
13. Don't Dis the Woman [add]
14. Rest Your Head on My Shoulder [add]
15. Nice and Slow [add]
16. Hands of Babylon [add]

True Identity (1999) 01. I Care for You [add]
02. I'll Always Be True [add]
03. Lonely [add]
04. Jump and Shout [add]
05. I Remember You Honey [add]
06. Hurry Up [add]
07. Thank God You've Grown [add]
08. Sha La La La [add]
09. Over & Over [add]
10. Burning & Looting [add]
11. Make It Easy [add]
12. You've Got the Right [add]

Who Is This Man (1999) 01. I Must Tell Jesus [add]
02. Who Is This Man lyrics
03. My God Is Real [add]
04. Praying Time [add]
05. The Christian Life [add]
06. Wonderful Child [add]
07. Satan Is a Loser [add]
08. Amazing Grace lyrics
09. Oh, How Sweet lyrics
10. Home Coming Day lyrics
11. The Wonderful Stranger [add]
12. He Can Be Found lyrics

Boom Boom Bye Bye (2000) 01. Love Is a Funny Feeling [add]
02. Tell It Like It Is [add]
03. Jah Promise [add]
04. Bun, Bun, Bun [add]
05. Boom Boom Bye Bye [add]
06. Rise to Meet Jah [add]
07. Rosemary (Love Grows) [add]
08. Close to You [add]
09. Now That You Are Here [add]
10. Closer Than Friends [add]
11. Don't Stay Away [add]
12. Indefinite Loneliness [add]
13. Groovy Situation (Proud to Be Black) [*] [add]
14. I Shall Be Released [add]
15. God a Come [add]

Songs from the Heart (2000) 01. I Can't Wait [add]
02. Missing You [add]
03. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home) [add]
04. Wild Flower [add]
05. Another Sad Love Song [add]
06. Don't Worry lyrics
07. Can't Get Used to You [add]
08. Chronic [add]
09. Leave Out Babylon [add]
10. Unchained [add]
11. Give It a Chance [add]
12. Funny Forgotten Feeling [add]

Simply Being Me (2000) 01. Sometimes [add]
02. Pretty Girl [add]
03. Burning Up [add]
04. Back at One [add]
05. Simply Being Me [add]
06. Jah Calling [add]
07. Where I Wanna Be [add]
08. I Need to Know [add]
09. Hands of Time [add]
10. Forever and Ever [add]
11. Nick of Time [add]
12. Naturally [add]
13. Watching over Me [add]
14. Margrette [add]
15. Simply Being Me [Acoustic Mix] [add]

Stays on My Mind (2002) 01. Chemistry [add]
02. Love We Had (Stays on My Mind) [add]
03. Sha-La-La [add]
04. Frenzy [add]
05. How Could You [add]
06. The Way Life Is [add]
07. Groovin' Out on Life [add]
08. You Got It Bad [add]
09. Blaze a Cup [add]
10. Just Can't Stand the Pain [add]
11. I'll Be There for You [add]
12. Winter World of Love [add]
13. Honor Creation [add]
14. You Want to Know [add]
15. Incomplete [add]
16. Love [add]
17. Discipline Child [add]

He's Got the Power (2003) 01. I Believe [add]
02. King Jesus Lives [add]
03. The Old Rugged Cross [add]
04. On My Knees [add]
05. Tis So Sweet [add]
06. One Day at a Time [add]
07. Love Lifted Me [add]
08. Across the Bridge lyrics
09. He's Got the Power [add]
10. Holy One [add]
11. Why [add]
12. Medley [add]

No More Heartaches (2003) 01. You Make My Day [add]
02. I'd Rather [add]
03. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother [add]
04. Love Me Forever [add]
05. No More Heartahes [add]
06. World Peace [add]
07. What About Me [add]
08. God Bless Whoever Sent You [add]
09. This Heart [add]
10. Gun Town [add]
11. Her Love [add]
12. Rude Boy [add]
13. Let True Love [add]
14. Special Kind of Light [add]
15. Cha Cha [add]
16. Ghetto Fabulous [add]
17. Love & Unity [add]

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