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Nancy Cassidy lyrics
Genre: Blues
Pocketbook Romance (1996) 01. In Just One Day (River Song) [add]
02. The City [add]
03. Oh Daddy, Daddy [add]
04. I Always Fall in Love With You [add]
05. Pocketbook Romance [add]
06. Angelise [add]
07. The Farmer [add]
08. I'm Gonna Love You [add]
09. Country Road Driving [add]
10. Midnight Roam [add]
11. Big Momma [add]
12. Take Her by the Hand [add]
13. Here's to the Children [add]
14. All Night Long [add]
15. The Winds [add]
16. Little Blackbird [add]

Night Skies (2002) 01. Love Is a Forgiving Thing [add]
02. The Friends I Carry in My Heart [add]
03. I Know a Lonely Man When I See One [add]
04. Can't You Just Love Me? [add]
05. Marry the Woman [add]
06. Waiting for My Call [add]
07. Between the Moon and Our Hearts [add]
08. How Do I Turn on the Light? [add]
09. When I Start to Stray [add]
10. Keep the Flow [add]
11. Night Skies [add]
12. Just Say No [add]
13. Don't You Wanta? [add]
14. I Don't Want to Leave You [add]
15. Soothe Me [add]
16. Help Me Lay This Old Body Down [add]

You Reel Me In (2004) 01. Red Sky in the Morning [add]
02. The Crash [add]
03. Gambler's Game [add]
04. Every Time [add]
05. Hear the River Flow [add]
06. My Baby [add]
07. I Have Faith [add]
08. You Reel Me In [add]
09. Sunny Sunday Blues [add]
10. The Way You Love Me [add]
11. Bring It on Home [add]
12. I Want to Live in Peace [add]
13. Adios [add]

So Much Weather (2006) 01. So Much Weather [add]
02. Somethin' 'bout Freedom [add]
03. Back When He Was Young [add]
04. Gonna Move On [add]
05. It's Never Too Soon [add]
06. Down on the Farm [add]
07. I Wanna Go Back to the Country [add]
08. They Don't Thrill Me Like You Do [add]
09. Come on Over [add]
10. I Want You [add]
11. It's Your Love [add]
12. Weak Coffee [add]
13. You're the Path [add]

Kidssongs (2007) 01. You Gotta Sing [add]
02. Wabash Cannonball [add]
03. Day-O [add]
04. Ting-A-Lay-O [add]
05. Mister Sun [add]
06. Father's Old Grey Whiskers [add]
07. Baby Beluga [add]
08. Willoughby, Wallaby, Woo [add]
09. Kumbaya [add]
10. Shake My Sillies Out [add]
11. Brush Your Teeth [add]
12. Down by the Bay [add]
13. Jamaica Farewell [add]
14. Apples and Bananas [add]
15. Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips [add]
16. Polly Wolly Doodle [add]
17. This Old Man [add]
18. The Fox [add]
19. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [add]
20. Puff, The Magic Dragon [add]
21. Morningtown Ride [add]
22. This Little Light of Mine lyrics

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