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Rainer Ptacek lyrics
Genre: Folk
Worried Spirits (1994) 01. Powder Keg [add]
02. Limit to It [add]
03. Opening Aunt Dora's Box in 6/8 [add]
04. New World [add]
05. Long, Long Way to the Top of the World [add]
06. Losing Ground [add]
07. Life Is Fine [add]
08. Worried Spirits [add]
09. Tasted Better Going Down (Valerie) [add]
10. Waves of Sorrow [add]
11. Stone's Throw Away [add]
12. The River of Real Time [add]
13. Poor Backslider [add]
14. Funny How Time Slips Away [add]
15. Ain't Givin' Up (The New Cooking Blues) [add]

D.Y.O. (1995) 01. Rude World [add]
02. Trains [add]
03. Derailed [add]
04. Lament of Love [add]
05. Within You Without You [add]
06. The Good Book [add]
07. One Man's Crusade [add]
08. Drive [add]
09. Curiouser and Curiouser [add]
10. Voodoo Music [add]
11. Something's [add]
12. Trouble Hit Me/No Rewind [add]
13. One Wrong Turn [add]
14. Shouldn't Worry 'Bout That [add]

Nocturnes (1995) 01. Within You, Without You [add]
02. Curioser and Curioser [add]
03. Ode to N2o [add]
04. Suck Time [add]
05. Cheeseball [add]
06. Opening Aunt Dora's Box in 6/8 [add]
07. Nod to N20 [add]

Barefoot Rock with Ranier & Das Combo (1995) 01. Mellow Down Easy [For Chester] [add]
02. The Unseen Enemy [add]
03. Life Is Fine [add]
04. Barefoot Rock [add]
05. Sleepwalk [add]
06. Around and Around [add]
07. That's How Things Get Done [add]
08. Broken Promises [add]
09. I Am a Sinner [add]
10. If I Had Possession over Judgement Day [add]
11. Where's That At [add]
12. The Last Fair Deal [add]
13. How I Wanted You [add]
14. I Wish You Would [add]

Texas Tapes (1995) 01. Power of Delight [add]
02. One Man Crusade [add]
03. It's a Matter of Taste [add]
04. Merciful God [Adapted from Zealots Serve Digmas] [add]
05. (Making the) Trains (Run on Time) [add]
06. What's Wrong Romeo [add]
07. Powder Keg [add]
08. The Mush Mind Blues [add]
09. Drive Drive Drive [add]
10. Another Man [add]
11. That's How Things Get Done [add]
12. I Am a Sinner [add]

Alpaca Lips (2000) 01. Here Comes Lilly [add]
02. Rude World [add]
03. The Good Book [add]
04. Pastime Paradise [add]
05. Flashlight [add]
06. One Wrong Turn [add]
07. Bo Weavil [add]
08. De-Railed! [add]
09. Don't Know Why [add]
10. Drive [add]
11. Horsehair [add]
12. Something's [add]
13. Storyteller [add]
14. Unseen Enemy [add]
15. Bo Weavil (Reprise) [add]
16. Lament of Love [add]
17. All Done in [add]

Live at the Performance Center (2000) 01. Improv in E [add]
02. Sometimes It's Hard [add]
03. Round and Round [add]
04. Powder Keg [add]
05. My Honey [add]
06. Inner Flame [add]
07. Di Lantin [add]
08. Lament of Love [add]
09. One Man Crusade [add]
10. The Farm [add]
11. The Mountain [add]
12. Loosin Ground [add]
13. The River of Real Time [add]
14. Time Slips Away [add]
15. Within You Without You [add]
16. One Wrong Turn [add]
17. Rude World [add]
18. God Bless the Child [add]
19. Cheer Down [add]
20. Long, Long Way to the Top of the World [add]

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