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Roots Radics lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Freelance (0000) 01. Earsay [add]
02. Rainbow [add]
03. I'm Not a King [add]
04. Too Much Fuss [add]
05. Party Time [add]
06. Everywhere Natty Go [add]
07. Dance with Me [add]
08. Midnight [add]
09. Mash It Up [add]
10. Reggae on Broadway [add]

Scientist & Jammy Strike Back (1983) 01. Storming the Death Star [add]
02. Mission Impossible [add]
03. The Alien Aborts [add]
04. Buck Rogers in the Black Hole [add]
05. The Death of Mr. Spock [add]
06. The Princess Takes Her Revenge [add]
07. The Crushing of the Storm Troopers [add]
08. Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker [add]
09. The Son of Darth Vador [add]
10. C-3po+R2-D2=the Force [add]

Hot We Hot (1988) 01. Hot We Hot [add]
02. Mix Me Up [add]
03. Joy to the World [add]
04. Shuffle the Deck [add]
05. Me for You [add]
06. Don't Turn Around [add]
07. Book of Love [add]
08. Watch Your Step [add]
09. Come Out of We Land [add]
10. Nice to Be With You [add]

Hot We Hot Dub (1989) 01. Hot We Hot Dub [add]
02. Mix Me Up [dub] [add]
03. Joy to the World Dub [add]
04. Reshuffle the Deck Dub [add]
05. Me for You [dub] [add]
06. Don't Turn Me Down Dub [add]
07. Book of Life Dub [add]
08. Watch Your Step Dub [add]
09. Come Out of We Land Dub [add]
10. Nice to Be With You Dub [add]

Forwards Ever, Backwards Never (1990) 01. True Believer [add]
02. True Dub [add]
03. Dread in South Africa [add]
04. Long Road [add]
05. Private Enemy [add]
06. Strong Like a Lion [add]
07. New Sound in Town [add]
08. She Loves Me [add]
09. How Could I Live [add]
10. I Live/Dub [add]
11. Don't Go [add]
12. One Away Man [add]

World Peace III (1992) 01. Bubblin' [add]
02. No Cuff [add]
03. Bright Eyes [add]
04. Bright Dub [add]
05. Oneness [add]
06. Mighty Step [add]
07. World Peace III [add]
08. World Peace Dub [add]
09. Rollin' [add]
10. International Hero [Extended Mix] [add]
11. Back Out [add]
12. Goodman [add]
13. Goodman Dub [add]
14. International Garvey Dub [add]

Radically Radics (1996) 01. Radically Radics [add]
02. Dancehall Massive [add]
03. Nengeh Nengeh [add]
04. For You [add]
05. Love Thicher Than Blood [add]
06. Give Thanks and Praise [add]
07. Singing in the Dancehall [add]
08. Medley of Hits (Tribute to Bingy Bunny) [add]
09. No Bun It Down [add]
10. What'cha Gonna Do? [add]
11. Water More Than Flour (Be My Queen) [add]
12. Skettle [instrumental] [add]
13. Siddung Deh [add]
14. Teach Dem [add]
15. Dancehall Massive [mix] [add]
16. Raggae for Kids [add]

King Tubby's Rockers (1998) 01. King Tubby's Rockers [add]
02. Time Is Cold [add]
03. Patrolling [add]
04. Love and Understanding lyrics
05. Jah Jah Give Us Love [add]
06. Lover's Mood [add]
07. Caring for My Sister [add]
08. Learning [add]
09. A Friend in Need [add]
10. I'm a Man [add]
11. Come on Baby [Dub Style] [add]
12. No Follow Fashion [add]
13. Praising Version [add]
14. Violence and Crime [add]
15. Babylon Don't Touch My Sensi [add]
16. Informer Dub [add]
17. Babylon Wrong [add]
18. Second Hand Girl [add]

Dub Fi Junjo (2000) 01. Blind Rodent Attack [add]
02. Leggo de Dub [add]
03. Drifting Dub [add]
04. Rocking Miss D [add]
05. Crying [add]
06. Taxi Dub [add]
07. Blame Them Dub [add]
08. Mash Dub [add]
09. Dubba Dub [add]
10. Changing Dub [add]
11. Love Dub [add]
12. English Cow Boy [add]
13. The Dark Zone [add]
14. Honey Dub [add]
15. Life [add]
16. Jah Dub [add]
17. Disillusioned [add]

A Rubba Dub (2004) 01. Oriental Dub [add]
02. Sufferers in Dub [add]
03. Rock of Gibralter in Dub [add]
04. Dub on the Nile [add]
05. Rockers Delight in Dub [add]
06. Into the Lions Den Dub [add]
07. Peaceful Dub [add]
08. Evening Time Dub [add]
09. Desert of Sahara in Dub [add]
10. Loving Sandra in Dub [add]
11. A Rubba Dub in Dub [add]
12. Dub of 30 Pieces [add]
13. Farover Dub [add]
14. Dub in the Ganges [add]
15. Dub in the Ganges [add]

Prophecy of Dub (2004) 01. Prophecy in Dub [add]
02. Wayward Dub [add]
03. Followers in Reggae Dub [add]
04. Jah's Word in Dub [add]
05. Unity of Dub [add]
06. Knowledge of the Higher Dub [add]
07. Shape of Dub [add]
08. Leave the Wicked Way Dub [add]
09. Dub of Life [add]
10. African Drum Dub [add]
11. Moods of Love in Dub [add]
12. Heartbreakers Dub [add]
13. Turkish Bath in Dub [add]

In a Dub Explosion (2006) 01. Roots Radics' World Dub [add]
02. Scientist's Earth Dub [add]
03. King Tubby's Moon Dub [add]
04. Roots Radics' Star Dub [add]
05. Scientist's Rain Dub [add]
06. King Tubby's Snow Dub [add]
07. Roots Radics' Summer Dub [add]
08. Scientist's Winter Dub [add]
09. King Tubby's Cloud Dub [add]
10. Roots Radics' Storm Dub [add]
11. Scientist's Hurricane Dub [add]
12. King Tubby's Earthquake Dub [add]
13. Scientist's Thunder Dub [add]

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