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The Avett Brothers lyrics
Genre: Country
Country Was (2002) 01. Pretty Girl from Matthews [add]
02. Jenny and the Summer Day [add]
03. A Lot of Moving [add]
04. November Blue [add]
05. My Losing Bet [add]
06. Beside the Yellow Line [add]
07. Old Wyom [add]
08. Closing Night [add]

Live at the Double Door Inn (2002) 01. A Lot of Moving [add]
02. Diamond Joe [add]
03. Sorry Man [add]
04. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
05. Jenny and the Summer Day [add]
06. Pretty Girl from Matthews [add]
07. Avett Brothers Monologue [add]
08. I'll Fly Away [add]
09. Let Myself Live [add]
10. November Blue [add]
11. My Losing Bet/Going Down the Road Feelin` Bad/Walkin` Down the Line [add]
12. Gamblin' Man [add]
13. Cripple Creek [add]
14. Kind of in Love [add]
15. Beside the Yellow Line [add]

A Carolina Jubilee (2003) 01. The Traveling Song [add]
02. Love Like the Movies [add]
03. Sorry Man [add]
04. Me and God [add]
05. Pretty Girl from Raleigh [add]
06. Do You Love Him [add]
07. I Killed Sally's Lover [add]
08. Pretty Girl from Locust [add]
09. My Last Song to Jenny [add]
10. Walking for You [add]
11. The D Bag Rag [add]
12. Pretty Girl from Annapolis [add]
13. Smoke in Our Lights [add]
14. Offering [add]

Mignonette (2004) 01. Swept Away [Sentimental Version] [add]
02. Nothing Short of Thankful [add]
03. The New Love Song [add]
04. At the Beach [add]
05. Signs [add]
06. Hard Worker [add]
07. Letter to a Pretty Girl [add]
08. Please Pardon Yourself [add]
09. Pretty Girl at the Airport [add]
10. Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane [add]
11. Causey Commentary [add]
12. One Line Wonder [add]
13. The Day That Marvin Gaye Died [add]
14. Swept Away [add]
15. A Gift for Melody Anne [add]
16. Complainted d'VN Matelot Mourant [add]
17. Salvation Song [add]

Live, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. Pretty Girl from Annapolis [add]
02. Love Like the Movies [add]
03. Walking for You [add]
04. Do You Love Him [add]
05. I Killed Sally's Lover [add]
06. Smoke in Our Lights [add]
07. A Lot of Movin' [add]
08. November Blue [add]
09. Wanted Man [add]
10. Old Joe Clark [add]
11. My Last Song to Jenny [add]
12. The Traveling Song [add]
13. Offering [add]
14. A Gift for Melody Anne [add]
15. Complainted d'VN Matelot Mourant [add]
16. Pretty Girl from Raleigh [add]
17. Please Pardon Yourself [add]

Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions (2006) 01. Talk on Indolence [add]
02. Pretty Girl from Feltre [add]
03. Colorshow [add]
04. Distraction #74 [add]
05. Sixteen in July [add]
06. Left on Laura, Left on Lisa [add]
07. A Lover Like You [add]
08. Pretend Love [add]
09. Matrimony [add]
10. The Lowering (A Sad Day in Greenvilletown) [add]
11. The Fall [add]
12. Dancing Daze [add]
13. Famous Flower of Manhattan [add]
14. 40 East [add]
15. Gimmeakiss [add]
16. Denouncing November Blue (Uneasy Writer) [add]
17. Four Thieves Gone [add]

Emotionalism (2007) 01. Die Die Die [add]
02. Shame [add]
03. Paranoia in B-Flat Major [add]
04. The Weight of Lies [add]
05. Will You Return? [add]
06. The Ballad of Love and Hate [add]
07. Salina [add]
08. Pretty Girl from Chile [add]
09. All My Mistakes [add]
10. Living of Love [add]
11. I Would Be Sad [add]
12. Pretty Girl from San Diego [add]
13. Go to Sleep [add]
14. Hand-Me-Down Time [add]

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