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Power Salad lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Force Doesn't Work on a Crustacean (2000) 01. Retro Intro [add]
02. Your City Here [add]
03. With Sparklers All Around Her [add]
04. The Saga of the Modern American Mall Family [add]
05. Italian Food [add]
06. Oh Oh Olean [add]
07. Points (They Might Be Sportscenter) [add]
08. Lady of the House [add]
09. Katie's Dream [add]
10. The Chemical Engineering Song [add]
11. You're a Kinkajou [add]
12. Killer Resume [add]
13. Finish This Song [add]
14. Power Balladeer [add]
15. Kiwana Wanna-Be [add]
16. Demon Disc [add]
17. Panic Broadcast [add]
18. Theme from Ralph-Man [add]
19. Co-Dependency [add]

White Out Album (2004) 01. Disney Song [add]
02. Ville de Veal [add]
03. Cellphone on the Highway [add]
04. Them Masonwilliams [add]
05. Beethoven at the Ribfest [add]
06. Hot Dogs in the Sink [add]
07. Dead Puppies [add]
08. Mantis from Atlantis [add]
09. Untitled Educational Tune [add]
10. Intermission [add]
11. Greenhouse Party [add]
12. Just Lucky I Guess [add]
13. My Name Is Fudd [add]
14. Say No More [add]
15. Barcelona [add]
16. The Roach Coach (Industrial Catering) 2 [add]
17. Dance Groove [add]
18. Laurie, Laurie [add]

Power Salad, Vol. 3: Sweat Equity (2006) 01. I Saw the Coelacanths [add]
02. My Cat Is Afraid of the Cavuum Cleaner [add]
03. The Favor [add]
04. Cut Out [add]
05. If You're Looking for an Argument [add]
06. Cookies [add]
07. Walk of Fame [add]
08. Little Hybrid [add]
09. A Question and an Observation [add]
10. It's Mod [add]
11. Pomegranate Blues [add]
12. Fight Song [add]
13. Kites Are Fun [add]

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