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The Poxy Boggards lyrics
Genre: Folk
Bawdy Parts (1996) 01. Agincourt Carol [add]
02. Wee Be Three Poore Mariners [add]
03. Pass the Hat [add]
04. Lord Howards's Round [add]
05. Darby Ram [add]
06. Compendious Chortle [add]
07. Jolly Red Nose [add]
08. All for Me Grog lyrics
09. Glorius Gastronimus [add]
10. God Save Thee, Fair Barley [add]
11. Arrival at Bath [add]
12. Long May the Burlap Wave [add]
13. Exuberant Egotistical Exclamations [add]
14. Wee Be Soldiers Three [add]
15. Unfeigned Utterance [add]
16. Tan Ta Ra Ran Tan Tant [add]
17. Happy Jack's Undrinkable Ale lyrics
18. Itches in Me Britches [add]
19. God Bless the Human Elbow [add]
20. The Ballad of Jacob MC Fee [add]
21. Bring Us a Barrel [add]
22. Erudite Eructation [add]
23. Fie, Nay, Prithee John [add]
24. The Drinker's Praise [add]
25. The Parting Glass [add]
26. Drink Old England Dry [add]
27. Inbred Locals [add]

Barley Legal (1999) 01. All the Night Long [add]
02. Henry Me Son [add]
03. Say Good Master Bacchus [add]
04. England Should Always Be [add]
05. England's Gold [add]
06. Strike It Up Tabor [add]
07. The Company of Captain Black [add]
08. A Soldier and a Sailor [add]
09. Character of a Mistress [add]
10. Three Country Dances [add]
11. The Future Looks Brighter [add]
12. Hung by the High Gallows Tree [add]
13. My Man John [add]
14. Finnegan's Wake [add]
15. Come Sirrah Jack Ho [add]
16. Kiss the Root [add]
17. Pastime With Good Company [add]
18. Winter's Snow [add]
19. The Day That I Wed [add]
20. Men of Harlech [add]
21. Bring Us More Beer [add]
22. Complete Silence [add]
23. Outro [add]

Lager Than Life (2002) 01. Lager Than Life lyrics
02. God Save Every Brewing Man [add]
03. The Girl With Red Hair lyrics
04. The Cock & Bulls Tavern [add]
05. Whiskey, You're the Devil [add]
06. The Man in Black [add]
07. Me Life Is a Glass [add]
08. Celia Learning on the Spinet [add]
09. My Mary Sweet [add]
10. Words to Sundry Notes of Music [add]
11. Rolling Down to Old Maui [add]
12. Jamaica [add]
13. The Grey Funnel Line [add]
14. Whiskey in the Jar [add]
15. Mingulay Boat Song [add]
16. Isn't It Grand, Boys? [add]
17. We Say F*ck [add]
18. Bang Away Lulu [add]
19. Aboard the Good Ship Venus [add]
20. The Rooster, the Donkey, the Dog & the Cat [add]

Liver Let Die (2004) 01. On Returning from Ireland [add]
02. Under the Greenwood Tree [add]
03. Round w/The Word Prick in It [add]
04. Galway Shawl [add]
05. Untitled Bitter Song [add]
06. A Drinking Song [add]
07. Let Union Be [add]
08. Remember Me [add]
09. South Australia [add]
10. I Wear No Pants [add]
11. My Splendid Emerald Isle [add]
12. Pass Me the Bowl [add]
13. Fine Knacks for Ladies [add]
14. Liver, Let Die! [add]
15. A Warning [add]
16. The Man Who Doesn't Like Beer lyrics
17. Hey Nonny Nonny [add]
18. The Ballad of Onan [add]
19. She's a Whore [add]

Whiskey Business (2006) 01. Holy Ground [add]
02. Rosin the Beau [add]
03. A Nation Once Again [add]
04. Murisheen Durkin [add]
05. Bold Fenian Men [add]
06. Mo Ghile Mear [add]
07. Tell Me Ma [add]
08. The Errant Apprentice [add]
09. Jiggy with Reels [add]
10. I Can Hew [add]
11. Danny Boy [add]
12. Jug of Punch [add]
13. Star of the County Down [add]
14. Miss Fogarty's Xmas Cake [add]
15. Botany Bay [add]
16. Red Is the Rose/Loch Lommond [add]

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