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Keith Hudson lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Entering the Dragon (1974) 01. Blackbelt Jones (Entering the Dragon) [add]
02. Man from Shotters Hill [add]
03. Will You Come out Tonight (Don't Stay Away) [add]
04. Now That You're Leaving (No Way) [add]
05. Rage of Love (Now That You're Leaving Dub) [add]
06. Too Possessive and You Know It Baby (Fly Away) [add]
07. War War [add]
08. Like You Going to a Fair (You're Still a Little Girl) [add]
09. You're Still a Little Girl [dub] [add]
10. It Was When Friends Started to Talk About You (I Never Heard About You) [add]
11. I Don't Know You [dub] [add]
12. Oh No, Not My Baby [add]
13. Words So True [dub] [add]
14. Misery [*] [add]
15. Light of Day [*] [add]
16. I Thought You Knew [*] [add]
17. (All I Need Is Your) True Loving [*] [add]
18. Bandaloo Shank (Musical Jest) [*] [add]
19. All That We Need Is Love [*] [add]
20. Love Version [*] [add]
21. The Exile Song (Adisababa) [*] [add]
22. In the Burning Sun (Jah Oh) [*] [add]
23. Strayed in Babylon [*] [add]
24. Skin Him Alive [*] [add]
25. Musical Rock [*] [add]
26. Entering the Dragon (Blackbelt Jones Version) [*] [add]
27. Lightning & Thunder [*] [add]
28. Like I'm Dying [*] [add]
29. Shoulder to Shoulder [*] [add]
30. Shoulder Rock [*] [add]

Flesh of My Skin Blood of My Blood (1974) 01. Hunting [add]
02. Flesh of My Skin [add]
03. Blood of My Blood [add]
04. Testing of My Faith [add]
05. Fight Your Revolution [add]
06. Darkest Night [add]
07. Talk Some Sense (Gamma Ray) [add]
08. Treasures of the World [add]
09. My Nocturne [add]
10. I Shall Be Released [add]
11. No Friend of Mine [add]
12. Stabiliser [add]

Pick a Dub (1974) 01. Pick a Dub [add]
02. Black Heart [add]
03. Michael Talbot Affair [add]
04. Don't Move [add]
05. Blood Brother [add]
06. Dreaded Than [add]
07. In the Rain [add]
08. Part 1-2 Dubwise [add]
09. Black Right [add]
10. Satia [add]
11. I'm All Right [add]
12. Depth Charge [add]

Too Expensive (1976) 01. Smoking [add]
02. Introduce Me [add]
03. Civilisation [add]
04. Thank You Baby [add]
05. Too Expensive [add]
06. Where Is Your Love [add]
07. We Can Work It Out [add]
08. Civilisation [instrumental] [add]

Rasta Communication (1978) 01. Rasta Communication [add]
02. Felt We Felt the Strain [add]
03. Bloody Eyes [add]
04. Rasta Country [add]
05. I Broke the Comb [add]
06. I'm Not Satisfied [add]
07. I'm No Fool [add]
08. Jonah [add]
09. Musicology [add]
10. I Won't Compromise [add]
11. Nah Skin Up [*] [add]

From One Extreme to Another (1979) 01. Central Kingston [add]
02. No Skin Up [add]
03. Anger [add]
04. It's Alright [add]
05. Desiree [add]
06. (Dreadful) Words [add]
07. They Don't Hurt Me [add]
08. (Bad Things) You Teach Me [add]
09. One Extreme to Another [add]

Playing It Cool (1981) 01. Playing It Cool [add]
02. Playing It Right Dub [add]
03. Trust & Believe [add]
04. In I Dub [add]
05. California [add]
06. By Night Dub [add]
07. Not Good for Us [add]
08. Formula Dub [add]
09. Be What You Want to Be [add]
10. Be Good Dub [add]
11. I Can't Do Without You [add]
12. Still Need You Dub [add]

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