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African Head Charge lyrics
Genre: Reggae
My Life in a Hole in the Ground (1981) 01. Elastic Dance [add]
02. Family Doctoring [add]
03. Steben?'s Theme [add]
04. The Race, Pt. 1 [add]
05. Crocodile Shoes, Stone Charge [add]
06. Far Away Chant [add]
07. Primal One Drop [add]
08. Hole in the Roof [add]

Drastic Season (1983) 01. Timbuktu Express [add]
02. I Want Water [add]
03. Bazaar [add]
04. African Hedge Hog [add]
05. Depth Charge [add]
06. Fruit Market [add]
07. Snake in the Hole [add]
08. Many Generations [add]

Off the Beaten Track (1986) 01. Off the Beaten Track [add]
02. Some Bizarre [add]
03. Belinda [add]
04. Language & Mentality [add]
05. Throw It Away [add]
06. Conspiring [add]
07. Release the Doctor [add]
08. Down Under Again [add]
09. Over the Sky [add]

Live: Pride and Joy (1991) 01. Off the Beaten Track [add]
02. Conspiring (Dancing to My Own) [add]
03. Churchical Chant [add]
04. Language and Mentality [add]
05. Binghi Dance [add]
06. Power Chant [add]
07. Hold Some More [add]
08. Bits and Pieces [add]
09. Conspiring, Pt. 1 [add]
10. Throw It Away [add]
11. Don't Fear [add]

Songs of Praise (1991) 01. Free Chant (Churchical Chant of the Iyabinghi) [Churchical Chant of the Iyabinghi] [add]
02. Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline and Dignity [add]
03. Hymn [add]
04. Dervish Chant [add]
05. Hold Some More [add]
06. Healing Father [add]
07. Healing Ceremony [add]
08. Cattle Herders Chant [add]
09. Ethiopian Praises [add]
10. My God [add]
11. Gospel Train [add]
12. Chant for the Spirits [add]
13. God Is Great [add]
14. Deer Spirit Song [add]

In Pursuit of Shashamane Land (1994) 01. Heading to Glory [add]
02. Pursuit [add]
03. One Destination [add]
04. No, Don't Follow Fashion [add]
05. Animal Law [add]
06. Learning [add]
07. Fever Pitch [add]
08. Somebody Touch I [add]
09. Mama Shante Garden [add]
10. On the Off Beat [add]
11. Fever Pitch [Raw Cut] [add]
12. No, Don't Follow Fashion [add]
13. Kumasse [add]

Akwaaba (1995) 01. Can't Wast Time [add]
02. Yes I [add]
03. Glory Dawn [add]
04. To Fari Hail [add]
05. More Peace (In the Area) [add]
06. Power from Zion [add]
07. World Peace [add]
08. Cheer Up [add]
09. Walking Thrill [add]
10. All of the Love [add]
11. Irie Day [add]
12. Live Good [add]
13. Child's Play [add]

Environmental Studies (1997) 01. Crocodile Hand Luggage [add]
02. Dinosaur's Lament [add]
03. Beri Beri [add]
04. Snakeskin Tracksuit [add]
05. High Protein Snack [add]
06. In a Trap [add]
07. Breeding Space [add]
08. Primitive [add]
09. Latin Temperament [add]

Noah House of Dread (1998) 01. Neighbours [add]
02. The More We Are Together [add]
03. Business Is Business [add]
04. Rasta Don't Fear [add]
05. Something in My Heart [add]
06. Only Selassie I [add]
07. Don't Let the Devil Hold You Back [add]
08. Babylon Cup [add]
09. Big Shot [add]
10. Murder Dub [add]
11. Stand Firm in Dub [add]

Live Goodies (2005) 01. Throw It Away [add]
02. Some Bizarre [add]
03. Language & Mentality (I) [add]
04. Language & Mentality (II) [add]
05. The Race (I) [add]
06. The Race (II) [add]
07. Dancing with My Drums [add]
08. Off the Beaten Track [add]
09. Free Chant, Churchical Chant of the Lyabinghi [add]
10. Power Chant [add]

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