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Genre: Reggae
Dread in a Babylon (1975) 01. Runaway Girl [add]
02. Chalice in the Palace [add]
03. I Can't Love Another [add]
04. Dreadlocks Dread [add]
05. The Great Psalms [add]
06. Natty Don't Fear [add]
07. African Message [add]
08. Silver Bird [add]
09. Listen to the Teacher [add]
10. Trench Town Rock [add]

Natty Rebel (1976) 01. Babylon Burning [add]
02. Natty Rebel [add]
03. So Jah Jah Say [add]
04. Natty Kung Fu [add]
05. If You Should Leave Me [add]
06. Do You Remember [add]
07. Travelling Man [add]
08. Have Mercy [add]
09. Badie Boo [add]
10. Go There Natty [add]
11. Fire in a Trenchtown [add]

Jah Son of Africa (1977) 01. Jah Son of Africa [add]
02. Rivers of Babylo [add]
03. Tom Drunk [add]
04. Peace and Love in the Ghetto [add]
05. Running Around With Tom, Dick and Harry [add]
06. I Got to Tell You Goodbye [add]
07. Herbman Skanking [add]
08. Africa for the Africans [add]
09. Love in the Arena [add]

Rasta Ambassador (1977) 01. Control Tower [add]
02. Wear You to the Ball [add]
03. Evil Doers [add]
04. Mr. Slave Driver [add]
05. Small Axe [add]
06. Come Home Little Girl [add]
07. Say You [add]
08. No More War [add]
09. Tide Is High [add]
10. Jah Jah [add]

Music Addict (1987) 01. I Originate [add]
02. Music Addict [add]
03. King Tubby's Skank [add]
04. Jah Jah Call You [add]
05. Come Fe Warn Them [add]
06. Reggae Party [add]
07. Haul and Pull [add]
08. I Feel Good [add]
09. Waterboat [add]

With a Flick of My Musical Wrist (1988) 01. Come to the Ceilidh/John Worth's Jig [add]
02. Dancing in the Kyle [add]
03. 4-4 Marches: Scotland the Brave/Rowan Tree/Bonnie Galloway/The Old ... [add]
04. Hornpipes: Jans Dance/The Mathematician/The High Level [add]
05. Dark Island [add]
06. Annie Laurie [add]
07. Marching Through the Heather/Johnny Lad/Flower of Scotland [add]
08. Bluebell Polka [add]
09. 2/4 Marches: The Barren Rocks of Aden/Highland Laddie/Mhairi's Wedding [add]
10. Wild Mountain Thyme [add]
11. A Touch of Gaelic: Fil-O-Ro/Brochan Lom/Lord MacDonald's Reel [add]
12. Take Me Home [add]
13. Yer Mither [add]
14. Amazing Grace [add]
15. The Addie Harper/Garstairs Dream/The Unshackled Lord of the Hills [Jig] [add]
16. Skyline of Skye [add]
17. Sir Harry Lauder Selection: Roamin' in the Gloamin'/I Love a Lassie [add]
18. Abide with Me [add]

Version of Wisdom (1990) 01. Your Ace From Outer Space [add]
02. Rule the Nation [add]
03. Honey Come Forward [add]
04. Version Galore [add]
05. Things You Love [add]
06. Wear You to the Ball [add]
07. On the Beach [add]
08. Rock Away [add]
09. True Confession [add]
10. Everybody Bawling [add]
11. Wake the Town [add]
12. Words of Wisdom [add]
13. Treasue Isle Skank [add]
14. The Same Song [add]
15. Tide Is High [add]
16. Hot Pop [add]
17. Tom Drunk [add]
18. Drive Her Home [add]
19. Merry-Go-Round [add]
20. What Is Catty? [add]

True Born African (1991) 01. True Born African [add]
02. Ghetto Youth [add]
03. Everlasting Rap [add]
04. Rob the Natty [add]
05. Mi Brethren [add]
06. Your Wish Is My Command [add]
07. Black - The Natural Fact [add]
08. False Prophecy [add]
09. Money Honey [add]
10. Birds of a Feather [add]
11. Jump up Soca [add]
12. Bye Bye City Living [add]

Rock With I (1992) 01. The Originator [add]
02. Jump for Joy [add]
03. Heavy Duty [add]
04. I Shall Not Be Moved [add]
05. Too Much War [add]
06. Musical Vision [add]
07. King Tubby's Skank [add]
08. Gorgon Wise [add]
09. Don't You Worry [add]
10. Feel Jah Spirit [add]
11. Joyfull Locks [add]
12. Rock With I [add]

The Teacher Meets the Student (1992) 01. Woola Woope [add]
02. Undercover Lover [add]
03. Want No AIDS [add]
04. Who Goes There [add]
05. Leggo Mi Hand Gateman [add]
06. Just Love [add]
07. Original Josie [add]
08. Yow [add]
09. Keep Rocking [add]
10. Bobo Dread [add]
11. Sufferation [add]
12. Check Mr. Morgan [add]
13. Put It On [add]
14. Movements [add]
15. No More Fussing and Fighting [add]
16. Wet Scene [add]
17. Swinger [add]
18. Stay Away [add]
19. Hold On [add]
20. The Godfather [add]

Smile a While (1993) 01. Smile a While [add]
02. I'm a Rastaman [add]
03. Chapter a Day [add]
04. Steppin Pon de Right Track [add]
05. Freedom [add]
06. Hurt Is Good [add]
07. Can't Do Them Time [add]
08. Lip Service [add]
09. More Love [add]
10. Choice DJ [add]
11. Leaders of the World [add]
12. Unity in the Community [add]

Babylon Kingdom Must Fall (1997) 01. Shaking up the City [add]
02. Taken from African [add]
03. Long Time in Bondage [add]
04. Loving Gone Forever [add]
05. Keep on Running [add]
06. Babylon Kingdom [add]
07. I'm Not in the Mood [add]
08. Reggae Hip Hop [add]
09. She's a Rastawoman [add]
10. Chant on the Psalms [add]
11. Jah Jah Love [add]
12. Moses Dub [add]

Serious Matter (2000) 01. Intro [add]
02. Half Me Get [add]
03. Attention [add]
04. Money, Money [add]
05. A Capella [add]
06. Same Vibe [add]
07. Half 3 the Hard Way [add]
08. Know Yourself [add]
09. Love Fe Me [add]
10. Serious Matter [add]
11. Ska Version [Ska Version] [add]
12. When Jah Come [add]
13. Interview [add]
14. Bass Power [add]
15. Know Who I Am [add]
16. Night Nurse [add]
17. Miss Till I Kiss [add]
18. Love Fe Me 3 the Hard Way [add]

The Lost Album (2000) 01. Merciful Dub [add]
02. Rightful Reggae [add]
03. Bury the Razor [add]
04. Crashie Sweep [add]
05. Ital Vital [add]
06. Full Time [add]
07. People a Go Lingua [add]
08. Swell Head Skank [add]
09. Truthful Dub [add]
10. Cane Man Shuffle [add]
11. Back Stabbing [add]
12. Poor Marcus [add]

Now (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. OK Fred [add]
03. Equal Rights [add]
04. Dreamland [add]
05. Come on Come On [add]
06. Coming Home [add]
07. I Need a Roof [add]
08. I'm Still in Love [add]
09. I've Got the Boogie [add]
10. Run Run [add]
11. Wanted [add]
12. Material Man [add]
13. Nyabinghi Chant [add]

Rightfull Ruler (2002) 01. Wake the Town [add]
02. Earth's Rightful Ruler [add]
03. Words of Wisdom [add]
04. Copasetic [add]
05. What Is Catty (Aka Big Boy and Teacher) [add]
06. Super Boss (Aka Do Re Mi) [add]
07. Earthquake [add]
08. Do It Right [add]
09. Drive Her Home [add]
10. Treasure Isle Skank [add]
11. Wear You to the Ball [add]
12. Love I Tender [add]
13. Dynamic Fashion Way [add]
14. True True [add]
15. The Hudson Affair [add]
16. Version Galore [add]
17. Dreamland Version [add]
18. Behold [add]
19. Wet Vision [add]
20. Medley Train [add]
21. You Keep on Running [add]
22. Flashing My Whip [add]
23. On the Beach [add]
24. On Top of the Peak [add]
25. Rule of the Nation [add]
26. Stick Together (Aka London City Rock) [add]
27. The Higher the Mountain [add]
28. King Tubby's Special [add]
29. Tom Drunk [add]
30. Tide Is High [add]
31. Double Six [add]
32. Don't Stay Away [add]
33. Festival Wise [add]
34. Ain't That Loving You [add]
35. Hard Feeling [add]
36. Rock Away [add]

Rebel in Style (2005) 01. Sweet Reggae Music [add]
02. Step into My Room [add]
03. Greedy Little Deggie [add]
04. Treasure Your Love [add]
05. Crush on You [add]
06. It's Only Jah [add]
07. Believers in Jah [add]
08. Herbfield [add]
09. Babylon Will Be Begging [add]
10. Now That You Have Changed [add]
11. Never Leave You [add]
12. Reggae Nation [add]
13. I Blow Through Here [add]
14. Run for Cover [add]

Old School New Rules (2007) 01. Revisit the Palace [add]
02. Ain't No Stranger [add]
03. Old School Music [add]
04. Build Up the Nation [add]
05. DJ Phonics [add]
06. Give Me the Reason [add]
07. Papa of Creation [add]
08. Sharper Than Joe Fraser [add]
09. Real Man [add]
10. Burning Shame [add]
11. Thicker Than Mud [add]
12. Sounds from the Ghetto [add]

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