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Big Youth lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Screaming Target (1973) 01. Screaming Target [add]
02. Pride and Joy Rock [add]
03. Be Careful [add]
04. Tippertong Rock [add]
05. One of These Fine Days [add]
06. Screaming Target [Version 2] [add]
07. The Killer [add]
08. Solomon a Gunday [add]
09. Honesty [add]
10. I Am Alright [add]
11. Lee a Low [add]
12. Concrete Jungle [add]

Hit the Road Jack (1976) 01. What's Going On [add]
02. Hit the Road Jack [add]
03. Wake up Everybody [add]
04. Get up, Stand Up [add]
05. Jah Man of Syreen [add]
06. Ten Against One [add]
07. Hotter Fire [add]
08. The Way of the Light [add]
09. Dread High Ranking [add]
10. Dread Is the Best [add]

Natty Cultural Dread (1976) 01. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [add]
02. Natty Cultural Dread [add]
03. Hell Is for Heroes [add]
04. Jim Squashey [add]
05. Touch Me in the Morning [add]
06. Every Nigger Is a Star [add]
07. I Love the Way You Love [add]

Reggae Phenomenon (1977) 01. Give Praises [add]
02. Plead I Cause [add]
03. I Am Your Man [add]
04. Hip-Ki-Do [add]
05. Riverton City [add]
06. It's Not Unusual [add]
07. Papa Was a Rolling Stone [add]
08. Love and Happiness [add]
09. Weeping in the Night (Joy in the Morning) [add]
10. Reggae Phenomenon [add]
11. Get up, Stand Up [add]
12. Notty No Jester [add]
13. Johnny Reggae [add]
14. Hit the Road Jack [add]
15. Phil Pratt Thing [add]
16. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [add]
17. Facts of Life [add]
18. Tell It Black [add]
19. Mammy Hot Daddy Cool [add]
20. Dread in a Babylon [add]

Dreadlocks Dread (1978) 01. Train to Rhodesia [add]
02. House of Dread Locks [add]
03. Lightning Flash (Weak Heart Drop) [add]
04. Natty Dread She Want [add]
05. Some Like It Dread [add]
06. Marcus Garvey Dread [add]
07. Big Youth Special [add]
08. Dread Organ [add]
09. Black Man Message [add]
10. You Don't Care [add]
11. Moving On [add]

Isaiah First Prophet of Old (1978) 01. World in Confusion [add]
02. Writing on the Wall [add]
03. Zion [add]
04. Isaiah First Prophet of Old [add]
05. Lord Jah Bless [add]
06. Reaping Time [add]
07. Love We a Deal With [add]
08. Upful One [add]

The Chanting Dread Inna Fine Style (1983) 01. My Time [add]
02. Sky Juice [add]
03. African Daughter [add]
04. My Buddy [add]
05. All Nations Bow [add]
06. Salvation Light [add]
07. Dread Inna Babylon [add]
08. Mama Look [add]
09. Streets in Africa [add]
10. Jah Jah Shall Guide [add]
11. Jah Jah Love Them [add]
12. Jah Jah Golden Jubilee [add]
13. Golden Dub [add]
14. Who Laughed Last [add]

Live at Reggae Sunsplash (1984) 01. I Pray Thee/Satta Amasasgana [add]
02. Every Nigger Is a Star [add]
03. Jim Squeechy [add]
04. Natty in the House of Dread [add]
05. S90 Skank [add]
06. Green Bay Killing [add]
07. Ten Against One [add]
08. Roll River Jordan [add]
09. Hit the Road Jack [add]

A Luta Continua (1985) 01. Survival Plan [add]
02. Sing Another Song [add]
03. Feel It [add]
04. Weatherman [add]
05. Rock Johnny Roll [add]
06. KKK [add]
07. Bush Mama [add]
08. Action [add]
09. A Luta Continua [add]
10. Song of Praise [add]

Manifestation (1988) 01. No Nukes [add]
02. Love Fighting So [add]
03. Turn Me On [add]
04. Mr. Right [add]
05. Like It Like That [add]
06. The Conqueror [add]
07. Spiderman Meet the Hulk [add]
08. No Way to Treat a Lady [add]

Jamming in the House of Dread [live] (1991) 01. I Pray Thee [add]
02. Every Nigger Is a Star [add]
03. Jim Squeechy [add]
04. House of Dreadlocks [add]
05. Things Friend [add]
06. Ten Against One [add]
07. Hit the Road Jack [add]

Higher Grounds (1997) 01. Leave Babylon and Come [add]
02. Higher Grounds [add]
03. Free the People [add]
04. Mr. Wicked Man [add]
05. Run Come Look Inna Mi Bible [add]
06. Influence of Jah [add]
07. Why Do the Eden Reign [add]
08. Israelite [add]
09. Cubi Yi Gong [add]
10. Never Get Weary [add]
11. What a Good Vibe Can Do [add]
12. The Truth Is the Truth [add]

Musicology (2005) 01. Glory to the King [add]
02. Everyone Will Be There [add]
03. Joy [add]
04. Give Praises [add]
05. Love Her [add]
06. She Wants [add]
07. There Is No Love [add]
08. Three Blind Mice [add]
09. Sow Good Seeds [add]
10. Where Were All Them Bwoy [add]
11. Happy Birthday [add]
12. What We Need Is Love [add]
13. Dance with Me [add]
14. Pretty Things [add]
15. Do Bay Day [add]

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