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Schoolly D lyrics
Genre: Rap
Schoolly D (1986) 01. I Don't Like Rock & Roll [add]
02. Put Your Filas On [add]
03. Free Style Rapping [add]
04. P.S.K. What Does It Mean? [add]
05. Gucci Time [add]
06. Free Style Cutting [add]

Saturday Night! The Album (1987) 01. Housing the Joint [add]
02. We Get Ill [add]
03. Do It, Do It [add]
04. Dedication to All B-Boys [add]
05. Get N' Paid [add]
06. Dis Groove Is Bad [add]
07. Parkside 5-2 [add]
08. B-Boy Rhyme and Riddle [add]
09. Saturday Night [add]
10. It's Krack [add]

Am I Black Enough for You? (1989) 01. Black [add]
02. Gangster Boogie [add]
03. It's Like Dope [add]
04. D. Is For [add]
05. Black Is... [add]
06. Gucci Again [add]
07. Pussy Ain't Nothin' [add]
08. Black Attack [add]
09. Who's Schoolin' Who? [add]
10. Mama Feelgood [add]
11. Get off Your Ass and Get Involved [add]
12. Education of a Black Man [add]
13. Black Education [add]
14. Livin' in the Jungle [add]
15. Black Jesus [add]
16. Super Nigger [add]
17. Am I Black Enough for You [add]
18. Don't Call Me Nigger [add]
19. Black Power [add]
20. Godfather of Funk [add]

Welcome to America (1994) 01. Intro [add]
02. I Wanna Get Dusted [add]
03. I Know You Want to Kill Me [add]
04. Welcome to America [add]
05. Niggas Like Me [add]
06. Gangsta Trippin [add]
07. Gimme Your Shit Nigga [add]
08. No Good Nigga [add]
09. I Shot da Bitch [add]
10. Motherfuckin D [add]
11. Stop Frontin [add]
12. Peace of What [add]
13. Another Sign [add]

Reservoir Dog (1995) 01. Welcome to Funkadelica [add]
02. Nigger Entertainment [add]
03. Reservoir Dog [add]
04. Big Fat Bytches [add]
05. Ghettofunkstrylistic [add]
06. Hustler Life [add]
07. Gotta Hustle to Survive [add]
08. Date With Death [add]
09. If You See My Little Brother [add]
10. Schoolly-D Live [add]
11. Eternity [Conceived by Abel Ferrara] [add]

Funk 'n Pussy (2000) 01. Yahmean [add]
02. Our Own Style [add]
03. Seven Eleven [add]
04. Do It, Do It [add]
05. Make Your Money [add]
06. Funkvibe Get Loose [add]
07. Can You Feel It [add]
08. Yes Yes Y'all [add]
09. Doodoobutt [add]
10. Funk and Pussy [add]
11. Achydick [add]
12. Get Butt Naked [add]
13. Mr. Big Dick 2000 [add]
14. Techno Funk [add]

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