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Platinum Dragon17 lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Graveyard Shift (2004) 01. Korruption (Intro) [add]
02. World of Commotion (Resistance Is Futile) [add]
03. The War Within Me [add]
04. I Found the One [PD17 Remix] [add]
05. (K.O.T.S.) Never Felt So Alive (Reborn) [add]
06. My Passenger [add]
07. Trigger School [add]
08. Desire [add]
09. I Too Am Desperate [add]
10. Best Served Cold [add]
11. Constant Battle [add]
12. Crying Tears of Sorrow [add]
13. Morbid Curiosity [add]
14. Through My System [add]
15. The Way the Crow Flies [Remix] [add]
16. Gzero Ft. Platinum Dragon17 - Flawless V.1 [add]
17. ! (Xklamtion Mark) [add]
18. Lost With the Angels, Trapped With the Demons [add]
19. Darkness That Surrounds Me (Outro) [add]

Dark Awakening (2005) 01. Closing the Gates [add]
02. Dark Awakening [add]
03. Explain Yourself [add]
04. Irreversible [add]
05. Malfunction [add]
06. Here in My Heart [add]
07. One Winged Angel [add]
08. Lycanthropy [add]
09. Gate Keeper [add]
10. Second Chance [add]
11. Saint - Ft. Gzero [add]
12. I Trust This Bliss [add]
13. The Enemy [add]
14. Why Did I Catch You [add]
15. Wondering Why I Had to Leave [add]
16. Path to the Truth [add]

Fusion of the Elements (2006) 01. The Fusion [add]
02. Understand Me [add]
03. Don't Give a ... [add]
04. (Again I'm) Crying Tears of Sorrow [add]
05. Say Nothing [add]
06. Lonely Tonight [add]
07. Best for Me [add]
08. Over Again [add]
09. Slit (Steaming Dookies Vocal Cut) [add]
10. Wannabe [add]
11. There Is No Sound (Just You and Me) [add]
12. See the Light (Featuring Reggid) [add]
13. Assimilation [add]
14. Alone in the Battlefield [add]
15. My Soul Cries Out [add]
16. Keep the Flame Alive [add]
17. Blood Red [add]
18. Remember These Words [add]

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