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Garnett Silk lyrics
Genre: Reggae
It's Growing (1992) 01. It's Growing [add]
02. Move on Slow [add]
03. Place in Your Heart [add]
04. Commitment [add]
05. Bless Me [add]
06. Come to Me [add]
07. I Am Vex [add]
08. Disadvantage [add]
09. Keep Them Talking [add]
10. A Friend [add]

Love is the Answer (1994) 01. Get Up Shock Out [add]
02. Love Is the Answer [add]
03. Fight Back [add]
04. Use Ta Be My Girl [add]
05. Skylarking [add]
06. Friends and Lover [add]
07. Put on the Pressure [add]
08. A Man in Love [add]
09. All the Woman I Need [add]
10. Cherry Promised [add]
11. Used to by My Baby [Dub Mix] [add]
12. Love Is the Answer [Dub Mix] [add]
13. Friends and Lover [Semi Acapella] [add]

Nothing Can Divide Us (1995) 01. Nothing Can Divide Us [add]
02. Ready to Love You [add]
03. I Can See Clearly Now [add]
04. Attractiveness [add]
05. King Moses [add]
06. Spanish Angel [add]
07. Mama [add]
08. Just Once [add]
09. Give Us Strength [add]
10. Watch Over Your Shoulders [add]
11. Man Is Just a Man [add]
12. Your Attractiveness [add]

Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders (1995) 01. Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders lyrics
02. Cry of My People [add]
03. So Divine [add]
04. Fill Us Up with Your Mercy [add]
05. Zion in a Vision [add]
06. Let Them Talk [add]
07. You Gonna Need Love [add]
08. Home Town [add]
09. Spread the Love [add]
10. Babylon Be Still [add]
11. Retreat Wicked Man [add]
12. Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders [Remix] [add]

Silky Mood (1995) 01. Let Them Talk [add]
02. So Divine [add]
03. Your Gonna Need Love [add]
04. Lord Watch over Our Shoulder [add]
05. Home Town [add]
06. Fill Us up With Your Mercy [add]
07. Let It Flow [add]
08. Stacy [add]
09. Cry of My People [add]
10. Babylon Be Still [add]

Journey (1998) 01. Mama [add]
02. Let It Flow [add]
03. Satisfaction lyrics
04. Piano [add]
05. Red Natty Dread [add]
06. Problem Everywhere [add]
07. Wicked [add]
08. Every Knee Shall Bow lyrics
09. See Bimbo Ya!!! [add]
10. Harder [add]
11. Mama [Choir Accapella] [add]
12. Born Free [add]
13. Love in the House [add]

Live at Reggae Sunsplash 1994 (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. Let Them Talk [add]
03. Blessed Be the Almighty God [add]
04. Advantage [add]
05. Bless Me [add]
06. Jah Jah Is the Ruler [add]
07. His Kingly Character [add]
08. Complain [add]
09. Splashing Dashing [add]
10. The Rod [add]
11. Stage Announcements [add]
12. Hello Africa [add]
13. Place in Your Heart [add]
14. It's Growing [add]
15. Fill Us up with Your Mercy [add]
16. Zion in a Vision [add]
17. Stage Announcements [add]
18. Mama [add]

Garnett Silk Meets the Conquering Lion (2000) 01. Behold (Psalm 23) [add]
02. Bless Me [add]
03. Born Free/Splashing Dashing (The Lord's Prayer) [add]
04. It's Roaring [add]
05. Hard Nut to Crack [add]
06. Lion Rock Steady [add]
07. A Lot More Coming [add]
08. The Lionheart [add]
09. A Place in Lion Heart [add]
10. Skylarking [add]
11. Oh Me, Oh My [add]
12. I Can See Clearly Now [add]
13. Rub a Dub Solider [add]
14. Put on a Di Pressure [add]
15. Evacuate [add]
16. Lion Rule the World [add]
17. Conquering Lion [add]
18. Serve Thee 'Til the End [#] [add]
19. Where Do Other Sounds Go? [add]

Give I Strength (2003) 01. Kingly Character [add]
02. Judge Not [add]
03. Rejoice in Is Name [add]
04. Splashing Dashing [add]
05. The Rod [add]
06. I Not for Sale [add]
07. Complain [add]
08. One of a Kind [add]
09. Give I Strength [add]
10. Don't Test [add]
11. Say You Don't Love Me [add]
12. All Alone [add]
13. Hold On [add]
14. Every Knee Shall Bow lyrics
15. Like a Mother to Me [add]
16. Silk Chant [add]

Rule Dem: The Roots of the Reggae Messiah (2006) 01. Message: Killimanjaro Remembers Garnet Silk [add]
02. Bless Our Soul [add]
03. Marley Medley [add]
04. Fight Back [add]
05. Philistines on the Land [add]
06. Pressure [add]
07. Respect Jaro [add]
08. Evacuate [add]
09. Jaro Ruling [add]
10. Green Light [add]
11. Poor and Needy [add]
12. You Still Care for Me [add]
13. The Hard Way [add]
14. Rule Dem [add]
15. Blessing [add]
16. One Blood [add]
17. Rub a Dub Soldier [add]
18. Jump Up, A We Rule [add]
19. Dancehall Business [add]
20. Complain [add]
21. One of a Kind [add]
22. Joyful Noise [add]
23. Sing with Me [add]

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