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Phil and the Osophers lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Cookie Jar (2002) 01. Pot Luck [add]
02. Back Around [add]
03. Christine's Dream [add]
04. The Wrong Room [add]
05. Angela (But It's About Tracy) [add]
06. Tomorrow's Fingerpaint [add]
07. Quiet in the Morning [add]
08. Wake Up Call [add]
09. A Requiem [add]
10. Valerie (Mostically) [add]
11. An Ongoing Debate [add]
12. Adam and Eve's Next Blues [add]
13. Room 422 [add]

The Money's Gone to His Head (2004) 01. Case Study (A Schizophrenic Duet) [add]
02. Failure for the Young [add]
03. Should'ves and Could'ves [add]
04. My6 Ex-Stacy [add]
05. The 50/50 [add]
06. I Can't Hold Nobody Else's Hand [add]
07. Wrote This in the Stockroom of Serrmonte Music Music Center, Pt. 1 [add]
08. Bittersweet as in a Young Brandy [add]
09. Let Me Light Your Path [add]
10. PB and J [add]
11. Talkin' Pancake [add]
12. Angel out Loud [add]
13. Forget the Queen [add]
14. I'm Sorry for Forgetting Your Birthday [add]
15. Old Lady Night [add]
16. Ballad of Gwen Araujo [add]
17. Still Your Lucky Day [add]
18. Talkin' Real World Blues [add]
19. Your Card Game [add]
20. Gotcha [add]

Right Before We Left (2005) 01. The Cowboy's Own Silent Contradiction [add]
02. Before We Left [add]
03. Cedar Hill Bed & Breakfast [add]
04. The Dark, In a Different Light [add]
05. Bogata [add]
06. The Grocery Store [add]
07. Wake Up, Sally [add]
08. The Madisons [add]
09. The Wind and the Trees [add]
10. Long Way to Somewhere [add]
11. Goodnight, Little Mosquito Hawk [add]
12. The Bachelor Boogie [add]
13. Lemon Pie [add]
14. Ode to Saint Teresa's Finger [add]
15. Adam [add]
16. Poor Mother [add]
17. Allison's Piano Blues [add]
18. We're Following the White Stripes [add]
19. Guess Who's Back in Love [add]

French Tickle (2006) 01. Pretend Psalm [add]
02. Closed Circle Theory [add]
03. Pineapple [add]
04. The Dance I'm Doing [add]
05. Doesn't Have a Name [add]
06. A Change of Plans [add]
07. I'm Staying Put [add]
08. Single Men [add]
09. Beware: Fake Shaman [add]
10. Wabash County [add]
11. Looks Like a Full Moon to Me [add]
12. The Long Local out Others [add]
13. Back to the Water Now [add]
14. Windows of Opportunity [add]

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