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Rockin' Sidney lyrics
Genre: Blues
They Call Me Rockin' (1975) 01. She's My Morning Coffee [add]
02. I'm Calling You [add]
03. They Call Me Rockin' [add]
04. I'm Walking Out [add]
05. My Little Girl [add]
06. Don't Say Goodbye [add]
07. Past Bedtime [add]
08. Send Me Some Lovin' [add]
09. It Really Is a Hurtin' Thing [add]
10. If I Could I Would [add]
11. No Good Woman [add]
12. You Ain't Nothin' But Fine [add]
13. You Don't Have to Go [add]
14. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights [add]
15. Ya Ya [add]

A Holiday Celebration (1987) 01. Christmas Celebration [add]
02. Christmas Without You [add]
03. Party This Christmas [add]
04. My Sweet Thing [add]
05. The Christmas Waltz [add]
06. It's Christmas, Let the Good Times Roll [add]
07. Christmas Time Is the Time [add]
08. My Sweet Thing [add]
09. Christmas Without You [add]
10. Birthday Celebration [add]
11. She's a Beautiful Bride [add]

Live with the Blues (1988) 01. Take My Money [add]
02. Live With Blues [add]
03. Honey Why [add]
04. Blues in June [add]
05. No Blues at All [add]
06. Just Jammin' [add]
07. I'm Your Man [add]
08. Hot Stepper's Dance Zydeco [add]
09. Bay Tie in Your Room [add]
10. I Need a Man to Ring My Bell [add]
11. I Got the Blues for My Baby [add]
12. Lonely Lost Frog [add]
13. Every Dog Has His Day [add]
14. Cajun Cow Boy With My Tush [add]
15. Don't Mess With My Tush [add]
16. Rock & Roll Me Baby [add]

Mais Yeah Chere! (1993) 01. Mais Yeah Chere! [add]
02. No Good Woman [add]
03. Funky Attitude (Yeah Right) [add]
04. Color Me Zydeco [add]
05. Sex It up Baby [add]
06. Corrine [add]
07. Kinfolk Zydeco [add]
08. Work That Coochie Baby [add]
09. Don't Need No Husband [add]
10. Moo Cow-A-Sockee [add]
11. Zydeco Frotoir [add]
12. Go Chere Go [add]
13. Mardi Gras Zydeco [add]
14. Mardi Gras Second Line [add]

Zydeco is Fun (1996) 01. Zydeco Woman [add]
02. May I Have the Pleasure? [add]
03. Zydeco Is Fun! (Stick and Stay Like Velcro) [add]
04. Waltzing Zygeco [add]
05. I'm Your Man [add]
06. None E-Zebb [add]
07. Walking in Her Sleep [add]
08. Toe Tapper, Foot Stomper Zydeco [add]
09. Sweet Man [add]
10. Somebody Got My Woman [add]
11. Harlem Shuffle [add]
12. Big Weekend Zydeco [add]
13. Rewind the Time [add]
14. Ann Cayanne [add]
15. Squeeze That Thang [add]
16. Throw on Me [add]

I'm Your Man (2002) 01. I'm Your Man [add]
02. Take My Money [add]
03. Live With the Blues [add]
04. Honey Why [add]
05. Blues in June [add]
06. No Blues at All [add]
07. Just Jammin' [add]
08. Hotstepper's Dance Zydeco [add]
09. Take Me to the Zydeco/Joy to the South [add]
10. Oo Poo Pa Doo [add]

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