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Ian Tamblyn lyrics
Genre: Vocal
Over My Head (0000) 01. Knock on Wood-Winter Piece [add]
02. At the Feeder [add]
03. Crawley Fields/April Showers [add]
04. Early Morning May [add]
05. Soaring [add]
06. View from a Window [add]
07. Loon Lake [add]
08. Heading South [add]

Ian Tamblyn (1977) 01. Mountain Song [add]
02. Sara Monday [add]
03. Love Will a Way [add]
04. Wedding in White [add]
05. Finding Myself at Your Door [add]
06. Spadina Strut [add]
07. One of These Days [add]
08. The Party's All on Me [add]
09. Take Me Home [add]
10. Blues on into the Night [add]

Voice in the Wilderness (2002) 01. The Birds [add]
02. Paul Kustra's Vision [add]
03. Voice in the Wilderness [add]
04. Tiger Lily Road [add]
05. Yellow Iris, Yellow Raincoat [add]
06. St. Kilda [add]
07. Chasing the Sun [add]
08. The Horsehead Seal [add]
09. Fields of California [add]
10. Boy on the Island [add]
11. Whip Poor Will [add]
12. Who But You Would Believe [add]
13. Ivory Bear [add]
14. The Quiet Place [add]

When Will I See You Again (2004) 01. Tuck's Song [add]
02. Slate Island Song [add]
03. Cold Wind in the Cariboo [add]
04. Turlotte [add]
05. Old Refrain [add]
06. One Horse Town [add]
07. Laguna Madre [add]
08. Fly with Your Heart [add]
09. Angels Sail Away [add]
10. Where I'm Bound to Go [add]
11. Trade Winds [add]
12. Dried Flowers [add]
13. Before a Fall [add]
14. 25th Hour of the Day lyrics

Body Needs to Travel (2004) 01. Old Voice [add]
02. A Perfect Day [add]
03. Transient Killer Whales [add]
04. The Kitlope [add]
05. Alert Bay Drum Song [add]
06. Cookie Rankin in the Purcells [add]
07. Once Upon a Railroad [add]
08. Higher Plane [add]
09. That Boxcar in Algoma [add]
10. Gather Me Round [add]
11. Nellie Nugnaag and Alasie Alasuak [add]
12. Death of an Iceberg [add]
13. Magdalena [add]
14. The Emperors [add]
15. Allan Macdonald [add]
16. Macdonald at the Bar [add]
17. Dawning of the Day [add]
18. Raglan Road [add]
19. Children of Tory Island [add]
20. Contemplation on Iona/Flute [add]

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