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Adam McNaughtan lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Last Stand at Mount Florida (1996) 01. The Dear Green Place [add]
02. Cholestrol [add]
03. You've Got to Get Your Folios Done [add]
04. The Scottish Song [add]
05. The Soor Mulk Cairt [add]
06. The Shy Lover [add]
07. Old Man Noah [add]
08. The Green Belongs to Glasglow's Folk [add]
09. The Weaver's Lament [add]
10. Coming Hame the Ither Night/My Grandfather's Socks [add]
11. Thomas Muir of Huntershill [add]
12. Erchie Cathcairt [add]
13. The Twin-Towered Stand [add]

The Words That I Used to Know (2000) 01. The Jeely Piece Song [add]
02. School Song [add]
03. Dance Noo Laddie [add]
04. They're Pulling Doon the Buildin' Next Tae Oors [add]
05. Mammie Songs [add]
06. Old Annie Annie Brown [add]
07. Jail Songs [add]
08. Ludgin' Wi Big Aggie [add]
09. A Wee Drappie O'T [add]
10. The Glasgow That I Used to Know [add]
11. Music Hall Fragments [add]
12. The Transportion Ballard [add]
13. Football Songs [add]
14. The Derry & Cumberland Boys [add]
15. Bonnie Wee Country Lass [add]
16. Street Songs [add]
17. Haddie in the Pan [add]
18. Now That You're Gone [add]
19. The Glasgow That I Used to Know [add]
20. Rap Tap Tap/The Comming of the Wee Malkies/Chinese Songs/Lament ... [add]
21. Airn John [add]
22. The West End Perk Sernade [add]
23. Nursing Fathers [add]
24. The Hail Week O' the Fair [add]
25. The Glasgow Sunday Schoo [add]
26. The Yellow on the Broom [add]
27. The Glasgow Courtship [add]
28. Robin Tamson's Smiddy [add]
29. Fitba' Crazy [add]
30. Blood upon the Grass [add]
31. The Lion and the Glove [add]
32. We Will Not Have a Motorway [add]
33. Oor Hamlet [add]

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