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Frankie Paul lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Pass the Ku-Sheng-Peng (1985) 01. Pass the Tu-Sheng-Peng [add]
02. Jump No Fence [add]
03. Hot Number [add]
04. Hooligan [add]
05. Only You [add]
06. War Is in the Dance [add]
07. Don't Worry Yourself [add]
08. The Prophet [add]
09. Them Ah Talk About [add]
10. If You [add]

Dance Hall Duo (1988) 01. Pot of Coffee [add]
02. Meant to Be [add]
03. Grammy [add]
04. Nothing No Deh [add]
05. Turn Over [add]
06. Mass Out [add]
07. Take Some Time [add]
08. No Worry Yourself [add]
09. Who Say What [add]
10. Christian Lady [add]
11. Tato [add]
12. Tickle Me [add]
13. Don't Pressure Me [add]
14. Raggamuffin [add]
15. Hungry Belly [add]
16. Warning [add]
17. She's a Maniac [add]
18. Give We What We Want [add]
19. Rock You [add]
20. Lady Love [add]

Slow Down (1988) 01. Slow Down [add]
02. Only You [add]
03. Take Heed [add]
04. Show Me [add]
05. Never Gonna Give You Up [add]
06. You Move Me [add]
07. F.P. [add]
08. Certain Kinda Rythm [add]

Fire Deh a Mus Tail (1988) 01. The Beginning [add]
02. Too Much Badness [add]
03. There's No Love [add]
04. Pretty Woman [add]
05. Fools a Fight Every Day [add]
06. Fire Deh a Mus Tail [add]
07. African Lady (Don't Cry) [add]
08. Ripe Mango [add]
09. Funky Reggae Party [add]
10. Cocaine, Cocaine [add]
11. Gunshot [add]
12. Wounded Them [add]

Veteran (1989) 01. Cassandra [add]
02. Rude Boy Tune [add]
03. Forgotten Feeling [add]
04. Money in My Pocket [add]
05. I Love You [add]
06. Oldies Medley [add]
07. Better You Better Me [Tomorrow] [add]
08. Dub Organizer [add]
09. Poison [add]

Get Closer (1990) 01. When I Think of You [add]
02. Get Closer [add]
03. Sleepless Weekend [add]
04. Don't You Cry, Pt. 2 [add]
05. Don't You Cry, Pt. 2 [add]
06. No Rest [add]
07. All My Life [add]
08. Don't Tease Me [add]
09. You're So Sweet [add]
10. Honey Girl [add]

Jamming (1991) 01. What You Gonna Do [add]
02. Fair Weather Friends [add]
03. I've Got This Feeling [add]
04. Dirty Cash [add]
05. I Remember [add]
06. I Believe [add]
07. I'm Your Baby Tonight [add]
08. Flick the Switch [add]
09. We Run the Corner [add]
10. Jammin' [add]

Should I (1991) 01. Should I [add]
02. Desert Eagle Talk [add]
03. Slurt Me a Spurt [add]
04. This Thing Is Love [add]
05. Riding Riding [add]
06. One Night of Loving [add]
07. I Miss You (Much Too Much) [add]
08. Round & Round [add]
09. Watching You Watching Me [add]
10. Stress All over the World [add]
11. Take My Breath Away [add]
12. Ain't Nothing in This World [add]

Let's Chill (1991) 01. Things You Say Medley [add]
02. Sex You Up [add]
03. Every Nigger Is a Star [add]
04. Hey Girl Don't Bother Me [add]
05. Lovely Baby [add]
06. Let's Chill [add]
07. Ram Dance Hall [add]
08. Let Me Show You [add]
09. I'll Take You up Girl [add]
10. Next to You [add]
11. Dismal [add]
12. Dry Your Eyes [add]

Hot Number (1992) 01. Hot Number [add]
02. Curfew in the Dance [add]
03. Worries in the Dance [add]
04. The Prophet [add]
05. I'll Never Forget [add]
06. Them a Talk Bout [add]
07. Kushumpeng [add]
08. I Wouldn't Mind [add]
09. Hooligan [add]
10. Don't Worry Yourself [add]

Don Man (1993) 01. Ram Dance Hall [add]
02. How I Care for You [add]
03. All Out of My Mind [add]
04. Sexy Thing (You Got the Body) [add]
05. End of the Road [add]
06. You Remind Me [add]
07. Row the Boat [add]
08. It Feels So Real [add]
09. Recession [add]
10. Here I Go Again [add]
11. Let's Stay Together [add]
12. Here I Go Again [version] [add]

Hard Work (1994) 01. Work Hard [add]
02. You Will Never Know [add]
03. Stealing Stealing [add]
04. Everlasting Love [add]
05. Heaven [add]
06. Keep Faith [add]
07. Leaving Out of Babylon [add]
08. Children of Israel [add]
09. Stormy Night [add]
10. She's My Lady [add]

Talk All You Want (1994) 01. Rude Boy [add]
02. Round and Round [add]
03. It's Written [add]
04. Talk All You Want [add]
05. Have Mercy [add]
06. Rest Your Head [add]
07. Someone Knocking [add]
08. Bad Boy Business [add]
09. You Are the Sun [add]
10. One Girl [add]
11. I Spy [add]

If You Want Me Girl (1995) 01. Nasty [add]
02. Oh Baby [add]
03. Baby Don't Leave Me Alone [add]
04. Special Love [add]
05. Move If You're Moving [add]
06. If You Want Me Girl [add]
07. Written All over Your Face [add]
08. Mr. Paul Come Back [add]
09. Have Mercy O Jah [add]
10. Lay Your Head [add]
11. I Can See Your Face [add]
12. You Are the Sun [add]

Freedom (1996) 01. Songs of Freedom [add]
02. So Cold [add]
03. What Am I to Do [add]
04. Gimme That Potion [add]
05. No More [add]
06. She Don't Want Nobody Else [add]
07. Do It Anytime [add]
08. Dance Hall Nice [add]
09. What a Wonderful World [add]
10. Rumours [add]
11. I'll Be Your Friend [add]

Come Back Again (1996) 01. I Got the Vibe [add]
02. When I Say I Need You [add]
03. Can't Live Without You [add]
04. Reach Out and Touch [add]
05. I Am Sorry [add]
06. Thanks & Praise [add]
07. Stand Up [add]
08. All I Need [add]
09. Violence & Hate [add]
10. Cool It Down [add]
11. Come Back Again [add]
12. Africa Is Calling [add]

A We Rule (1997) 01. A We Rule [add]
02. Rub-A-Dub Market [add]
03. Run off Him Mouth [add]
04. Free Jah Children [add]
05. Rastafari Winner [add]
06. Stick a Sensi [add]
07. Give Me Time [add]
08. Touch Me All Over [add]
09. Missing You [add]
10. Agony [add]
11. Call the Brigade [add]
12. Shine On [add]
13. We a Don [add]

Live at Maritime Hall (1999) 01. Fire de a Musk Tail: Gunman/Friends/100 Ways [add]
02. Alesha [add]
03. Broken Hearted: Only You/Funny How Time Flies/When You're Making Love [add]
04. Major Companies Them Singing [add]
05. Old Dog [add]
06. Gangsta's Paradise [add]
07. She Walk and Model: The Pick/Miracle a What/Da Girls Dem ... [add]
08. Mood Is Mood: I Know the Score/End of the Road/Gonna Make Her My Girl [add]
09. Casanova: Head to Toe/Word up/Only Just Begun [add]

Give Me That Feeling Freedom Blues (1999) 01. Catch Me Pattan [add]
02. Hold Yuh Corn [add]
03. Come in a de Dance [add]
04. So Soon We Change [add]
05. Somebody Loves You Back [add]
06. Walk Away from Love [add]
07. My Girl [add]
08. Give Me That Feeling [add]
09. Freedom Blues [add]
10. Don't Look Any Further [add]
11. Everybody Plays the Fool [add]
12. Whiter Shade of Pale [add]
13. On and Off [add]
14. My Chere, Amoure [add]
15. Statue of a Fool [add]
16. Baby Am Glad [add]
17. Freedom Dub [add]

Forever (1999) 01. Why Don't You Love Me? [add]
02. Best Thing in Life [add]
03. I Will Never Look for Love Again [add]
04. On and On [add]
05. All Things Bright and Beautiful [add]
06. I'll Be There [add]
07. Burning [add]
08. Forever [add]
09. One More Chance [add]
10. African Lady [add]

Rock On (1999) 01. Don't Play with My Mind [add]
02. How Did You Get Here [add]
03. Tell Me Where [add]
04. It Ha Fi Bun [add]
05. We a Ganster [add]
06. Dread out There [add]
07. Mistic Blues [add]
08. Never Let Them Get You Down [add]
09. You're My Angel [add]
10. On My Mind [add]
11. I Am Here [add]

Every Nigger Is a Star! (2000) 01. Things You Say (Medley) [add]
02. I Wanna Sex You Up [add]
03. Every Nigger Is a Star [add]
04. Lovely Baby [add]
05. Hey Girl [add]
06. Dismal [add]
07. Let's Chill [add]
08. Let Me Show You [add]
09. I'll Take You Up Girl [add]
10. Next to You [add]
11. Ram Dancehall [*] [add]
12. Dry Your Eyes [*] [add]

Remember the Time (2001) 01. Watch Dem [add]
02. Sending a Message [add]
03. You Better Stop [add]
04. Babylon Pressure [add]
05. Time a Get Red [add]
06. Sweet Baby [add]
07. Remember the Time [add]
08. Poor Man Feel It [add]
09. I Really Think of You [add]
10. You Groove Me [add]
11. Cyberman [add]
12. Never Wanna Let You Go [add]
13. Hurry on Back [add]
14. Don't Break My Heart [add]

Don't Wanna Get Funky (2001) 01. Who Issue the Guns [add]
02. Don't Wanna Get Funky [add]
03. Gangster League [add]
04. Get Personal [add]
05. Hey Mister DJ [add]
06. Caught Up [add]
07. Boom Shell [add]
08. Round and Round [add]
09. Bad Boy Business [add]
10. Talk All You Want [add]
11. Have Mercy [add]
12. Whap Dem [add]

Blessed Me (2002) 01. Bless the Lord [add]
02. Ali, Ali, Hoe [add]
03. Blessed Be [add]
04. Uses Your Heart [add]
05. I Am in Love [add]
06. Don't Wake Me Up [add]
07. Come Back Home [add]
08. More Oil in My Lamp [add]
09. No Cheating [add]
10. I Want Your Body [add]
11. Baby Don't Worry [add]
12. Ruff Like We [add]
13. I Miss You [add]
14. We Run the Town [add]

Asking for Love (2004) 01. Skettel [add]
02. Everything [add]
03. Stuck on You [add]
04. I Can't Wait [add]
05. Candy Girl [add]
06. Back in the Day [add]
07. Medley [add]
08. I'm Back [add]
09. Peace [add]
10. Count on Me [add]
11. Play in the World [add]
12. Asking for Love [add]
13. Ragga Muffin Wine [add]
14. Curfew [add]
15. That's the Way [add]

Who Issued the Guns (2006) 01. Dapper [add]
02. Gangster [add]
03. Who Isse the Guns [add]
04. Boom Shell [add]
05. Whap Them [add]
06. Bad Boy Business [add]
07. Caught Up [add]
08. Hey Mr. DJ [add]
09. You Turn Me On [add]
10. Get Personal [add]
11. Don't Wanna Bore You [add]
12. Won't Come Back [add]
13. Talk All You Want [add]
14. Round and Round [add]
15. When You Need Me [add]
16. Don't Wanna Get Funky [add]

Are You Ready (2007) 01. Are You Ready [add]
02. Mr Loverman [add]
03. Sleepless Weekend [add]
04. Let Go of the Bad Vibes [add]
05. Better Days [add]
06. You Come Running Back [add]
07. My Shinning Star [add]
08. Lady in the Red Dress [add]
09. My True Love [add]
10. Ganjaman Anthem [add]
11. Concrete Jungle [add]
12. Take My Breath Away [add]

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