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Big Krit lyrics
Genre: Rap
See Me on Top, Vol. 1 (2005) 01. Intro [add]
02. Grata Lata [add]
03. See Me on Top [add]
04. They Gone Hate [add]
05. A Rapper with a Dream [add]
06. Twerk a Lil Something [add]
07. 5th Wheel [add]
08. Jackin 4 Beats [add]
09. Brang It Back [add]
10. Jump In [add]
11. Love Don't Live No Mo [add]
12. Bigger Pimpin [add]
13. Notordina [add]
14. My Life Ain't Rosey [add]
15. I Ain't Playin No Moe [add]
16. Putcha Sign in Da Air [add]
17. Bottom Ain't the Place 4 a G [add]
18. Adidas 1's in Da Club [add]
19. Bigger Pimpin (Chopped and Screwed) [add]
20. Throwed [add]
21. Outro [add]

See Me on Top, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. Folk and Krit-Titan Muzik Intro [add]
02. Why Not Snippet-Kritikal Productions [add]
03. Bring It Back-Kritikal Productions [add]
04. The South [add]
05. Just Touched Down [add]
06. Stop Drop Ft- Alfamega [add]
07. Grata Lata -Produced by Knoxville [add]
08. Krit Speaks/Unkasa Rip [add]
09. Yo Chic My Chic-Kritikal Productions [add]
10. Swagger Back [add]
11. Classic Shit [add]
12. Pull the Drop Out-Kritikal Productions [add]
13. Playa Why Ya Hatin-Kritikal Productions [add]
14. Jump in Remix-Kritikal Productions [add]
15. Pushing Remix-Ft Bun B [add]
16. I Already Know-Krit & Tex Kritikal Productions [add]
17. Keep It Movin-Kritikal Productions [add]
18. Go Crazy [add]
19. 3rd Coast [add]
20. Juice of the Replacementz-Hey Love Kritikal Productions [add]
21. Big Boi Thang-Kritikal Productions [add]
22. 100 Thou off Beats [add]
23. Baby Don't Do It [add]
24. Adidas 1's Chopped and Screwed- Krit & Jay-O Kritikal Production [add]
25. Folk and Krit- We Outta Here [add]
26. Highly Anticipated Bouns Song [add]

Hood Fame King of the Queen (2006) 01. Hood Fame Intro [add]
02. Ya DeAling with a Vet (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
03. Roller Skaten (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
04. I Just Touched Down (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
05. Swagger Back (Freestyle) [add]
06. One Day 2006 [add]
07. Pushin (Freestyle) [add]
08. Sparks Fly Smoke Break [add]
09. Mary Jane (Spaced Out) [add]
10. Kingston (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
11. On My Grind Feat. Max Minelli (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
12. It Was All a Dream [add]
13. Baby Don't Do It (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
14. Get Ya Issue Straight [add]
15. Hood Fame (Freestyle) [add]
16. They Gone Hate (Freestyle) [add]
17. Notordia Feat. C. Rock (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
18. The South (Freestyle) [add]
19. Brang It Back (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
20. Riden (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
21. Everybody Waitin (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
22. 5TH Wheel (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
23. Jump In (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
24. Hold Up (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
25. Take Care of Mama (Produced by Big K.R.I. T) [add]
26. Hood Fame Outro [add]
27. 3RD Coast (Freestyle) [add]

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