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Rockin' Dopsie lyrics
Genre: Cajun
Doin' the Zydeco (1976) 01. Who's Loving You? [add]
02. Ma Negresse [add]
03. Please Come Home [add]
04. Jolie Blonde [add]
05. Doin' the Zydeco [add]
06. Jump Up [add]
07. Rock Me Baby [add]
08. Josephine [add]
09. Grand Ol Mamou [add]
10. Please Don't Leave Me [add]
11. Me and My Chauffeur Blues [add]
12. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
13. Trouble in Mind [add]
14. Sugar Bee [add]
15. On My Way Back Home [add]
16. Colinda [add]
17. T'Ant Na Na [add]
18. Ay-Te Te Fee [add]
19. Zydeco Two-Step [add]

Zy De Blue (1977) 01. See See Rider [add]
02. My Little Girl [add]
03. Lucille [add]
04. When I Lost My Little Girl [add]
05. Cold Cold Night [add]
06. The Things I Used to Do [add]
07. It's All Right [add]
08. Worried Life Blues [add]
09. This Loneliness [add]

Hold On! (1979) 01. Hold on (To That Tiger) [add]
02. Baby Bye Bye [add]
03. My Baby She's Gone [add]
04. Marie [add]
05. That Gets It [add]
06. Times Done Gone [add]
07. Opelousas Waltz [add]
08. You Promised Me Love [add]
09. Tanya [add]
10. Tired in the Street [add]

French Style (1982) 01. Shopick Two Step [add]
02. Ti Ne [add]
03. Hound Dog [add]
04. I'm in the Mood [add]
05. Tu Connais [add]
06. Alvina [add]
07. I Passed in Front of Your Door [add]
08. Flames of Hell [add]
09. Where Were You Last Night? [add]
10. What'd I Say [add]

Big Bad Zydeco (1988) 01. Me and My Chauffeur Blues [add]
02. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
03. Trouble in Mind [add]
04. Sugar Bee [add]
05. On My Way Back Home [add]
06. Ma Negresse [add]
07. Colinda [add]
08. T'Ant Na Na [add]
09. Ay-Te Te Fee [add]
10. Zydeco Two-Step [add]

Good Rockin' (1988) 01. They All Ask'd for You [add]
02. I Hear You Knockin' [add]
03. I'm Walkin' [add]
04. I'm a Country Boy [add]
05. Zydeco 'Round the World [add]
06. Joe Pitre [add]
07. Every Since My Baby Left Me [add]
08. Whole Lot of Loving [add]
09. Driving Wheel [add]
10. Look Out, Mr. Heartache [add]

Saturday Night Zydeco (1988) 01. Sweet Lucy [add]
02. I Can't Lose With the Stuff I Use [add]
03. Dospie's Cajun Stomp [add]
04. No Good Woman [add]
05. Dopsie's Boogie [add]
06. Mardi Gras in New Orleans [add]
07. Shake, Rattle & Roll [add]
08. Ella Mae [add]
09. Foot Stompin' Zydeco [add]
10. The Back Door [add]
11. Old Time Zydeco [add]
12. I Got a Woman [add]
13. Do Right Tonight [add]
14. Flip Flop and Fly [add]
15. Make It Hot [add]
16. I'm in the Mood Baby [add]
17. Crazy 'Bout That Married Woman [add]
18. Why You Do the Things You Do [add]
19. Zyde-Cool [add]

Louisiana Music (1991) 01. I'm in the Mood [add]
02. Keep a Knockin' [add]
03. Since I Lost My Baby [add]
04. Lafayette Two-Step [add]
05. Hot Tamale Baby (Ain't That Right) [add]
06. The Things I Used to Do [add]
07. Calinda [add]
08. That's All Right [add]
09. Zydeco Two-Step [add]

Everybody Scream (1997) 01. Sweet Brown Girl [add]
02. Sweet Lil Lottie Mae [add]
03. Zydeco at the Maple Leaf [add]
04. Boogie Child [add]
05. I've Got a Woman [add]
06. Jos?phine Par Se Ma Femme [add]
07. I'm a Farmer [add]
08. C.C. Rider [add]
09. Ain't It Just Like a Woman [add]
10. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On [add]
11. Hand Jive [add]
12. I'm on a Wonder [add]
13. My Babe [add]
14. Move Your Feet [add]

Turn up the Zydeco (1998) 01. Turn up the Zydeco (What You Gonna Do) [add]
02. Zydeco Party [add]
03. They All Ask'd for You [add]
04. Love the One You're With [add]
05. Hot Tamale Baby (Ain't That Right) [add]
06. Zydeco People [add]
07. I'm Coming Home [add]
08. Zydeco Boogaloo [add]
09. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
10. There Is Something on Your Mind [add]
11. Rock Me Baby [add]
12. The Washboard Man [add]
13. Hot Tamale Baby (Ain't That Right) [House Mix] [add]

In New Orleans (2002) 01. Ay-Tete-Fee [add]
02. O, O, Ba, Ba [add]
03. Tous Demandaient Pour Toi [add]
04. I'm in the Mood for Love [add]
05. Lucille [add]
06. Please Don't Leave Me [add]
07. The Louisiana Two-Step [add]
08. Keep a Knockin' [add]
09. Allons a Lafayette [add]
10. I Got a Woman [add]

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