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J.C. Lodge lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Revealed (1985) 01. Make It up to You [add]
02. Can't Hurry Love [add]
03. Stick by Me [add]
04. Can't Get over Losing You [add]
05. To Love Somebody [add]
06. Stalemates [add]
07. You Can Dance [add]
08. You and Me Together [add]
09. You Make Me Shine [add]

I Believe in You (1987) 01. I Believe in You [add]
02. I Found Love (And I'm Loving It) [add]
03. Let Me Down Easy [add]
04. Too Good to Be True [add]
05. Night Work [add]
06. Cool Mover (Smooth Talker) [add]
07. Given Up [add]
08. You Don't Want My Love [add]
09. Together We Will Stay [add]
10. Happy Now Sorry Later [add]

Selfish Lover (1990) 01. Love's Gonna Break Your Heart [add]
02. Conversations [add]
03. Way Up [add]
04. Selfish Lover [add]
05. I Am in Love [add]
06. Telephone Love [add]
07. Sweet Dreams [add]
08. Love Me Baby [add]
09. Cautious [add]
10. Lonely Nights [add]
11. Operator [*] [add]
12. Since You Came into My Life [*] [add]
13. Hardcore Loving [*] [add]

Tropic of Love (1992) 01. Home Is Where the Hurt Is [add]
02. Why [add]
03. Telephone Love [add]
04. The Prey [add]
05. Come Again [add]
06. I Want to Share My Life [add]
07. Pillow Talk [add]
08. We've Got to Have Love [add]
09. Chain of Love [add]
10. Higher (Imago Theme) [add]
11. Love Me Baby [add]
12. Cult 4 2 [add]

To the Max (1993) 01. Activate Me [add]
02. Between the Sheets [add]
03. How'd Ya Like That Baby? [add]
04. Love You to the Max [add]
05. Trust Me [add]
06. Save the Talk (For Later) [add]
07. I Am Someone [add]
08. Crysis [add]
09. I Just Can't Forget You [add]
10. Where You Belong [add]
11. Loving You [add]
12. Hold on to Your Faith [add]
13. Live and Active [add]

Special Request (1995) 01. Top of the Line [add]
02. You Carry the Swing [add]
03. Special Request [add]
04. Tonight Is the Night [add]
05. (It's) Too Late (Baby) [add]
06. One More Time [add]
07. Feel No Way [add]
08. Work With Me Baby [add]
09. Leave It up to Me [add]
10. Over and Out [add]
11. Empty Words [add]
12. Where Is the Love [add]

Love for All Seasons (1996) 01. Thank You [add]
02. Love for All Seasons lyrics
03. You Make Me Feel Brand New [add]
04. Love Boat [add]
05. Don Man [add]
06. He Said [add]
07. Love Won't Let Me Wait [add]
08. Kiss It Goodbye [add]
09. You Are the One [add]
10. Say You Love Me [add]
11. Osaka Ska [add]
12. Dub It [add]

Reggae Country [Bonus Track] (2003) 01. Single and Female [add]
02. He's a Heartache [add]
03. Brown Eyes Blue [add]
04. I Will Always Love You [add]
05. Looking for Love [add]
06. Great Body (Beautiful Body) [add]
07. If Tomorrow Never Comes [add]
08. No Charge [add]
09. Another Bill [add]
10. Stealing Love [add]
11. Let Me Let Go [add]
12. Crazy [add]
13. Stale Mate [add]
14. Stand by Your Man [add]
15. Crying Game [add]
16. Stealing Love [*] [add]

This Is Crucial Reggae (2004) 01. Thank You [add]
02. You Carry the Swing [add]
03. Activate Me [add]
04. Telephone Love [add]
05. Work With Me Baby [add]
06. Love for All Seasons lyrics
07. Someone Loves You Honey [add]
08. Don Man [add]
09. Loving You [add]
10. Top of the Line [add]
11. He Said [add]
12. Crysis [add]

Reggae Country, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. Someone Loves You Honey [add]
02. Forever & Always [add]
03. Breathe [add]
04. Islands in the Stream [add]
05. Nothing on But the Radio [add]
06. The First Cut [add]
07. Let's Make Love [add]
08. You Should've Lied [add]
09. Love Hurts [add]
10. I Can't Wait [add]
11. Play Time [add]
12. Forever & Ever Amen [add]
13. Lost in You [add]
14. Breakfast in Bed [add]
15. A Little Love [add]
16. Love Me Tender [add]

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