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Derek Warfield lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Liberte '98: Songs & Ballads of 1798 (1998) 01. The Volunteers of Ireland [add]
02. The Ballad of Buddy McClean [add]
03. St. Colmcille [add]
04. Henry Joy McCracken/The Rising of the Moon/Roddy McCorley [add]
05. The Ballad of Aidan McAnespie [add]
06. Mick of Carrickbyrne [add]
07. Cead Mile Failte [add]
08. The Boys of Wexford/Who Fears to Speak of '98/Kelly the Boy from Killane [add]
09. The Ballad of Ann Devlin [add]
10. John O'Neill Nebraska [add]
11. King Alfred's Tour of Ireland [add]
12. The Irish in Glasgow [add]
13. Bantry Bay the French on the Sea [add]
14. A Decent Cup of Tea [add]
15. Michael Collins [add]

Take Me Home to Mayo (2001) 01. Take Me Home to Mayo [add]
02. Go on Home British Soldiers [add]
03. The Gunner McGee [add]
04. Bru Na Boinne [add]
05. Roll of Honour [add]
06. Corcoran and the Prince of Wales [add]
07. Sean South of Garryowen [add]
08. Ballad of Aidan McAnaspie [add]
09. Paddy's Lamentation [add]
10. Sellaield Tiocfaidh Ar La [add]
11. N.Y.P.D. Honours Ireland's Sons [add]
12. Old Skibereen [add]
13. Admiral William Brown [add]
14. Fenian Cry of Freedom [add]
15. Bold Fenian Men [add]
16. The Peeler and the Goat [add]
17. Ireland Boys Hurah [add]

Clear the Way (2003) 01. Nora Creina [add]
02. Was My Brother in the Battle [add]
03. The Irish Wide Awake [add]
04. The Glory of the Story of the Men Who Wore the Gray: A. Dixie [add]
05. An Old Irish Tune [add]
06. Kelly's Missouri Irish Brigade [add]
07. The Minstrel Boy/The Girl I Left Behind Me [instrumental] [add]
08. My Boy Is Coming from the War [add]
09. Ballad of General Shields [add]
10. The Conquered Banner [add]
11. The Bold Fenian Men [add]
12. Corcoran and the "Prince of Wales" [add]
13. Poor Pat and the Know Nothings [add]
14. Beautiful Dreamer [instrumental] [add]
15. When Johnny Comes Marching Home [add]
16. Battle Cry of Freedom [add]
17. Paddy's Lamentation [add]
18. Marching Through Georgia [add]
19. Long Live the 69th/Blackbird [add]
20. Lanky Crank from Maine [add]

A Nation Once Again (2003) 01. A Nation Once Again [add]
02. Rory O'Moore [add]
03. When This Dreadful War Is Ended [add]
04. The Streets of New York [add]
05. The Young May Moon/The Jolly Ploughboy [add]
06. The Ballad of Michael Hogan (Bloody Sunday 1920) [add]
07. The Rising of the Moon [add]
08. Bold Soldier Boy [add]
09. The Bold Robert Emmett [add]
10. Tri-Coloured Ribbon [add]
11. I Dream of Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair [add]
12. The Men Behind the Wire [add]
13. Kevin Barry [add]
14. Some Say the Devil Is Dead [add]
15. Boulavogue [add]
16. Let Erin Remember/The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls [add]
17. The Fields of Athenry [add]
18. On the One Road [add]

Songs for the Bhoys (2005) 01. Hail Hail the Celts Are Here [add]
02. The Soldiers Song [add]
03. The Boys of the Old Brigade [add]
04. Celtic Celtic That's the Team for Me [add]
05. Hampden in the Sun [add]
06. The Foggy Dew [add]
07. The Flag That Flies on High lyrics
08. The Ballad of Long Kesh [add]
09. The Merry Ploughboy [add]
10. Celtic Crazy [add]
11. Gravel Walk/Johnny with the Quare Things [add]
12. Bodenstown Churchyard [add]
13. Willie Maley [add]
14. The Ballad of Michael Barrett lyrics
15. Bye Bye Rangers [add]
16. Johnny Thomson [add]
17. The Broad Black Brimmer [add]
18. Coronation Cup Song [add]
19. Irish Soldier Laddie [add]
20. The Irish in Glasgow [add]
21. The Ballad of Martin O'Neill [add]
22. Come out Ye Black and Tans [add]
23. We Shall Not Be Moved [add]
24. Charile Tully [add]
25. Sean South from Garryowen [add]
26. The Man from Mullingar [add]
27. Highland Paddy [add]
28. Patsy Fagan [add]
29. The Big Strong Man [add]
30. Decent Cup of Tea [add]
31. The Patriot Game [add]
32. The Congress/Rossbegh Reel [add]
33. Joe McDonnell [add]
34. Wrap the Green Flag Round Me Bhoys [add]
35. God Save Ireland [add]
36. The Fields of Athenry [add]

The More Songs for the Bhoys (2005) 01. Four Leaf Clover [add]
02. The Boys of Kilmichael [add]
03. Four Green Fields [add]
04. This Land Is Your Land [add]
05. Let the People Sing [add]
06. The Ballad of Brother Walfrid [add]
07. Over and Over [add]
08. The Holy Ground [add]
09. The Ballad James Connolly and Poem [add]
10. Another Goal for Glasgow Celtic [add]
11. Putting on the Agony 1234567 [add]
12. Tim Finnegan's Wake [add]
13. I'll Tell Me Ma [add]
14. I Love Old Ireland Still [add]
15. My Larsson Lies Over the Ocean [add]
16. Ooh Aghh [add]
17. Slieve Na Nban [add]
18. The Galway Races [add]
19. The Smashing of the Van [add]
20. Reels [add]
21. The Celts Go Marching On [add]
22. Aiden Mcanespie [add]
23. Oro Se Do Bheatha Abhaile [add]
24. Mrs Fogarty's Christmas Cake [add]
25. Wild Rover [add]
26. The Bold Fenian Men (Michael Scanlan Ballad) [add]
27. Reels [add]
28. The Piper That Played Before Moses [add]
29. Hail Glorious Saint Patrick [add]
30. Roll of Honour [add]
31. Hail Hail the Celts Are Here [add]
32. A Nation Once Again [add]

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