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John Whelan lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Fresh Takes (1987) 01. Castle Kelly's [add]
02. Tom Fleming's/Kitty's Wedding/Sean McGuire's [add]
03. Lorraine's Waltz [add]
04. Blackberry Blossom [add]
05. Jenny's Welcome to Charlie/Father Francis Cameron [add]
06. Kevin Burke's [add]
07. The Gypsy [add]
08. Teh Red-Haired Lass/Paddy O'Brien's/The Scholar [add]
09. Desaunay/The Petticoat/I Bought in Mullingar [add]
10. Trip to Skye/Darach DeBrun's [add]

Celtic Reflections: Misty-Eyed Morning (1996) 01. Louise [add]
02. Longing for Home, Longing for Here [add]
03. Dancing to a Lot of Time [add]
04. From the Heart [add]
05. Sacred Ground [add]
06. The Road Home [add]
07. Last Dance [add]
08. Misty-Eyed Morning [add]
09. Breton Gathering [add]
10. Song for Hillary [add]
11. Desaunay [add]
12. Cape Finisterre [add]
13. Trip to Skye [add]
14. My Ballingarry Lady [add]

Celtic Crossroads (1997) 01. Riverboat Set: Denis Dillon's Square Dance Polka/Dancing on the River [add]
02. Jigs: Mabel Ruddy's/The Windy Gap [add]
03. Skimming the Surface [add]
04. Ceol Nanolag [add]
05. There Were Roses [add]
06. Beautiful Blackwater/Maggie K's [add]
07. Father Maroney's/95 South/Granny Barnes' [add]
08. Chams Elys?es [add]
09. The Balkans [add]
10. Grosse Ile [add]
11. Ian's Return to Ireland, Yanik's, Denis Whelan's [add]
12. The Flower of Magherally [add]
13. Passage of Time [add]

Flirting with the Edge (1998) 01. January's Journey/ DD's Car [add]
02. Rwenzori [add]
03. The Heather in Winter [add]
04. Flirting With the Edge/Rockaway Beach/Emmett's Revenge [add]
05. Dublin Lady [add]
06. Mayengo Reel [add]
07. The Lough Beg Waltz [add]
08. This Is Sirius/Falling for Charlotte [add]
09. Lost Souls [add]
10. Brother John's Jig/Kinyon's No. 1/Kinyon's No. 2 [add]
11. Hidden Treasure [add]
12. Alterios' Waltz [add]
13. The Storm Warning [add]
14. Red Is the Rose [add]
15. My Angel Boy [add]

Come to Dance: A Celtic Tradition (1999) 01. Jackie Coleman's/Bag of Spuds/Bird in the Bush [add]
02. The Braodstone Inn/Big Snugs/Beth Patterson's [add]
03. The Turning of the Season [add]
04. The Crooked Road to Dublin/Dinkey Dorian/Gan Aimn/The Copperplate [add]
05. Frances O'Neill's/Jesse and Franchesca's Miracle/Stop the Car [add]
06. Tracks in the Snow/The Nightlight [add]
07. Fermoy Lasses/The Old High Reel [add]
08. Queen Esther's/What Daddy?/April's Polka [add]
09. Simone [add]
10. Crossing the Shannon/Man of the House/The Five Mile Chase [add]
11. Mary O'Neill's/Bank of Ireland/Ballinamore [add]
12. Bob's Garden of Earthly Delights/Broderick's [add]
13. Concert Reel/Flogging Reel [add]
14. Dowd's Favorite/O'Gorman's Salute/My Cup of Coffee [add]
15. Ten Penney Bit/Trip to Athlone/Gallagher's Frolics [add]
16. Newtown Bridge/The Kerryman [add]
17. Father O'Flynn/Father Tom's Wager/Lilting Fisherman [add]
18. Spellan the Fiddler/Gan Aimn/Deacon Harry Doyle [add]

Celtic Fire (2001) 01. Bucks Of Arranmore/Eileen Curran's/The Green Mountain [add]
02. Sporting Paddy/John Dwyer's/Galtee Rangers [add]
03. Enniscrothy/Daddy's Home [add]
04. Up Against The Bachelon/Lady Ann Montgomery/Glen Allen [add]
05. Have a Drink on Me/Widow Brady [add]
06. Father [add]
07. Christmas Eve/Faral O'Gara/Come West Along The Road [add]
08. McDermott's/Lad O'Bierne [add]
09. Paddy Fahey's/Gan Ainm [add]
10. East Of The Hebrides/The Trial Of Jim Kelly [add]
11. Fletch Taylor/The Gifted Father [add]
12. The Girl That Broke My Heart/Paddy Ryan's Dream/Music in the Glen [add]
13. Dot's Polka/Bernard Murphy's Polka [add]

Celtic Roots (2002) 01. The Old High Reel/Toss the Feathers/Galway Rambler [add]
02. Dr. O'Neal/Killavel [add]
03. Humours of Ballyconnell/Eel in the Sink/Star of Munster [add]
04. Pretty Girls of Mayo/Ships Are Sailing/Heather Breeze [add]
05. Kylebrack Ramblers/The Tempest/The Contradiction [add]
06. New York Jig/The Geese in the Bog [add]
07. Gan Aimn/Castletown Jig/Connor's Jig [add]
08. Willy Coleman's/Mooncoin/Carraroe [add]
09. The Maid I Never Forgot/The Old Copperplate [add]
10. Chicago Reel/Toss the Feathers [add]
11. Mayor Harrison's Fedora/Molloy's/Limestone Rock [add]
12. Tar Road to Sligo/Cliffs of Moher [add]
13. Piper's Despair/Longford Collector/Seller's Bonnet [add]
14. Humours of Glendart/Leitrim Fancy/Paddy in London [add]
15. Fearghal O'Gadbra/The Wise Maid/Lady Ann Montgomery [add]

From the Heart (2002) 01. Bob's Garden of Earthly Pleasures/Broderick's Reels [add]
02. The Maid on the Green/Paddy O'Rafferty/Old Leitrim Jig [Jigs] [add]
03. The Broadstone Inn/Sligo Creek Reels [add]
04. Spellan the Fiddler/Gan Ainm (Hornpipes) [add]
05. Newtown Bridge/The Kerryman Reels [add]
06. Bit from the Heart [add]
07. Ten Penny Bit/Trip to Athlone [Jigs] [add]
08. The Ash Plant/My Love Is in America/McFadden's Handsome Daughter Reels [add]
09. Texas Gals [Old Time Tune] [add]
10. Mary O'Neill's Fancy/Bank of Ireland/Ballinamore Reels [add]
11. Madame Maxwell [add]
12. Ian's Return to Ireland/Yanick's/Denis Whelan's [Jigs] [add]
13. My Ballingary Lady [Waltz] [add]

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