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Genre: Jazz
Dance of the Universe (1979) 01. Samba Satchidananda [add]
02. Avenue [add]
03. Dance of the Universe [add]
04. Carnival Dreams [add]
05. Robin Little Child [add]
06. You Make Me Want to Sing [add]

Bird Raga (1980) 01. Namasté [add]
02. Easy Living [add]
03. Bird Raga [add]
04. Biarritz [add]
05. Mahavishnu [add]
06. The Corean Suite [add]

The Path (1980) 01. The Path [add]
02. Soaring [add]
03. Pablo [add]
04. Bebe's Bop [add]
05. It Could Happen to You [add]
06. Roller Skatin' With Sonny [add]
07. The Cutting Edge [add]

The Message Sent on the Wind (1982) 01. Invention No. 8 in F Major [add]
02. Ah-Leu-Cha [add]
03. Soul Eyes [add]
04. Chick Boom Chick Boom [add]
05. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [add]
06. The Message Sent on the Wind [add]
07. Cheryl [add]

Musica Del Mar (1983) 01. I Hear a Rhapsody [add]
02. My Folks' Song [add]
03. Just One of Those Things [add]
04. You Stepped Out of a Dream/Chick's Tune [add]
05. Musica del Mar [add]
06. I Thought About You [add]
07. Invention in D/Chanting With Charles [add]

Na Pali Coast (1985) 01. Japanese Waltz [add]
02. Magic Mizz Melissa [add]
03. Children's Song No. 6 [add]
04. Napali Coast [add]
05. I Could Write a Book [add]
06. If I Should Lose You [add]
07. I Didn't Know About You [add]
08. Coltrane [add]

Soliloquy (1996) 01. Simon [add]
02. Paco [add]
03. Stefanie's Soliloquy [add]
04. Cajun [add]
05. The Leaning Trees of Havi [add]
06. Amadeus [add]
07. The Concealed Tear [add]
08. Seattle Stomp [add]
09. Kylie [add]
10. Rama [add]

The Space Between Two Thoughts (2000) 01. The Space Between Two Thoughts/Gymnopedie [add]
02. Ray of Hope [add]
03. The Elf [add]
04. Rama [add]
05. I Get a Kick Out of You [add]
06. Speak to Me Softly [add]
07. A Typewritten Letter [add]
08. Dance of the Universe Rhapsody [add]

You Make Me Want to Sing (2000) 01. You Make Me Want to Sing [add]
02. This Can't Be Love [add]
03. Carnival Dreams [add]
04. Dance With the Wind [add]
05. Skylark [add]
06. Blues on the Corner [add]

Nikki's Rose (2001) 01. The Rose [add]
02. Believe in Me [add]
03. Reflections in Water [add]
04. Universal Love [add]
05. Just as I Have Accepted You [add]
06. Only Love Will Keep Us Alive [add]
07. Butterfly [add]
08. The Dark and the Light [add]
09. Rick [add]
10. Grasshopper [add]
11. Love [add]
12. Caro Mio Ben [add]

Pass the Drum (2003) 01. Alagoas [add]
02. Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar [add]
03. Water Tai Chi [add]
04. And I Love Her [add]
05. Wave [add]
06. Every Little Kiss [add]
07. Instincts of the Heart [add]
08. Is This Love [add]
09. Six Circle [add]
10. Sina [add]
11. Passarim [add]

Songs of Asaro: This Dream Is Real (2003) 01. This Dream Is Real [add]
02. The Stars Turn On [add]
03. Caught a Wink from You [add]
04. Last Silhouette [add]
05. This Love Will Never End [add]
06. Bogota` Woman [add]
07. A San Diego Sunday [add]
08. Star Shower [add]
09. Haunting Love [add]
10. Don't Let Go [add]
11. Hear My Song [add]

Friends for Life (2004) 01. Tania [add]
02. Em Forte Latim [add]
03. Sombra [add]
04. The Rose [add]
05. Samba Umbigo [add]
06. Believe in Me [add]
07. Sacanagem Total [add]
08. Uluwatu [add]
09. Reflections in Water [add]
10. Bella's Arc [add]

Taking It All In (2005) 01. Taking It All In [add]
02. Shinobi [add]
03. Zen Joao [add]
04. Unmarketable Math [add]
05. Travels [add]
06. Acid Peter [add]
07. Joe Farrell [add]
08. Calling Me Home [add]
09. Alien I.Q. [add]
10. Kundalini [add]

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