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Cocoa Tea lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Rocking Dolly (1986) 01. Rocking Dolly [add]
02. I Lost My Sonia [add]
03. Informer [add]
04. Jah Made Them That Way [add]
05. Evening Time [add]
06. Can't Stop Cocoa Tea [add]
07. I'm Going Home [add]
08. Christmas Is Coming [add]
09. I'm Wanted [add]

20 Tracks (1991) 01. I Am Going Home [add]
02. Lost My Sonia [add]
03. Sweet Coco Tea [add]
04. Come Back [add]
05. Wonderland Angel [add]
06. I've Got to Love You [add]
07. There Must Be a Time [add]
08. Reggae Music [add]
09. If Jah Is for Us [add]
10. Too Much [add]
11. Settle Down [add]
12. Don't Be Shy [add]
13. Rocking Dolly [add]
14. Gather the Sheep [add]
15. Everything I Do [add]
16. Try a Thing [add]
17. We Have to Leave [add]
18. There's a Herb Tree in My Garden [add]
19. Jah Bless the I [add]
20. Yes I Am Wanted 387 [add]

Riker's Island (1991) 01. One Woman Show [add]
02. Fool in Love [add]
03. Keep on Doing It [add]
04. More Than Just a Lover [add]
05. Move Up [add]
06. Bad Bwoy [add]
07. Riker's Island [add]
08. We Must Be Free [add]
09. Babylon Get Rude [add]
10. Hunting in the Ghetto [add]

Authorized (1992) 01. Hunted Wanted [add]
02. Low Profile [add]
03. Chilling Out [add]
04. Performance Evaluation [add]
05. May Day, May Day [add]
06. One Away Woman [add]
07. Get Rotten [add]
08. Like a Love Song [add]
09. Cooling Out [add]
10. Very Best [add]
11. Why Turn Down the Sound [*] [add]
12. The More Them Chat [*] [add]
13. The Future [*] [add]
14. Time for Love [*] [add]

I Am the Toughest (1992) 01. Take Mi Love [add]
02. Gime Your Love [add]
03. Nah Fight Nuh Man over Woman [add]
04. Feel Like Dancing [add]
05. Joy in the Morning [add]
06. I'm the Roughest [add]
07. Too Hot to Handle [add]
08. Berlin Wall [add]
09. Let's Give Thanks [add]
10. All Night Saturday Night [add]
11. Forward to Africa [add]
12. Must Get a Bly [add]

Kingston Hot (1992) 01. Pose Up [add]
02. 100% [add]
03. No Wanted Man [add]
04. Jump & Spread Out [add]
05. My Girl [add]
06. Bust Outta Hell [add]
07. Kingston Hot [add]
08. Return [add]
09. Back Together [add]
10. Can't Keep a Good Man Down [add]

Weh Dem a Go Do...Can't Stop Coco Tea (1992) 01. Rocking Dolly [add]
02. Informer [add]
03. Jah Made Them That Way [add]
04. Evening Time [add]
05. Can't Stop Coco Tea [add]
06. Lost My Sonia [add]
07. I'm Wanted [add]
08. I'm Going Home [add]
09. On Top of the World [add]
10. Chalice Nuh Fi Ramp With [add]

Can't Live So (1994) 01. Burn It Down [add]
02. Sophisticated Lady [add]
03. Can't Live So [add]
04. May the Best Man Win [add]
05. She Is So Beautiful [add]
06. The Mood Is Right [add]
07. Body Language [add]
08. Love You to Death [add]
09. All Night Long [add]
10. Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher [add]
11. Black Magic Woman [add]
12. Give a Little Love [add]

Sweet Love (1994) 01. One Love [add]
02. Louisiana [add]
03. Sweet Love [add]
04. Gotta Know Rastafari [add]
05. My Girl [add]
06. This Girl Is Mine [add]
07. Three Blind Mice [add]
08. Country Road [add]
09. Dancehall Night [add]
10. Barber White Sheep [add]
11. I Had to Run [add]

One Cup (1994) 01. Africa Here I Come [add]
02. If It's Not You [add]
03. Yard Away Home [add]
04. One Up [add]
05. Stop Your Nagging [add]
06. Grow Your Locks [add]
07. Virus [add]
08. Mr. Fisherman [add]
09. Earthquake [add]
10. I Put My Trust in Jah [add]
11. Grow Your Locks [CD Only] [add]
12. Getting Closer [CD Only] [add]
13. Beware [CD Only] [add]

Good Life (1994) 01. Good Life [add]
02. Love Me Truly [add]
03. She Loves Me Now [add]
04. Tune In [add]
05. Too Young [add]
06. Miss Good Looking [add]
07. Caan Touch Dis [add]
08. Hot Sweet Cocoa Tea [add]
09. Mek Dem a Gwan So [add]
10. Sinner Burning [add]
11. Don't You Burn [add]
12. Don't Turn It Off [add]

Come Love Me (1995) 01. Come Love Me [add]
02. Take Time [add]
03. Party People [add]
04. Do It All Over [add]
05. Secret Admirer [add]
06. Lonesome Side [add]
07. Love Me Truly [add]
08. Behold Jah Jah [add]
09. Too Much Gun Lyrics [add]
10. Rain Dub Plate [add]
11. Move Up Time [add]
12. We Do the Killing [add]
13. No Treat [add]

Israel's King (1996) 01. Rough Inna Town [add]
02. There's No Hope [add]
03. Rasta Man [add]
04. Repatriation [add]
05. Hurry Up and Come [add]
06. Don't Want to Live Without Your Love [add]
07. Bruck Loose [add]
08. One Bright Day [add]
09. Morning Ah Come [add]
10. Namibia [add]
11. Israel's King lyrics

Holy Mount Zion (1997) 01. Ready Fe Dem [add]
02. Waiting in Vain lyrics
03. She's My Baby [add]
04. Moving On [add]
05. Forward Fe Forward [add]
06. New Immigration Law [add]
07. Holy Mount Zion [add]
08. Hurry up & Come [add]
09. Love Me [add]
10. Good Life [add]
11. Israel's King lyrics
12. Rikers Island [add]

One Way (1998) 01. Mr. Neck Tie Man [add]
02. Who Jump the Gun [add]
03. The Weed [add]
04. A Business [add]
05. I Can't Help [add]
06. Love Rain [add]
07. No Faith [add]
08. How Do You Do [add]
09. One Away [add]
10. Burn Satan [add]
11. Lonesome Feeling [add]

Tune In (2000) 01. Tune In [add]
02. Mek dem a Gwaan So [add]
03. Love Me Truly [add]
04. Good Life [add]
05. Don't You Burn [add]
06. She Loves Me Now [add]
07. Over the Years [add]
08. Caan Touch Dis [add]
09. Sinner Burning [add]
10. Hot Sweet Cocoa Tea [add]
11. Criminality [add]
12. Eighteen and Over [add]
13. Don't Turn It Off [add]
14. Heads of Goverment [add]
15. Too Young [add]

Feel the Power (2001) 01. Feel the Power [add]
02. Sniper [add]
03. No Time to Lose [add]
04. Who [add]
05. Sinners Surrender [add]
06. Sweet Life lyrics
07. Moses Law [add]
08. True Love [add]
09. L.O.V.E. [add]
10. I'm Sorry [add]
11. Who Let Them Out [add]
12. Hot Again [add]
13. Auction Block [add]
14. Sliding [add]

Tek Weh Yuh Gal (2004) 01. Sunshine [add]
02. Have It Fi Mi [add]
03. Tek Weh You Gal [add]
04. Pie in the Sky [add]
05. Dance Hall Nice [add]
06. Pass It Over [add]
07. The West Wind [add]
08. True Love [add]
09. Dem Start the War Again [add]
10. Revolution [add]
11. Love Don't Go Away [add]
12. You're Gonna Be My Lady [add]
13. Red Now [add]
14. Nice Time in France [add]

Save Us Oh Jah (2006) 01. Stay Far [add]
02. Save Us Oh Jah [add]
03. Let the Music Play [add]
04. Indian Woman [add]
05. How You So Hypa [add]
06. Got You Now [add]
07. Wave You Hand [add]
08. Can't Tek the Fire Bun [add]
09. Babylon Feel It [add]
10. It Was a Charm [add]
11. Don't Give Your Love Away [add]
12. Biological Clock [add]
13. Stop Him [add]
14. Sex Drugs and Crime [add]
15. Spin the Song Ya [add]

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