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Occasionals lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Back in Step:The Complete Scottish Ceilidh Dance, Vol. 2 (1996) 01. The Grand March / [version] [add]
02. The Boston Two Step / [version] [add]
03. The Flying Scotsman / [version] [add]
04. The Hesitation Waltz /Alternative Dance - The Veleta] [Dance] [add]
05. The Jacky Tar Two Step / [version] [add]
06. The Circassian Circle / [version] [add]
07. The Lomond Waltz / [version] [add]
08. The Baden Powell / [version] [add]
09. Hullichan's Jig [Dance] [add]
10. The Duke of Perth (Broun's Reel) [add]
11. The Russian Ballet / [version] [add]
12. The Friendly Waltz / [version] [add]
13. The Haymakers [Dance] [add]
14. The Gypsy Tap / [version] [add]
15. The Southern Rose Waltz / [version] [add]
16. Drops of Brandy [Dance] [add]
17. The Call of the Pipes / [version] [add]
18. The Orcadian Strip the Willow / [version] [add]

Live at the Music Hall, Aberdeen (2000) 01. The Virginia Reel: Colored Aristocracy/Waiting for the Federals/Cheticamp [add]
02. The Circle Waltz: Welcome Christmas Morning/Karasjok/Southesk Jewel [add]
03. The Military Two Step: The Directors [add]
04. The Gay Gordons: The Highlanders of Loon Mountain [add]
05. The Highland Schottische: Peggy MacDonald of Sollas/Loch Portain [add]
06. The Killarney Waltz: Spancilhill/Slievekimalta/Ben Bulben of Sligo [add]
07. The Eva Three Step: The Glendaruel Highlanders/The Midlothian Pipe Band [add]
08. The White Heather Foxtrot: Cathkin Braes [add]
09. The Barony Waltz [add]
10. The Britannia Two Step: Jimmy's Favourite/Auretti's Dutch Skipper [add]
11. The Gay Gordons Two Step: Spaelimeninnir I Hoyd?Lum [add]
12. The Victory Waltz: The Lassie Waltz/The Silver City Waltz [add]
13. Circles Four: Maxwell's Rant/Cutting Bracken/Lady MacKenzie of Coul [add]
14. The Canadian Barn Dance: Millbank Cottage/Portnahaven [add]
15. The Riverside: The Riverside/Jenny Wilson, Gracefield/Brown's Jig/He's ... [add]
16. The Last Waltz: The Silver Sands of Morar/Mo Mhathair/Eilidh [add]
17. Final Blast!: The Mason's Apron [add]

Reel of Four (2004) 01. The Thomson Boys [add]
02. Botany Bay [add]
03. Loch Maree Islands [add]
04. Bobby Campbell [add]
05. Jock Mackay [add]
06. Maids of Kintail [add]
07. Stirlingshire Militia [add]
08. Flowers of Edinburgh [add]
09. Cumberland Reel [add]
10. Jessamine [add]
11. Eileen & Roddy MacDonald [add]
12. La Va [add]
13. Yon Toun [add]
14. Sands of Egypt [add]
15. Maggie Mae [add]
16. Willie Tait [add]

Down to the Hall (2006) 01. Waldoboro [add]
02. La Russe [add]
03. Reedy Lagoon [add]
04. Balmoral Highlanders [add]
05. Lord Lovat [add]
06. Happy Valley [add]
07. Frank and Anne Martin [add]
08. Old Adam [add]
09. Lily Russell [add]
10. Liberton Pipe Band [add]
11. Cavan Girl [add]
12. The Penicuik Ceilidh Club [add]
13. Flett from Flotta [add]
14. Shoe the Donkey [add]
15. Peter's Peerie Boat [add]
16. The Drampire [add]
17. The Agnes [add]
18. Gardybelaten [add]
19. George Johnston [add]
20. Ladies of Spain [add]
21. Shiftin' Bobbins [add]

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