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Payola lyrics
Genre: Rock
Get on the Buzz! (0000) 01. Mass Hypnosis [add]
02. The Unsung Heroes of el Salvador Aren't Unsung Anymore [add]
03. Emesis [add]
04. The Bigger the Cat [add]
05. Crimopol [add]
06. The Hidden Charme of Dr. Yak-Fu [add]
07. Leroy's Lament [add]
08. Fallen Fellow [add]
09. Red Leather [add]
10. Yes, The Answer Is No [add]
11. The Most Succeeding Way to Professional Alcoholism [add]
12. Twelve Minutes of Honesty [add]
13. Big City Love [add]

Tod Mother Motel (0000) 01. Tod Motor Check-In [add]
02. Ragged Broom [add]
03. Still Around [add]
04. On Short Legs [add]
05. Chosen M.C. Loser [add]
06. Sleeper in Disguise [add]
07. Got Me Bleeding [add]
08. Room 8 [add]
09. White Letter Boogie [add]
10. Queen for the Day [add]
11. Count the Monkeys [add]
12. Spider [add]
13. Better Americans [add]
14. The Selfish Haircut [add]
15. Born a Liar [add]

For Those Who Know (2000) 01. Warming up the Needles [add]
02. Just to Let U Know [add]
03. Born on Dude Ranch [add]
04. Smell the Sweat [add]
05. 25 to Life [add]
06. Dog My Day [add]
07. The Pimp Sneaks [add]
08. Mary Prankster [add]
09. The Fonz [add]
10. Deathtrap California [add]
11. Dancing Days [add]
12. Gimme Regards to Vandam [add]
13. The Shepherd's Dead [add]

Rather Be Dreaming (2003) 01. I'd Rather Be Dreaming [add]
02. This Is Our Time [add]
03. Ships Not Sinking [add]
04. We Are the Beautiful People [add]
05. Life's Too Short [add]

Try Everything Twice (2005) 01. Yesterday, Today and Forever [add]
02. I'd Rather Be Dreaming [add]
03. Keep Your Head Up [add]
04. Carter's Song [add]
05. In Different Colours [add]
06. Love It. [add]
07. We Are the Beautiful People [add]
08. How d'You Get So Low? [add]
09. Before You Go [add]
10. Ship's Not Sinking [add]
11. Try [add]
12. This Is Our Time [add]

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