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The Heptones lyrics
Genre: Reggae
On Top (1970) 01. Equal Rights [add]
02. Pure Sorrow [add]
03. Heptones Gonna Fight [add]
04. I Hold the Handle [add]
05. My Baby Is Gone [add]
06. Soul & Power [add]
07. A Change Is Gonna Come [add]
08. When You Are Down [add]
09. Take Me Darling [add]
10. We Are in the Mood [add]
11. Sea of Love [add]
12. Pretty Looks Isn't All [*] [add]
13. Party Time [*] [add]
14. I Love You [*] [add]
15. Oil in My Lamp [*] [add]

Heptones & Friends (1972) 01. Hypocrite [add]
02. Save the Last Dance for Me [add]
03. The Gardener [add]
04. Our Day Will Come [add]
05. Have a Little Faith [add]
06. Freedom to the People [add]
07. Every Day and Every Night lyrics
08. Maga Dog [add]
09. God Bless the Children [add]
10. Love Has Many Faces [add]
11. Be the One [add]
12. Mama's Song [add]

Book of Rules (1973) 01. Book of Rules [add]
02. Black on Black [add]
03. Peace and Harmony [add]
04. Do Good to Everyone [add]
05. World [add]
06. Suffering So [add]
07. Autalene [add]
08. Baga Boo [add]
09. Wah Go Home [add]
10. Over and Over [add]

Heptones & Friends, Vol. 2 (1975) 01. The Dynamic Ken Parker: Prisoner of Love/True True True/My Whole World Is F [add]
02. Them a Fe Get a Beatin' [add]
03. The Magnificent Heptones: Baby/Why Must I?/Why Did You Leave [add]
04. People of Today [add]
05. The Ring [add]
06. Let True Love Begin [add]
07. Money in My Pocket [add]
08. Knock on Wood [add]
09. I've Got a Feeling [add]
10. Warricka Hill [add]
11. Baby I Need Your Loving [add]
12. A So We Stay [add]

Cool Rasta (1976) 01. Cool Rasta [add]
02. Black on Black (AKA Be a Man) [add]
03. Peace and Harmony [add]
04. Do Good to Everyone [add]
05. Dreadlock [add]
06. Suffering So [add]
07. Autalene [add]
08. Bagaboo [add]
09. Wah Go Home [add]
10. Over and Over [add]
11. Rasta Dub [add]
12. Book of Rules [add]
13. Book of Rules Version [add]
14. Ganja [add]
15. World [add]
16. Mama Say [add]
17. Mama Say [dub] [add]
18. Country Boy [add]
19. Country Boy [dub] [add]

Night Food (1976) 01. Country Boy [add]
02. I've Got the Handle [add]
03. Sweet Talking [add]
04. Book of Rules [add]
05. Mama Say [add]
06. Deceivers [add]
07. Love Won't Come Easy [add]
08. Fatty Fatty [add]
09. Baby I Need Your Loving [add]
10. In the Groove [add]

Party Time (1977) 01. Party Time [add]
02. Crying Over You [add]
03. Now Generation [add]
04. Mr. President [add]
05. Serious Time [add]
06. I Shall Be Released [add]
07. Storm Cloud [add]
08. Road of Life [add]
09. Why Must I [add]
10. Sufferer's Time [add]

In Love With You (1978) 01. In Love With You [add]
02. Talkative [add]
03. Only Sixteen [add]
04. Fatty Fatty [add]
05. Sweet Talking [add]
06. How Can I Leave You [add]
07. In a Groove [add]
08. Baby [add]
09. Oh Glory [add]
10. Suspicious Minds [add]

Good Life (1979) 01. Can't Hide from Jah [add]
02. Repatriation Is a Must [add]
03. Natural Mystic [add]
04. New York City [add]
05. Every Day and Every Night lyrics
06. Good Life [add]
07. Brother and Sister [add]
08. How Could I Leave [add]
09. Ghetto Living [add]

Better Days (1981) 01. Suspicious Minds [add]
02. Crystal Blue Persuasion [add]
03. Land of Love [add]
04. Oh Jah [add]
05. Better Days [add]
06. Jah Bless the Children [add]
07. Ready Baby (Come on Talk to Me) [add]
08. Everyday Life [add]
09. Mister Do over Man Song [add]
10. Key to Her Heart [add]

Swing Low (1985) 01. Swing Low [add]
02. Book of Rules [add]
03. Down Comes the Rain [add]
04. You Decorated My Life [add]
05. Pack Your Things [add]
06. Heaven [add]
07. Promise to Be True [add]
08. What It Is [add]
09. So Long [add]
10. I'm So Proud [add]

Changing Times (1986) 01. You Don't Know Me [add]
02. Three Coins in the Fountain [add]
03. In My Time [add]
04. Young Lover [add]
05. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me [add]
06. Someday [add]
07. Round, Round Up and Down [add]
08. Giving Up on Love [add]
09. Thank You Lord [add]

70 Oz. of Reggae (1991) 01. Slave Master [add]
02. Silver Words [add]
03. Run for Cover [add]
04. You My Desire [add]
05. Everybody Needs Love [add]
06. Brandy [add]
07. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah [add]
08. Brown Eyes Blue [add]
09. Traveling Man [add]
10. She Want It [add]
11. Red, Red Wine [add]
12. The Night Doctor [add]
13. Place in the Sun [add]
14. Train to Skaville [add]
15. Suspicious Minds [add]
16. I Remember [add]
17. For Your Love [add]
18. Here I Come [add]
19. Repatriation Is a Must [add]
20. Hot Like a Melting Pot [add]

Mr. T (1994) 01. Falling in Love Again [add]
02. Honey You're All [add]
03. Where Good Music Gone [add]
04. Love Me Girl [add]
05. Long Long Time Ago [add]
06. Wonderful World [add]
07. Unfaithful Baby [add]
08. Rasta Music [add]
09. In My House [add]
10. Allalackalama [add]
11. Mr "T" [add]
12. Jupy Me No Jumpy [add]

Pressure! (1995) 01. You Mean the World to Me [add]
02. World Crisis [add]
03. Rastaman Live Up [add]
04. Marcus Garvey Word Come to Pass [add]
05. Country Boy [add]
06. Pressure [add]
07. Teach the Children [add]
08. Are You Coming With Me [add]
09. By the Sweat of Your Brow [add]
10. Old Time Gang Leader [add]

Rainbow Valley (1996) 01. Rainbow Valley [add]
02. Between the Sheets [add]
03. Here Comes the Time [add]
04. Tenderness [add]
05. Tougher Than the World [add]
06. Backstabbers [add]
07. Head On Straight [add]
08. Beggie, Beggie [add]
09. Crystal Blue Persuasion [add]
10. Susu Pan Rasta [add]

On the Road Again (1999) 01. On the Road Again [add]
02. We Slaves [add]
03. Dis Ya Struggle [add]
04. We Glad U Come Over [add]
05. Work Harder [add]
06. Foreign Policy [add]
07. Want Something [add]
08. Don't Want to Be Alone [add]
09. Rule Things [add]
10. Why Is It We're Fighting [add]
11. Things & Time [add]
12. Second to None [add]
13. All My Life [add]
14. So Jah Seh [add]

Good Vibes (2002) 01. Diana [add]
02. Sha La La La [add]
03. The Same Song [add]
04. Come Rain, Come Shine [add]
05. Come We Go See [add]
06. All Because of You [add]
07. Good Vibes [add]
08. Drift Away [add]
09. Tickle Me [add]
10. Nice Me Nice [add]

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