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Impossible Shapes lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Great Migration (2000) 01. Soundoff [add]
02. Howling Hearts [add]
03. Four-Leafed Mothers [add]
04. Angel Comet [add]
05. Bad Dictator [add]
06. Change the Air [add]
07. Deeper Canyons [add]
08. Orange Garden [add]
09. Ambitious Dressing [add]
10. Sand Reconstructions/Individuals Grin [add]
11. To Be Cured [add]
12. Skipping the Valley [add]

Laughter Fills Our Hollow Dome (2002) 01. Sounds to Charge the Wind [add]
02. Dancing in Heaven [add]
03. Graceful Arc [add]
04. Jesus and Squares [add]
05. Look for an Opening [add]
06. Go Somewhere Beautiful, Pt.I [add]
07. Come This Way [add]
08. Go Somewhere Beautiful, Pt. II [add]
09. Spirits Enter [add]
10. Found a Sister [add]
11. Across the River [add]
12. Another Flooded Dream [add]
13. Supermaze [add]
14. Fevered Blues [add]

Bless the Headless (2003) 01. Play With Me [add]
02. Bathing Swans [add]
03. Good to Lie [add]
04. Always the Way [add]
05. Lonely or Two? [add]
06. The Line So Flexible [add]
07. I Live on Your Roof [add]
08. Kids Need Creeks [add]
09. A Final Feast Forever [add]
10. Bless the Headless [add]

We Like It Wild (2003) 01. Give Me a Note [add]
02. The Perfect Timing [add]
03. She Let Me Run [add]
04. We Like It Wild [add]
05. Sharing Our Space [add]
06. What About the Other Side [add]
07. To Be Wild [add]
08. You Are Not the Target [add]
09. Breathing in the Burning Room [add]
10. Birds [add]
11. What the Winter Does [add]
12. Naked Bull Rush [add]
13. It's Hard to Lose a Member [add]
14. Lovers Living Uphill [add]

Horus (2005) 01. Bombs [add]
02. Demon Child [add]
03. Putrefaction [add]
04. The Beast [add]
05. The Princess [add]
06. I Move by the Moon [add]
07. Survival [add]
08. Demon Love [add]
09. Forever Alone [add]
10. The Blooming Town [add]
11. Sun Dance [add]

Tum (2006) 01. Ra in the Rising [add]
02. Florida Silver Springs [add]
03. The Working Vessel [add]
04. Pixie Pride [add]
05. Fulgent Fields [add]
06. Tahuti, Splendid Scribe [add]
07. Late Summer Sky [add]
08. Rephra [add]
09. Hornbeam [add]
10. Pan-Ther [add]
11. Wild West Wakes Us Up [add]
12. Hathor [add]
13. Our Love Lives [add]
14. Twisted Sol Epoch [add]
15. Willow, Willow Yew [add]
16. Little Gloves [add]
17. Tum [add]

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