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Genre: Celtic
St. Mungo: A Celtic Suite for Glasgow (1994) 01. St. Mungo's Blessing: Introduction [add]
02. The Bird [add]
03. The Tree [add]
04. The Bell [add]
05. The Fish [add]

Inchcolm (1996) 01. Corryvreckan [add]
02. In the Northeast Kingdom [add]
03. The New Road [add]
04. Waterfall [add]
05. The Pure Land [add]
06. Gardyne Castle [add]
07. Salve Splendor [add]
08. Abbey Craig [add]
09. Columcille [add]
10. A Lover's Call [add]

Celtic Experience [Single Disc] (1998) 01. Braveheart Theme [add]
02. Cadal Cha Dean Me [add]
03. The Star of the County Down [add]
04. The Rocky Road [add]
05. Women of Ireland [add]
06. The Sally Gardens [add]
07. Skye Boat Song [add]
08. The Silkie [add]
09. Four Green Fields [add]
10. My Home Town [add]
11. Carrickfergus [add]
12. The Raggle Taggle Gypsies [add]

The Celtic Experience, Vol. 2 (1999) 01. Flower of Scotland [add]
02. Brian Boru's March [add]
03. My Laggan Love [add]
04. Kintail [add]
05. Ossian's Lament [add]
06. Will You Go, Lassie, Go? [add]
07. The Young Girl [add]
08. The Glen of Copsewood [add]
09. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music [add]
10. The Sally Gardens [add]
11. Sitting in the Stern of a Boat [add]
12. Macy Scott, Flower of Yarrow [add]
13. The Flower O' the Quern [add]
14. Coilsfield House [add]
15. Lochanside, Magersfontain [add]

Celtic Experience, Vol. 1: Haunting Themes From Scotland And Ireland (2000) 01. Braveheart Theme [add]
02. My Laggan Love [add]
03. Ca' the Yowes [add]
04. Cadal Cha Dean Me [add]
05. The Star Of The Country Douwn [add]
06. The Rocky Road [add]
07. Women Of Ireland [add]
08. Hebridean Prayer [add]
09. The Sally Gardens [add]
10. Skye Boat Song [add]
11. The Silkie [add]
12. She Moved Thro' the Fair [add]
13. Four Green Fields [add]
14. My Home Town [add]
15. Carrickfergus [add]
16. The Raggle Taggle Gypsies [add]

Journey of Ages (2000) 01. Centaurs [add]
02. Embrace [add]
03. Ballet Fantasy [add]
04. Requiem for a Lady [add]
05. Lovely Ballerina [add]
06. Flight of the Phandor [add]
07. Rendezvous in Rio [add]
08. Clandestine Affair [add]
09. Land of the Czar [add]
10. Mayan Journey [add]
11. Gypsy Dancer [add]
12. Courtship at the Opera [add]
13. Dreams [add]
14. African Inspired [add]
15. Love Remembered [add]

Notes from a Hebridean Island (2001) 01. St. Kilda's Wedding/St. Kilda's Dance [add]
02. Anna Bheag (Wee Anna) [add]
03. MacPhee's Reel/Marion and Donald/Tail Toddle [add]
04. Ba Mo Leanabh (O My Baby) [add]
05. Barbara's Jig/Kenny MacDonald's Jig/Joseph MacDonald's Jig [add]
06. A Fisherman's Song for Attracting Seals [add]
07. Blue Ribbon, Scottish Measure [add]
08. The Battle of Waterloo/The Wee Highland Laddie [add]
09. Skye Dance/Harris Dance [add]
10. The Mermaid's Song [add]
11. Chaidh Mi'n Traigh a D?anamh Maoraich (I Went to the Beach to ...) [add]
12. Rory Dall's Sister's Lament [add]
13. Iain Ruaidh's Lament (Tuireadh Iain Ruiadh) [add]
14. Looking South Over the Border [add]

Duan ?lbanach (2003) 01. Joseph on the Golden Strand [add]
02. Shining Bright/Lady Margaret [add]
03. An Honourable Peace/The Drip [add]
04. Blue Ribbon/Lady Dolly Primrose's Minuet [add]
05. Mons Graupius [live] [add]
06. Dalriada [live] [add]
07. Dunnichen [live] [add]
08. The Bannock Burn [live] [add]
09. Lia Fail (The Stone of Destiny) [live] [add]

Celtic Chillout (2004) 01. On Raglan Road [add]
02. Riverdance [add]
03. The Enchanted Way [add]
04. In the Norteast Kingdom [add]
05. An Ubhal as Airde (the Highest Apple) [add]
06. Waterfall [add]
07. My Own Back Yard [add]
08. Freedom of the Seas [add]
09. The View from Here [add]
10. Far from Here [add]
11. Glasgow 1885 [add]
12. The Spirit of the Mist [add]
13. Crossing to Ireland [add]
14. Abbey Craig [add]
15. The Crossing [add]
16. This Land [add]
17. A Fig for a Kiss/Poll/Ha'penny/Merry Sisters [add]
18. Woodbrook [add]
19. The Tree [add]
20. Overture: Rob Roy-The Rieving Party [add]
21. Machair [add]
22. My Own Back Yard [add]
23. Freedom of the Seas [add]
24. Turas Go Tir Na Nog [add]
25. Irish Tom Dance [add]
26. Fermentation [add]
27. Shut the Gate (Reprise) [add]
28. Molendinar [add]
29. Here I Am [add]
30. Mo Run Geal Og [add]

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