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Ken Boothe lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Mr. Rock Steady (1968) 01. Puppet on a String [add]
02. I Don't Want to See You Cry [add]
03. Don't Cry Little Girl [add]
04. Let the Water Dry [add]
05. My Heart Is Gone [add]
06. Feel Good Hold Them [add]
07. The Girl I Left Behind [add]
08. Home, Home, Home [add]
09. This Is Rock Steady [add]
10. Give Me Back My Heart [add]
11. Mustang Sally [add]
12. Give Me the Right [add]

Freedom Street (1971) 01. Freedom Street [add]
02. Why Baby Why [add]
03. Mr. Wind [add]
04. It's Gonna Take a Miracle [add]
05. Love and Unity [add]
06. Drums of Freedom [add]
07. Now I Know [add]
08. In the Summertime [add]
09. Get Close to You [add]
10. Satisfaction [add]
11. I Wish It Could Be Peaceful [add]
12. Version [add]
13. Your Feeling and Mine [add]

Black Gold and Green (1973) 01. Out of Love [add]
02. Missing You [add]
03. Look What You Have Done to Me [add]
04. Ain't No Sunshine [add]
05. Hallelujah [add]
06. Train/I Don't Want to See You Cry [add]
07. Thinking [add]
08. Second Chance [add]
09. Have I Sinned [add]
10. Black Gold and Green lyrics
11. Suzie [add]
12. Your Feeling and Mine [add]

Let's Get It On (1973) 01. Nature Planned It [add]
02. Leaving Me [add]
03. My Love [add]
04. Come Back Baby [add]
05. Playground of My Mind [add]
06. Let's Get It On [add]
07. African Lady [add]
08. Is It Because I'm Black [add]
09. Down by the River [add]
10. Dum Dum [add]
11. Whole World's Down on Me [add]
12. Nature Planned It, Pt. 2 [add]

Live Good (1978) 01. Thinking [add]
02. Tomorrow [add]
03. Live Good [add]
04. You're on My Mind [add]
05. Moving Away lyrics
06. When I Fall in Love [add]
07. This Is the Time [add]
08. Try a Little Tenderness [add]
09. Sherry [add]
10. Tell Me [add]
11. Kim Kim [add]
12. You Don't Like Me [add]

Natural Feeling (1995) 01. Freedom Day [add]
02. Love Me Forever [add]
03. Out of Love [add]
04. Leaving You [add]
05. Ain't No Sunshine [add]
06. Down by the River [add]
07. My Love [add]
08. I Want to Know [add]
09. Namibia [add]
10. Do You Feel It [add]

Rock On Love (1995) 01. I've Got the Power [add]
02. I'm Just a Man [add]
03. I'm Not for Sale [add]
04. Ain't That Loving You [add]
05. It's Gonna Take a Miracle [add]
06. Ain't No Love [add]
07. The Train Is Coming [add]
08. Artibella [add]
09. Memories by the Score [add]
10. Duke of Earl [add]
11. Come Running Back [add]
12. Love Is Strange [add]
13. Just Want to Say Hello [add]
14. You Don't Have to Tell Me [add]
15. You're No Good [add]
16. Puppet on a String [add]

Acclaimed (2000) 01. Christine [add]
02. Bounded by Love [add]
03. All Because of Love [add]
04. Jahnet [add]
05. The Train Is Coming [add]
06. My Only Answer [add]
07. Real People [add]
08. Last Drop of Loving [add]
09. Jubilation [add]
10. Artibella [add]
11. Artibella Remix [mix] [add]
12. Unchained [add]

You're No Good (2003) 01. Silver Words [add]
02. You're No Good [add]
03. Puppet on a String [add]
04. Moving Away lyrics
05. Willow Tree [add]
06. Sattamasgana [add]
07. Don't Stay Out Late [add]
08. You Don't Love Me Anymore [add]
09. Baby I Love You [add]
10. Love Treats Me So Bad [add]
11. Ain't No Love [add]
12. Gonna Take a Miracle [add]
13. Memories by the Score [add]
14. Duke of Earl [add]
15. Grandma [add]
16. I Can See Clearly Now [add]

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