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Keith Frank lyrics
Genre: Cajun
What's His Name? (1994) 01. What's His Name? [add]
02. Silly Puddin' [add]
03. Motor Dude Special [add]
04. Feels So Bad [add]
05. One Shot [add]
06. Dr. Jim [add]
07. Get on Boy [add]
08. Rainbow [add]
09. Mr. Frank [add]
10. On the Rise [add]
11. Sweet Pea [add]
12. Murdock [Zydeco Heehaw] [add]
13. Everybody Get Up! [add]
14. At the Trail Ride [add]

Movin' on Up! (1995) 01. Have Mercy [add]
02. Watch My Step/Movin' on up [add]
03. Bernadette C'Est My 'Tit Creole [add]
04. Rebel [add]
05. I Don't Want to Hear It [add]
06. One More Time [add]
07. Anybody Wanta Party? [add]
08. Pieces to My Heart [add]
09. Cookin' in the Kitchen [add]
10. All You Do [add]
11. Mr. Sneaky [add]
12. Twist & Turn [add]
13. Take It to the Highway [add]
14. Boogie Woogie Zydeco [add]

Only the Strong Survive (1996) 01. Let Me Be [add]
02. Make My Hustle [add]
03. Good Music (Sweet Soul Music) [add]
04. Reste Dans la Maison [add]
05. Bayou Boogie [instrumental] [add]
06. Everywhere I Be [add]
07. Knee Cap Shuffle [add]
08. Steppin' to the Rhythm [add]
09. Good Old Days [add]
10. Only the Strong Survive [add]
11. There Goes My Baby [add]
12. The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) [add]
13. Be Yourself [add]

You'd Be Surprised (1997) 01. Working With the Feeling [add]
02. You'd Be Surprised [add]
03. Patate Douce [add]
04. Hey Trudy [add]
05. Fred the Rasta Man [add]
06. Don't You Be a Loser [add]
07. Hello Josephine [add]
08. Wake up Quick [add]
09. A Fool Is a One Man Show [add]
10. Why You Do All That [add]
11. Bad Boys [add]
12. They Stole My Chicken [add]
13. Let Them Talk [add]
14. Thoughts in Your Mind [add]
15. Who Remembers [add]
16. Real Short Time [add]

On a Mission (1998) 01. On a Mission [add]
02. I Made a Mistake [add]
03. The Bull [add]
04. Boogaloo Pt. 2 [add]
05. I Don't Know Why [*] [add]
06. Drowning in the Sea of Love [add]
07. How Deep Is Your Love [add]
08. Zydeco et Pas Sale [add]
09. Zydeco et Pas Sale, Pt. 2 [add]
10. Now Is the Time [*] [add]
11. Pass Around My Way [*] [add]
12. You've Been Watching Me [add]
13. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [add]
14. Satisfaction, Pt. 2 [add]
15. Let It Flow [add]
16. Back Door Man [add]
17. Coming Straight from Soileau [add]

Live at Slim's Y-Ki-Ki (1999) 01. Give Me Just a Little Time [add]
02. She Fools Around [She Petahsay] [add]
03. Why You Wanna Make Me Cry? [add]
04. Hey Pretty Baby (With Your Teeth So White) [add]
05. ?o Fa [add]
06. You're Breaking My Heart [add]
07. Donne-Mon ?a [Give It to Me] [add]
08. Hold on to It [add]
09. ?a Jou? Ma Musique de Tuer les Herbes [When I Play My Music, I Want Yo] [add]
10. Maymel [add]
11. Sometimes We Make You Move Your Feet [add]
12. Chocolate 3-Step [add]
13. Rising to the Top [add]
14. Soileau Zydeco [add]
15. Moving to the Groove [add]
16. I Like to Do My Thing [add]
17. I Want Her [add]

Ready or Not (2000) 01. If Your Mama Don't Mind [add]
02. Soulwood Train [add]
03. Buck Bayou [add]
04. Never Met a Girl Like You [add]
05. I Got Loaded [add]
06. I Done Got over It [add]
07. What's My Extension [add]
08. Operator [add]
09. No Need to Worry Three Little Birds [add]
10. Walking on Sunshine [add]
11. Shining Star [add]
12. Back to the 50's/Why Do Fools Fall in Love [add]
13. You Can't Keep a Good Man Down [add]
14. Got to Get You into My Life [add]
15. Ready or Not [add]
16. Soulwood Strut [add]

The Masked Band (2001) 01. What You Gonna Do by Yourself [add]
02. Went Down to the River [add]
03. Madeleine [add]
04. Shake It Down [add]
05. Games People Play [add]
06. Creole Music [add]
07. She Is Shaking Her Big Butt [add]
08. Morning Train [add]
09. Tante Delphine [add]
10. Every Dog Has His Day [add]
11. Not Going Down the Road [add]
12. La Valse de Mon Grande Pere [add]
13. Oh Mom! [add]
14. Ch?re Ici, Ch?re L? Bas [add]
15. Pine Tree Two Step [add]
16. Jolie Bassette [add]
17. Jongle ? Moi [add]

Keith Frank (2002) 01. Hold That Tiger [#] [add]
02. If It's Good for the Gander [#] [add]
03. Don't Forget About Me [#] [add]
04. We Got the Power [#] [add]
05. Don't Let Me Stop You [#] [add]
06. Fais Pas Tout ?as (Don't Do All That) [#] [add]

Going to See Keith Frank (2005) 01. Something Just Ain't Right [add]
02. Zydeco Gangsta [add]
03. Work That Coochie [add]
04. Keith Frank Will Make You Sweat [Mix] [add]
05. The One You Love [add]
06. Shake It Down [Survivor Remix] [add]
07. Keep on Trucking [add]
08. Julie and Zion [add]
09. You Need Some Keith Frank [add]
10. All the Love [add]
11. Going to See Keith Frank [add]
12. Got to Get the Feeling [add]
13. Hungry for Your Love [add]
14. Lake Charles Two-Step [add]
15. Last Night [add]
16. Standing on Top [add]
17. Nine Pound Steel [add]
18. Flatpickin' Flamenco Medley [add]
19. Move on Up, Pt. 1 [add]
20. Move on Up, Pt. 2 [Extended Mix] [add]

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