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Krewmen lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Adventures of the Krewmen (1986) 01. The Bug of Planet Zee [add]
02. Night Shift Blues [add]
03. Hide Away [add]
04. Night of the Living Dead [add]
05. Guy Fawkes [add]
06. Bus Stop [add]
07. Bar Room Fantasy [add]
08. Don't Give a Toss [add]
09. Wild Dogs of Zorberon [add]
10. The Hell Train [add]

Into the Tomb (1987) 01. Let Loose [add]
02. Should I Stay or Should I Go [add]
03. Devil's Daughter [add]
04. Public Enemy Number One [add]
05. Hava Negila [add]
06. Curse of the Pharaohs [add]
07. Solid Gold Easy Action [add]
08. Hostage [add]
09. I'm Not Dead [add]
10. Swamp Club Ball lyrics

Sweet Dreams (1987) 01. Warpath [add]
02. It's a Sin [add]
03. Evil (Living) Dead [add]
04. You've Got It [add]
05. Sweet Dreams [add]
06. Wild Fire [add]
07. El Toreador [add]
08. Snake Man [add]
09. You Lied [add]
10. Shout [add]

Plague of the Dead (1990) 01. Plague of the Dead [add]
02. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone [add]
03. Scream of the Banshees [add]
04. Jeanie Jeanie [add]
05. What' Wrong [add]
06. I Can't Stop [add]
07. Take a Little More [add]
08. My Clock [add]
09. Legend of the Piper [add]
10. Do You Wanna Touch [add]
11. Beat the Devil [add]
12. My Generation [add]

Power (1990) 01. Devils Lair [add]
02. Miranda [add]
03. Undead [add]
04. The Rats [add]
05. Anymore [add]
06. Stone [add]
07. Get Lost [add]
08. Two Souls [add]
09. Knight Moves [add]
10. Back to the Ball [add]

The Final Adventures of the Krewmen (1991) 01. Beware the Moon [add]
02. Arachnophobia [add]
03. The Presence [add]
04. Lords of the Night [add]
05. Space Crazy [add]
06. Cyborg [add]
07. The Birth of the Krewmen [add]
08. Tortured Life [add]
09. Wrath of Planet Zee [add]
10. Root'n Toot'n Hullaballoo [add]
11. Forbidden Planet [add]

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