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Genre: Comedy
Holiday Classics (0000) 01. Carville's Visit to Santa [add]
02. 12 Days of Clinton [add]
03. Billy Snacktime Doll [add]
04. He Needs Gravitas [add]
05. The Night Before Kwanzaa [add]
06. The Candidates' Song [add]
07. McCain Straight Talk Express Holiday Fun Pack [add]
08. Tom Daschle Show Holiday Special [add]
09. A Jimmy Carter Christmas Memory [add]
10. Golly Old St. Nicholas [add]
11. Cindy's European Holiday Goodwill Tour [add]
12. Tickle Me Oj [add]
13. Turkey and Dressing [add]
14. Morgan Freeman [add]
15. Carol of the Bills [add]
16. Farrakhan Fruitcake [add]
17. N. Korean Holiday Message [add]
18. White Flag Christmas [add]
19. Makeover Hillary 2008 [add]
20. The 11 Days of Ramadan [add]

Executive Privileges (1998) 01. Visit from Nixon [add]
02. Ain't Got No Proof [add]
03. Gigantic [add]
04. I Saw Her Derriere [add]
05. The Party of Love [add]
06. White House Intern Girls [add]
07. Wishin' and Hopin' [add]
08. Drag the Dog [add]
09. Amerika [add]
10. In a Yugo [add]
11. Larry King Alive: Ken Starr/Space Alien [add]
12. Spinnin' the Lies Away [add]
13. The White House Basement Shopping Network [add]
14. Squash [add]
15. Dull Drab Man [add]
16. Great Moments "Coffee" [add]
17. Janet Angel [add]
18. My Generation [add]
19. Minister Farrakhan's Neighborhood: Sneakers [add]
20. Real Suspicious Minds [add]
21. Your Price Is Right! [add]
22. Friends in Asian Places [add]
23. Trick or Treat [add]
24. Arkansas Casual Life Assurance [add]
25. Hand in Your Pocket [add]
26. Cool Hand Sue [add]
27. True Diversity [add]
28. Wonderful School [add]
29. One of Two Things [add]
30. Old Time Class Warfare [add]
31. The Manchurian President [add]
32. Perjury [add]

Simply Reprehensible (1999) 01. That's Disgusting [add]
02. Ballad of the Black Beret [add]
03. C-Spam Bookquotes [add]
04. Subpeonaville [add]
05. Los Alamos [add]
06. Self-Esteem [add]
07. Rev. Jackson's Jailhouse Vote [add]
08. Carville Shakespeare [add]
09. Return With Censure [add]
10. Great Moments in Moderate History [add]
11. A Free Society [add]
12. Rose Garden [add]
13. E.D. [add]
14. Viagra [add]
15. The Second Amendment [add]
16. Starr's War [add]
17. Simply Reprehensible [add]
18. Simpletons ("I'm a Winner") [add]
19. Nightmare [add]
20. Unconvictable [add]
21. War Protest [add]
22. Where Have Flower Children Gone? [add]
23. A Poetic Moment [add]
24. Sergeant Screwball [add]
25. Take a Number, Juanita [add]
26. Flowers Back in Arkansas [add]
27. Montana (Y2K) [add]
28. I Won't Dance [add]
29. You'll Be Lonesome Tonight [add]
30. Remember the Children [add]
31. All My Shady Friends Are Comin' Over Tonight [add]
32. It's OK to Spank [add]

Bill Clinton: The Comeback Kid Tour (1999) 01. Nixon [add]
02. Me and Hillary [add]
03. Million Man Math Made Easy [add]
04. The Simpletons (Min. Wage) [add]
05. Out of Both Sides Now [add]
06. Bruce [add]
07. Werewolves in Congress [add]
08. Frequent Flyer [add]
09. They'll Get You Babe [add]
10. Something Special [add]
11. Wholesome Prison Blues [add]
12. Simpletons (He's a Leader) [add]
13. A White Tight Coat [add]
14. Montana [add]
15. Poll Man [add]
16. Pat Buchanan [add]
17. Conservative Boy [add]
18. Then and Now [add]
19. Million Man Math Made Easy [add]
20. Only Baloney [add]
21. Hooters [add]
22. In the White House [add]
23. Arkansas Casual Life [add]
24. My Girls [add]
25. Emergency Volunteer Network [add]
26. I'm a Bush Leauger [add]

This Land Was Your Land (1999) 01. Kung Fool: The Premiere [add]
02. This Land Was Your Land [add]
03. Arkansas Casual Lifealgore Paradise [add]
04. Algore Paradise [add]
05. Kung Fool: Paper [add]
06. All I'm Gonna Do [add]
07. Simpletons (Famous Last Words) [add]
08. Only Fourteen [add]
09. The Island of Dr. Perot [add]
10. Don't! Don't! Smoke! (Those Cigarettes) [add]
11. Our Strength [add]
12. Tax Cuts [add]
13. Spin Blade [add]
14. Clinton '96 [add]
15. Slick Willie [add]
16. Great Moments [add]
17. Livingstone, Susan and Huang [add]
18. Glenn, Torricelli and Associates [add]
19. His Silence Is Golden [add]
20. Summit [add]
21. P.A.U.L.A. [add]
22. Mrs. Jones [add]
23. In Your Heart [add]
24. Tickle Me O.J. [add]
25. Old Ted [add]
26. We're Listening [add]
27. In D.C. [add]

Vice Vice Baby (2000) 01. Who Wants to Be a President? #1 [add]
02. Vice Vice Baby [add]
03. Deep in the Heart of Texas [add]
04. Bubba's Girl [add]
05. Ears Wide Shut [add]
06. New York, New York [add]
07. Mama, You Look Fine! [add]
08. C-Spam Bookquotes: "Stretch" [add]
09. Harass Is the Word [add]
10. The McCain Mutiny [add]
11. I'm in Love With John McCain [add]
12. ¿Si Habla Espanol? [add]
13. Love Me Too [add]
14. Al Gore, Jr. For President (Tobacco) [add]
15. Party Switch [add]
16. I'll Never Run With Them Again [add]
17. The Original Third Party [add]
18. Can't Fit the Cradle [add]
19. Revenge [add]
20. Al Gore, Jr. For President (Genius) [add]
21. Got Me That Old-Time Religion [add]
22. Be What You Want to Be [add]
23. More Coffee [add]
24. The Ballad of Al Gore, Jr. [add]
25. Good Enough [add]
26. Putting People Together [add]
27. John Rocker Sensitivity Training [add]
28. I Am a Man [add]
29. Tipper Gore for Prozac [add]
30. Get Your Program [add]
31. Green River [add]
32. Please Fill Out Your Census [add]
33. Party Doll [add]
34. Who Wants to Be a President? #2 [add]

The Usual Suspects (2002) 01. O.J. II, The Election [add]
02. Come Out the Closet [add]
03. Uncle Albert/Major Pain [add]
04. Al's New Job [add]
05. The Capitol Hillbillies [add]
06. You Have a Friend in China [add]
07. Just Us, No Peace! [add]
08. Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstand [add]
09. Scare Wars: Episode II, Attack of the Clowns [add]
10. You're Havin' My Baby? [add]
11. Italians for the Preservation of Necessary Stereotypes [add]
12. Hyannis Port 500 [add]
13. Maybe You Should Drive My Car [add]
14. Amerika (Cowboy Boots) [add]
15. Maverick [add]
16. Will I Stay or Will I Go? [add]
17. Severe Moderate Syndrome I [add]
18. The Condit Lie Dectector Test [add]
19. California's Freezin' [add]
20. Tom Brokaw for the United Liberal Journalists of America [add]
21. Jesse Jackson Calls the Taliban [add]
22. McCain as Patton [add]
23. Taliban on the Run [add]
24. 70 Virgins Laundry Detergent [add]
25. Blowin' Up Country [add]
26. Firefighters Statue of Limitations [add]
27. Trash Talk [add]
28. It's All About Me [add]
29. Severe Moderate Syndrome II [add]
30. Al Gets Back in the Game [add]
31. He's Back? [add]
32. Jimmy Carter's Christmas Memory [add]
33. Shape Up With Sharpton [add]
34. It's Mine Sharon! [add]
35. Union Labor [add]
36. The Day the Agenda Stood Still [add]
37. Hello Mullah [add]

Mama Told Me Not to Run (2004) 01. Accentuate the Negative [add]
02. Democrat Primary Debate, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Ms. America [add]
04. True Washington Story [add]
05. Really Ready [add]
06. Born to Be Mild [add]
07. New York Times Accuracy Update [add]
08. Clinton for Davis [add]
09. I Am So Beautiful [add]
10. Uncle Ted [add]
11. Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Really ..." [add]
12. Simpletons' Trick-Or-Treat, Pt. 1 [add]
13. America Marriage [add]
14. Me and Drew and a Guy Named Wu [add]
15. Dean's Songs of the Southland [add]
16. Dean/Carter Phone Call [add]
17. If I Had a Hammer [add]
18. Democrat Primary Debate, Pt. 2 [add]
19. Waxman [add]
20. Simpletons' Trick-Or-Treat, Pt. 2 [add]
21. Micro-Size It? [add]
22. I Can't Help Eating Too Much Fast Food [add]
23. 60 Seconds With Andy Rooney [add]
24. Might White [add]
25. The Byrd [add]
26. Unemployed Lineman [add]
27. Dixie Chicks European Album Tour [add]
28. Democrat Primary Debate, Pt. 3 [add]
29. Mama Told Me Not to Run [add]
30. McCain & The Ditsy Chick [add]
31. Greetings from King Jong Il [add]
32. Kerry Man [add]
33. John Edwards for President [add]
34. Kerry's Not Our Favorite Son [add]
35. When Diversity Strikes [add]
36. Streets of Mondavi [add]
37. Vacation [add]
38. Loved Me for Iraq [add]

American Spastic (2006) 01. Lt. Kerry's Purple Hearts Club Band [add]
02. The Day After Tomorrow's Election [add]
03. The Party's Over [add]
04. Cindy [add]
05. The Funeral [add]
06. Gay Wedding A-Go-Go [add]
07. Osama Obama [add]
08. Big Oil [add]
09. Viva McCain! [add]
10. Sneakin' in America [add]
11. [add]
12. Nsa: McCain [add]
13. At Club Gitmo, Out of Action [add]
14. Edwards, Long, Winded and Pretty [add]
15. Nsa: Clinton [add]
16. Act Naturally [add]
17. An Inconvenient Al [add]
18. Tom Daschle Show Pledge Drive [add]
19. We Do Run Run [add]
20. The Moderate Seven [add]
21. Ray Nagin Emergency Hotline [add]
22. You're Our Guest Worker [add]
23. Ron Artest's Soft Hits [add]
24. Cindy for Senate [add]
25. Kick Backs [add]
26. HRC '08 Primary Ad [add]
27. Aarp [add]
28. In the Year 2095 [add]
29. Tom Daschle Show Wrestling Match [add]
30. Return to Saddlesore Canyon [add]
31. Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys [Revised] [add]
32. The Liberal Zone [add]
33. U.A.E. [add]
34. Cynthia's Mother/Hardy, Joe/Robinson, Rick [add]
35. CBS Forgery Czar Hotline [add]
36. The Party's Still Over [add]
37. If You Wanna Be Elected/Hardy, Joe/Robinson, Rick [add]
38. McCain Bus [add]

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