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Cicero Blake lyrics
Genre: R&B
Too Hip to Be Happy! (1988) 01. Dip My Dipper [add]
02. Don't Throw Your Love on Me So Strong [add]
03. Too Hip to Be Happy [add]
04. I Saw It Coming [add]
05. School of Life [add]
06. She's Cheatin' on You [add]
07. Oh, Pretty Woman [add]
08. I've Got to Use My Imagination [add]

Just One of Those Things (1993) 01. Don't Wanna Blow My Chance With You [add]
02. Just One of Those Things [add]
03. Laundromat Blues [add]
04. Low Down Dirty Blues [add]
05. Caught in the Wrong Again [add]
06. High Steppin' Mama [add]
07. Don't Even Try It [add]
08. Girl I'm in Love With You [add]
09. As the Years Go Passing By [add]
10. That Love Is Gone [add]
11. I'm into Something [add]
12. The Things That I Used to Do [add]

Wives Night Out (1996) 01. Wives Night Out [add]
02. Getting the Best of Nothing [add]
03. Turn Your Porch Light On [add]
04. Telling Her About You [add]
05. Love Like a Woman [add]
06. Time to Get up (Go Home) [add]
07. I Saw It Coming [add]
08. Let It Roll [add]
09. I'm the Man for You [add]
10. I Got the Touch If You Got the Time [add]

Stand by Me (1998) 01. Stand by Me [add]
02. Give Me Something to Come Back To [add]
03. You're the Keeper of My Flame [add]
04. I Got to Find a Black Cat Bone [add]
05. Great Pretender [add]
06. This Time Around [add]
07. Somebody Is Telling Our Business [add]
08. I Got to Talk to Your Man [add]
09. Telling Her About You [add]
10. Time to Get up (Go Home) [add]

Ain't Nothing Wrong (2003) 01. Ain't Nothing Wrong [add]
02. Let's Go Dancing [add]
03. Waiting on You [add]
04. Jump [add]
05. It's the Weekend [add]
06. Stroke You [add]
07. Shake It Up [add]
08. If It Wasn't for the Woman [add]
09. Can't Keep My Hands to Myself [add]
10. Walk Away [add]

Here Comes the Heartache (2006) 01. Should I Go [add]
02. Could This Be Love [add]
03. See What Tomorrow Brings [add]
04. Don't Do This to Me [add]
05. Take It from Me [add]
06. Soul of Pain [add]
07. Sad Feeling [add]
08. You're Gonna Be Sorry [add]
09. Step by Step [add]
10. If I Had My Way [add]
11. Loving You Woman Is Everything [add]
12. Shing-A-Ling [add]
13. Here Comes the Heartache [add]
14. Face the Case [add]
15. Don't Wait Until Tomorrow [add]
16. Bad But Beautiful Bag [add]
17. A Woman Needs to Be Loved [add]
18. You Got Me Walking [add]
19. Your Love Is Like a Boomerang [add]
20. How Can I Go on Without You? [add]
21. Doin' What Comes Naturally [add]
22. Dip My Dipper [add]
23. Be Good to Me [add]
24. Don't Wanna Blow My Chance with You [add]

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