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Vin Garbutt lyrics
Genre: Folk
When the Tide Turns (1989) 01. Where the Hell Are We Going to Live [add]
02. When the Tide Turns [add]
03. The Ballad of John Pearson [add]
04. Lady Anne Montgomery [add]
05. Nica Nicaragua [add]
06. The Court of Cahirass [add]
07. Absent Friends [add]
08. The Jolly Butchers/London Lassies [add]
09. Carol Anne Kelly [add]
10. Not for the First Time [add]
11. I Wouldn't Have One Myself [add]
12. The Secret [add]

Word of Mouth (1999) 01. City of Angels [add]
02. Forty Thieves [add]
03. Dark Side of the Moon [add]
04. John You Have Gone [add]
05. Wilfy Mannion's Jig/The Wild Irishman/Jamie's Christening [add]
06. Sarajevo [add]
07. The Truth Is Irresistable [add]
08. Waits and Weeps [add]
09. Beyond the Pale [add]
10. The Beggar's Bridge [add]
11. Time and Tide [add]
12. The Troubles of Erin [add]

Bandalised (1999) 01. England My England [add]
02. The Catholic Boy/Imelda Rolands Reel/Green Gates [add]
03. Jessie the Flower of Dunblane [add]
04. The Humours of Twizziegill/Hitlers Downfall/Rambling Pitchfork [add]
05. Be as Children [add]
06. The Recluctant Hedgehog/Mooncoin Reel [add]
07. Lough Sheelin Side [add]
08. Michelle Flynn's Hornpipe/Squeeky Chair/Willow Tree [add]
09. Philippino Maid [add]
10. The Wilderness Road [add]
11. The Songbird [add]
12. The Copperplate Jig/Ann Berwick's Pies/Virginia Reel [add]
13. The Rose of Tralee [add]
14. The Blackbird Hornpipe/Other Fairy Hornpipe/Hummersea Slide [add]
15. Reprise: Wilderness Road [add]

Plugged (1999) 01. Wings. [add]
02. A Man of the Earth. [add]
03. To Find Their Ulster Peace. [add]
04. Fell off the Back of a Boat. [add]
05. Send the Boats Away. [add]
06. The Birk Brow Jig and Thomas MC Elvogue's Jig [add]
07. Welcome Home Howard Green. [add]
08. Darwin Dili. [add]
09. Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms [add]
10. Away from the Pits [add]
11. Nothing to Show for It All. [add]
12. When Oppressed Becomes Oppressor. [add]

The By-Pass Syndrome (1999) 01. The By-Pass Syndrome [add]
02. The Fairy Hornpipe [add]
03. Dish of Glass [add]
04. If I Had a Son [add]
05. The Potash Song [add]
06. The Morpeth Rant [add]
07. Tipperary Girl [add]
08. Page Three Girl [add]
09. Nawa's Song [add]
10. The Blanchland Races [add]
11. The Bloom of the Broom [add]
12. Over the Fields [add]
13. The November Wedding Incorporating the South Wind [add]

The Vin Garbutt Songbook, Vol. 1 (2003) 01. The Valley of Tees [add]
02. Not for the First Time [add]
03. The By-Pass Syndrome [add]
04. Filipino Maid [add]
05. The Land of Three Rivers [add]
06. England My England [add]
07. Welcome Home Howard Green [add]
08. When the Tide Turns [add]
09. Old Cissy Lee [add]
10. Dormanstown Jimmy [add]
11. Slaggy Island Farewell lyrics
12. Lynda [add]
13. Darwin to Dili [add]
14. The Troubles of Erin [add]
15. El Salvador [add]
16. Danny Danielle [add]
17. The One Legged Begger [add]

Persona....Grata (2005) 01. Morning Informs [add]
02. Silver and Gold [add]
03. Storm Around Tumbledown [add]
04. It Couldn't Be Done [add]
05. The Flowers and the Guns [add]
06. John Doonan's Hornpipe/Tinker's Alley Reel [add]
07. For an Explantion [add]
08. Down by the Dockyard Wall [add]
09. Punjabi Girl [add]
10. The Loftus Emigant [add]
11. The Kilburn Horse [add]

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