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Princess Superstar lyrics
Genre: Rap
CEO (1997) 01. Receptionist's Fantasy (Intro) [add]
02. The Little Freakazoid That Could lyrics
03. Gimme All Your $$ [add]
04. I Got to Get Aloan With You [add]
05. DJ (Self) Starter Kit [add]
06. Employee of the Year-DJ Science Center [add]
07. Get My Sh'off [add]
08. Supersize the Downsize [add]
09. Ceo lyrics
10. I'm in Love With the Music Biz [add]
11. Righteous [add]
12. Stuck in a 401 K-Hole [add]
13. Cold Tea, LLC [add]
14. Fuck the Phone [add]
15. Ceo [Corporate Radio Sell-Out Mix] [add]
16. Gimme All Your $$ [Tax Deductible Mix] [add]
17. Cold Tea, LLC [Corporate Clean Mix] [add]

Last of the Great 20th Century Composers (2000) 01. Last of the Great 20th Century Composers (Intro) [add]
02. Do It Like a Robot [Jon Spencer Remix] [add]
03. Meet You Halfway (Keep It on the Alright) [add]
04. I Hope I Sell a Lot of Records at Christmas Time [add]
05. Come up to My Room [add]
06. Kool Keith's A#! [add]
07. Bump Your A#! Off [add]
08. NYC C--T [add]
09. Year Two Thousand lyrics
10. Love/Hate to Be a Player [add]
11. Sex (I Like) lyrics
12. Do It Like a Robot [Jon Spencer Remix] [add]
13. My Life lyrics

Princess Superstar Is (2002) 01. Super Fantasy lyrics
02. Bad Babysitter lyrics
03. Keith 'N Me lyrics
04. Wet! Wet! Wet! lyrics
05. We Got Panache lyrics
06. Trouble lyrics
07. You Get Mad at Napster [add]
08. Untouchable, Pt. 2 [add]
09. Untouchable, Pt. 1 [add]
10. What Is It? [add]
11. Welcome to My World [add]
12. I Love You (Or at Least I Like You) [add]
13. Who Writes Your Lyrics lyrics
14. Dichotomy lyrics
15. Keith 'N Me [Remix] [add]
16. Too Much Weight lyrics

My Machine (2005) 01. Intro Via the Telepath [add]
02. I Like It a Lot [add]
03. The Classroom [add]
04. Famous [add]
05. Dolly's Duplicants [add]
06. On Top Bubble [add]
07. The Mysterious Hanger [add]
08. Bad Girls N.Y.C. [add]
09. 10,000 Hits [add]
10. Quitting Smoking Song [add]
11. Sex, Drugs & Drugs [add]
12. Initially [add]
13. I'm So Out of Control [add]
14. Coochie Coo [add]
15. World Council Entertainment Dicktatorship [add]
16. Perfect [add]
17. What Do You Want? [add]
18. Push, Make It Work [add]
19. What You Gonna Do? [add]
20. My Machine [add]
21. The Death of the Superstar [add]
22. Artery [add]
23. The Great Brain Revolution [add]
24. The Happy [add]
25. The End [add]

American Gigolo 3 (2007) 01. Happy Birthday Mr. President [add]
02. Let No Man Jack [Abe Duque Remix] [add]
03. Let's Get Sick [add]
04. You Prefer Cocaine vs. Bucky Done Gun [add]
05. Teen Years [add]
06. 1982 vs. Interplanetary [Lightspeed Mix] [add]
07. European Accent [add]
08. Steamworks Vs. Yes We Can [Princess Superstar Remix] [add]
09. Kung Foo [add]
10. No Way Back [add]
11. Dominator [Is Hell the One and Only Dominator? - DJ Hell Remi] [add]
12. Rock a Boogie Vs. You Are Always on My Mind [Apr Remix Live in NYC] [add]
13. We Need a War Vs. MTT Inversion [DJ Hell Berlin Remix] [add]
14. Call Center [add]
15. Jack U vs. I'll House You vs. 1234 [DJ Hell Mix] [add]
16. Superbike [add]
17. I'm a Disco Dancer [John Tejada Remix] [add]
18. Black Ice vs. German Body Machine [add]
19. Chineater [add]
20. Darling Nikki [add]

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