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Hal Rammel lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Elsewheres (0000) 01. Palpable Sky: Dusk Since Dawn [add]
02. Palpable Sky: Dawn Since Dusk [add]
03. Amble Without Aforethought [add]
04. Eye's Precipice (For Hannah Höch) [add]
05. Reverberant Exchange [add]
06. Afterthought (Sonance in Limbo) [add]
07. The Sleep of Feral Shadows [add]
08. Secret Tangent [add]
09. Steady Approach Along a Path Entered in Jest [add]
10. Encounter in a Foreshortened Landscape: Now [add]
11. Encounter in a Foreshortened Landscape: Then [add]
12. Ballad Unawares [add]

The Devil's in the Details (0000) 01. Simmer and Scuffle [add]
02. At the Foot of Stairs [add]
03. Plink, Plank, And Plunk (For C.M.) [add]
04. Jot and Titillation [add]
05. Franz [add]
06. Stretch I [add]
07. Stretch II [add]
08. Stretch III [add]
09. Stretch IV [add]
10. Curled Beat [add]
11. Zing [add]
12. Trilobites [add]
13. The Bow and the Plucked [add]
14. Lap Steel [add]
15. Contraindications [add]
16. Casting Apparitions [add]

Van's Peppy Syncopators (0000) 01. The World, When It Gets to Be What It Is- Will It? [add]
02. Corn Etiquette [add]
03. Tae Kwon Do [add]
04. Fur-Lined Cup [add]
05. Tyrant Heads [add]
06. Capoeira [add]
07. Handless [add]
08. Not Light, Air [add]
09. Disparate Measure [add]
10. Lawn [add]
11. Evil Walks With Beauty...Beauty With Evil...and Yet...and Yet [add]
12. Karate [add]
13. Pills Are Missiles [add]
14. Pindrop Serenade [add]

Whole or By the Slice (1998) 01. Our Home Canary [add]
02. Scissors Paper [add]
03. Slivers [add]
04. Pythagoras [add]
05. Auch Ein Blindes Huhn Findet Mal Ein Korn [add]
06. Whole or by the Slice [add]
07. Slice and Anti-Slice [add]
08. Stand Up [add]

Raccoons (2000) 01. Arakun [add]
02. Ursus Lotor [add]
03. Ositos Lavadores [add]
04. Procyon Lotor [add]
05. Arathkane [add]
06. Marapaches Bandidos [add]
07. Arakunen [add]

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