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Six Organs of Admittance lyrics
Genre: Rock
Six Organs of Admittance (1998) 01. Maria [add]
02. Sum of All Heaven [add]
03. Shadow of a Dune [add]
04. Harmonice Mundi LL [add]
05. Race for Vishnu [add]
06. Invitation to the SR for Supper [add]
07. Don't Be Afraid [add]

Dust and Chimes (2000) 01. Stone Finders Verse 1 [add]
02. Assyria [add]
03. Hollow Light Severed Sun [add]
04. Tukulti Will Burn [add]
05. Blue Sun Chiming [add]
06. Oak Path [add]
07. Black Needle Rhymes [add]
08. Sophia [add]
09. Journey Through Sankuan Pass [add]
10. Stone Finders Verse II [add]
11. Dance Among the Waiting [add]

Dark Noontide (2002) 01. Spirits Abandoned [add]
02. Regeneration [add]
03. On Returning Home [add]
04. Dark Noontide [add]
05. This Hand [add]
06. Awaken [add]
07. Khidr and the Fountain [add]
08. A Thousand Birds [add]

For Octavio Paz (2003) 01. Fire on Rain [add]
02. When You Finally Return [add]
03. Memory, Memory, Memory [add]
04. The Night Knows Nothing at All. [add]
05. Elk River [add]
06. They Fix the Broken Windmill Today [add]
07. Rain on Fire [add]
08. The Acceptance of Absolute Negation [add]

Compathia (2003) 01. Close to the Sky [add]
02. Run! [add]
03. Wind in My Palm [add]
04. Somewhere Between [add]
05. Compath?a [add]
06. Gone Astray [add]
07. Hum a Silent Prayer [add]
08. Only the Sun Knows [add]

School of the Flower (2005) 01. Eighth Cognition/All You've Left [add]
02. Words for Two [add]
03. Saint Cloud [add]
04. Procession of Cherry Blossom Spirits [add]
05. Home [add]
06. School of the Flower [add]
07. Thicker Than a Smokey [add]
08. Lisbon [add]

Sun Awakens (2006) 01. Torn by Wolves [add]
02. Bless Your Blood [add]
03. Black Wall [add]
04. The Desert Is a Circle [add]
05. Attar [add]
06. Wolves' Pup [add]
07. River of Transfiguration [add]

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