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Oxo Cubans lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Go Sic: The Live Album (2005) 01. Tim Tam Slam - Live Version [add]
02. Gotta Be True - Live Version [add]
03. Twice Removed [add]
04. Understanding [add]
05. White Cocoa [add]
06. Bourbon Skin [add]
07. Scissors/Paper/Rock [add]
08. Olotse [add]
09. Roofrack - Live Version [add]
10. Go Sic! [add]

Just Like This (2005) 01. Grey Matter [add]
02. Look of the Living Dead [add]
03. Plant It [add]
04. We Don't Care [add]
05. One for Me [add]
06. Hate Me More [add]
07. Slabovic [add]
08. Roller Coaster [add]
09. For Sale [add]
10. Town Takes Cover [add]
11. I'm Leaving [add]
12. Rockpool [add]
13. Just Like This [add]

More (2005) 01. Begin Again [add]
02. Tim Tam Slam [add]
03. U Can't [add]
04. Gotta Be True [add]
05. I Don't Know [add]
06. Letter L [add]
07. Tom [add]
08. Doona Hog [add]
09. Plateral Beatitudes [add]
10. Make Up [add]
11. Future Generations [add]
12. Loss [add]
13. Sartotial Blackout [add]
14. Dreamsville [add]

Traces of Nuts (2007) 01. Take the Time (Remastered) [add]
02. U Can't (Remastered) [add]
03. Aubergine (Remastered) [add]
04. Two and a Dog (Remastered) [add]
05. Ship Comes In (Remastered) [add]
06. Tim Tam Slam Live (Remastered) [add]
07. Plant It (Remastered) [add]
08. Moving It (Remastered) [add]
09. Grey Matter (Remastered) [add]
10. Letter L (Remastered) [add]
11. Look of the Living Dead (Remastered) [add]
12. We Don't Care (Remastered) [add]
13. Sleeping Like Babies (Remastered) [add]
14. Its Falling Out (Remastered) [add]
15. Flogged by a Feather [add]
16. Town Takes Cover (Remastered) [add]
17. Future Generations (Remastered) [add]
18. Don't Take It (Remastered) [add]
19. Leave It Be (Remastered) [add]
20. Doona Hog (Remastered) [add]
21. For Sale (Remastered) [add]
22. Roofrack (Remastered) [add]
23. Just Like This (Remastered) [add]

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